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Pay attention to these early signs of ovarian cancer

Tuesday  23:35,   17 october 2017
FOX News

Ovaries are responsible for the hormones estrogen and progesterone that bring on periods, contribute to feminine anatomy and sustain pregnancy. However, like most other areas of the body, this helpful organ can turn cancerous, and detecting the[...]

1 in 9 men in U.S. infected with oral HPV

Tuesday  23:30,   17 october 2017
CBS News

The sexually transmitted virus can lead to cancers of the head, neck and throat Eleven million American men are infected with oral human papillomavirus (HPV), which can lead to cancer , a new study reports.That equates to 1 in 9 U.S. males aged [...]

Book's challenge: Can you do squats like Justice Ginsburg?

Tuesday  21:20,   17 october 2017
Associated Press

<p>Personal trainer Bryant Johnson hears it all the time: Four more years.&nbsp; Why not 14?</p><p></p>WASHINGTON (AP) — Personal trainer Bryant Johnson hears it all the time: Four more[...]

Honey Helps with Allergies - But Not in the Way You'd Think

Tuesday  20:48,   17 october 2017
Cooking Light

While this advice of consuming honey is provided by everyone from your mom to the Internet, there's actually no scientific proof that local honey can help prevent or lessen allergies. Despite this disheartening news, there are several reasons[...]

3 Strange Treatments Doctors Used to Think Were Good for You

Tuesday  20:35,   17 october 2017

<p>Medical history provides plenty of reason to think twice before you try that miracle cure. Even today, despite increased consumer protection, misleading medical claims are still out there.</p>Case in point: medieval doctors would press a[...]

The Life-Saving Reason You Should Save Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Tuesday  20:34,   17 october 2017
Reader's Digest

When it comes to baby teeth, parents are often keen on just letting the “tooth fairy” take care of things, but one study may cause you to think twice before tossing away loose teeth.&nbsp;The study, published online in the Proceedings of the[...]

People who eat French fries 2-3 times per week double their risk of early death

Tuesday  20:33,   17 october 2017
Men's Fitness

<p>New research will have you boiling, mashing, and baking your tubers from here on out.</p>There's just one problem: They're one of the worst foods you can pump into your body. As a matter of fact, they can be downright[...]

Does Raw Kale Affect Your Hormones?

Tuesday  20:31,   17 october 2017
Cooking Light

<p>There has been mention in some circles about raw kale's potential to negatively impact your health and hormones. But is there any truth to these statements?</p>For the past several years, kale has been the 'it' vegetable. Whether it's[...]

You'll Never Use Halloween Contact Lenses After Reading This Teen's Horrific Story

Tuesday  18:19,   17 october 2017

What was supposed to be a fun day turned horrific for a 17-year-old in Michigan, when one of the colored contacts she wore for zombie dress-up day ripped off a layer of her cornea.&nbsp;Leah Carpenter, a senior at Lakeview High School, bought[...]

A One Direction fan's lung collapsed after 'forceful screaming' during a concert — here's the wild story

Tuesday  18:18,   17 october 2017

So, it happened three years ago, but it still happened. The doctor who treated the fan said he could find only two similar case reports. Here's what you need to know before heading out to your next concert.<br>But one teen might take the cake [...]

Gaining Just a Few Pounds Can Shave 7 Months Off Your Life

Tuesday  18:16,   17 october 2017
Men's Health

<p>It's not as much as you may think</p>Here’s one more reason you should ward off that extra weight: Carrying extra pounds can cut a significant amount of time off your life, a new study published in Nature Communications[...]

Air Pollution May Make Babies' Cells Age Faster

Tuesday  18:16,   17 october 2017

<p>Researchers have conducted the first detailed look at pollution’s effect on developing babies in utero.</p>There’s growing evidence that exposure to air pollution can have a number of unhealthy consequences, from cancer to heart disease and [...]

You Should Probably Be Getting an Annual Skin Cancer Exam

Tuesday  03:21,   17 october 2017
Men's Health

Your parents and grandparents grew up without sunscreen. They slathered on tanning oil and roasted themselves like rotisserie chickens. Compared to them, your occasional sunscreen use might seem like a major improvement. So what’s there to worry[...]

Instagrammer shows that eating fewer calories isn’t always the answer to changing your body

Tuesday  03:21,   17 october 2017

Many people assume eating more calories leads to weight gain. Here's how one Instagram user proved that's far from the truth.Nessa recently shared a side-by-side photo with one image of her at 38 years old when she was[...]

Julianne Hough Feels Sexier Than Ever After These Major Life Changes

Tuesday  02:43,   17 october 2017

"People were asking me if I was pregnant.""I feel so much more sexy," she said. "It's so awesome. I love being married so[...]