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What fast-food restaurants are doing to prevent foodborne illnesses

Wednesday  03:00,   18 july 2018

Plus, here's what you need to know about ordering salads at fast-food restaurants.McDonald's voluntarily stopped selling salads at 3,000 stores in 14 states "out of an abundance of caution," according to a statement by the company. But the[...]
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And the most and least stressed cities in the country are…

Wednesday  02:15,   18 july 2018

Hint: They're not necessarily in the most and least stressed states.For it's just-released data, WalletHub focused on 182 metropolitan locales—the 150 most populated in the country plus at least two of the most populated in each state—to[...]

Dentists are giving the okay to cut this staple out of your teeth-cleaning routine

Wednesday  02:09,   18 july 2018

Want to simplify your daily regimen? Turns out, this one step in your oral hygiene routine is OK to skip.Lance Vernon, DMD, who teaches at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine says swishing around a shot of mouthwash isn't[...]

Earlier dinner may lower risk of some cancers, study says

Wednesday  01:45,   18 july 2018

People who eat dinner before 9 p.m. or at least two hours before going to sleep have a 20% lower risk of breast and prostate cancer, researchers found."The mechanisms are not clear," said Dr. Manolis Kogevinas, a research professor at the Barcelona[...]

The Real Scientific Reason You Can't Fall Asleep On Sunday Nights

Tuesday  23:30,   17 july 2018

<p>Sundays are pretty bittersweet because you know it's your last 24 hours of freedom until Monday rolls around. The weekend is usually meant to relax and catch up on sleep that you lost over the busy workweek, but chances are you'll be[...]

Mindy Kaling Asked the Internet For Treadmill Recommendations—Here Are the Ones People Love on Amazon

Tuesday  23:26,   17 july 2018

<p>These four options range in price and come highly recommended.</p>Mindy Kaling is getting her cardio in. Last week, the new mom and TV show creator hopped on her treadmill and uploaded a video to her Instagram Story. Here’s what she had to[...]

Kansas mom claims flesh-eating infection developed after spider bite

Tuesday  23:06,   17 july 2018

<p>Tamara Owsley-Savard has been hospitalized for 40 days and has undergone 14 surgeries after she was infected with a “flesh-eating” bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis.</p>Tamara Owsley-Savard 32, told KSHB she was bitten by a spider[...]

A Dietitian Says Reheating Leftover Pasta Lets You Enjoy "Fewer Carbohydrates and Calories"

Tuesday  22:35,   17 july 2018

You actually digest fewer calories and carbs when you eat leftover pasta, thanks to a process called retrogradation. You may not be able to enjoy your meal hot off the stove, but allowing pasta (and rice!) to cool down changes its structure into[...]

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates

Tuesday  21:56,   17 july 2018

<p>Without any public scrutiny, insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on data about things like race, marital status, how much TV you watch, whether you pay your bills on time or even buy plus-size clothing.</p>But[...]

Alcohol's health risks are far easier to prove than its benefits

Tuesday  21:56,   17 july 2018

<p>Drinking is part of American life, but its health consequences may be[...]

What Is Fried Rice Syndrome and How Can You Avoid It?

Tuesday  21:20,   17 july 2018

<p>Fried rice may be delicious, but if it isn't prepared right, it could land you in intensive care. Just ask 62-year-old Germaine Mobley.</p>"I was very, very sick,” she told Inside[...]

Sam Asghari On His Fitness Transformation, Acting Career, And Girlfriend Britney Spears

Tuesday  21:10,   17 july 2018

After hitting rock bottom, he dropped 100 pounds and turned into a leading man. On a Saturday night in 2013, after a long day at work, a 19-year-old Sam Asghari walked into his two-bedroom LA apartment that he shared with two other roommates. He[...]

Why Heart Failure Is More Deadly for Women Than Men

Tuesday  21:06,   17 july 2018

<p>As it turns out, much like heart attacks, women have a different type of heart failure than men: one that's harder to diagnose and treat.</p>The research, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, looked at the records of[...]

Meghan Markle Says The Megaformer Changed Her Body In Just 2 Classes

Tuesday  21:06,   17 july 2018


Bill Gates and a group of investors are backing a $30 million 'venture philanthropy' fund to tackle Alzheimer's

Tuesday  20:43,   17 july 2018

<p>Along with a group of philanthropists, Bill Gates is sinking $30 million into the Diagnostics Accelerator, a "venture philanthropy" fund to develop early diagnostic procedures and bring them to market quickly</p> Last November,[...]