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The myth of the sunscreen pill

Friday  17:34,   20 july 2018

These supplements are "putting people's health at risk by giving consumers a false sense of security," the FDA says.If you heard that a dietary supplement would "strengthen your skin's defenses against ultraviolet radiation," "defend[...]
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Study finds diet soda linked to lower risk of colon cancer recurrence

Friday  17:34,   20 july 2018

A new study by Yale University researchers found people who drank diet soda after beating colon cancer were less likely to see a recurrence and less likely to die than those who didn't drink diet soda.Of the 1,018 patients researchers analyzed,[...]

Plastic Surgeon 'Dr. Bumbum' Arrested After Patient Dies

Friday  17:11,   20 july 2018

She died shortly after a procedure to get her butt enlarged (RIO DE JANEIRO) — Police arrested celebrity plastic surgeon Denis Cesar Barros Furtado on Thursday, five days after he went on the run following the death of a patient he gave injections[...]

The sweet story behind a bride and her bone-marrow-recipient flower girl

Friday  17:07,   20 july 2018

"She has given me a new perspective on the world," said the bride.In a beautiful wedding in June, Hayden Ryals married her fiancé, Adrian, and met the little girl whose life she saved with a bone marrow donation nearly two years[...]

Tainted synthetic pot threatens blood supply, FDA warns

Friday  17:07,   20 july 2018

The FDA said it has received several reports of blood donors who have used products such as K2 and "spice" contaminated with an ingredient in rat poison. Synthetic cannabis products such as K2 and "spice" are being contaminated with a rat[...]

Swiss Rolls recalled over potential salmonella contamination

Friday  16:58,   20 july 2018

Flowers Foods calls back Swiss Rolls sold under numerous brand names, as well Captain John Derst's Old Fashioned Bread, due to possible salmonella contaminationThe Thomasville, Georgia-based food producer, which features brands such as Wonder[...]

Women who have this many kids may have 70% greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s

Friday  03:30,   20 july 2018

The number of kids you have may impact your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study.Women who have given birth to at least five children might be 70% more likely to develop this type of dementia later in life than their peers[...]

The One Change Molly Sims Made to Her Diet That Keeps Her From Overeating

Friday  01:55,   20 july 2018

<p>The model-actress has joined the fan club for this trendy, creamy superfood.</p>Molly Sims is not the same person she was in her modeling days. Since first gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swim a decade ago, the model and actress[...]

Sorry, Kids: Soda is Now Banned From Children's Menus in Baltimore

Friday  00:56,   20 july 2018

Sugar-laden drinks are off the table thanks to a new city ordinance.The war on sugary drinks continues. Following several cities that have passed laws allowing them to collect substantial sales tax on sodas and other sweetened beverages, Baltimore[...]

Can Castor Oil Help Your Hair Grow? We Asked the Experts

Friday  00:35,   20 july 2018

<p>Castor oil, as some might already know, is one of the most popular all-natural "panaceas." Here's the truth, once and for all.</p>First things first: If you're struggling with hair loss or thinning, you're far from alone.[...]

Real Talk: Is There A 'Right' Age To Have A Baby?

Thursday  22:26,   19 july 2018

P.S. Can my mom stop talking about my biological clock already?But deciding when's the right time to have a baby...definitely not so[...]

Salmonella outbreak in 26 states tied to raw turkey

Thursday  22:25,   19 july 2018

An outbreak of salmonella linked to raw turkey products has sickened at least 90 people across 26 states, according to the CDC.Among them, 40 people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been[...]

How Beef Jerky Might Affect the Risk of Mania

Thursday  22:15,   19 july 2018

Nitrates are linked to an increased risk of mania in a new study Scientists are learning that certain foods — either because of their natural ingredients or because of added chemicals — can have significant effects on health. One way in which food[...]

Tom Brady Is Getting Body-Shamed for Not Having a Six-Pack

Thursday  22:06,   19 july 2018

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl champ is on a beach, making out with his supermodel wife. A shirtless photo of Tom Brady has surfaced online, and some people on social media are body-shaming the New England Patriots quarterback for not having a[...]

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?

Thursday  21:15,   19 july 2018

Absent proof of harm, health officials and regulators have been in a holding pattern for 30 years. But evidence is stacking up.She loved that flip phone. Every morning, on her way out the door, she’d slip it into the left cup of her bra. When she[...]