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Bill Paxton recently said childhood illness led to heart damage

Monday  23:20,   27 february 2017
New York Daily News

Actor Bill Paxton opened up about a childhood bout with rheumatic fever weeks before he died, saying the illness left him with heart damage. The "Twister" star died at 61 on Saturday after complications from heart surgery, his family said[...]

What Your Boozing Habits Say About Your Health

Monday  22:07,   27 february 2017
Best Life

<p>Know which type of drinker you are. It could mean the difference between exposing yourself to roughly zero health risks and a 40 percent greater chance of mortality.</p><p><br></p>Know which type of drinker you are, and whether or[...]

How To Start Weightlifting Like Kate Upton

Monday  21:06,   27 february 2017

<p>Celebrities are picking up heavier weights, from Emma Stone preparing for "La La Land" to Kate Upton, who opened up to People about how strength training changed her body.</p>Boxing might be the current workout of choice for[...]

Your Heartburn Meds Might Be Damaging Your Kidneys, Study Suggests

Monday  20:51,   27 february 2017

It may help your acid reflux, but at what cost? If you pop heartburn meds like they're dinner mints, you may be doing more to your body than just quieting chest pain: Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), one of the most common prescriptions for managing[...]

Superbugs Grow in Hospital Plumbing: Study

Monday  20:06,   27 february 2017
NBC News

Yet another worry if you're in a hospital: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria grow up hospital drains and can splash out into sinks and onto counters. And bleach doesn't work.Antibiotic-resistant superbug bacteria grow up hospital drains and can[...]

More young women are getting heart attacks — here's why

Monday  19:06,   27 february 2017
FOX News

<p>Coronary heart disease is often seen as something that affects middle-age or older women, yet more young women than ever before are at risk and they have no idea, experts say.</p>The Stamford, Connecticut, woman stayed home from work and[...]

Why Men Are Much Worse At Being Sick Than Women

Monday  19:06,   27 february 2017

Sex hormones have a big affect on immunity In the debate over which is the stronger sex, the so-called “man flu” inevitably comes up. It’s a popular theory that men get sicker—or at least act sicker—when they contract the virus, while women soldier[...]

This mom's dramatic before-and-after photos were taken when she was almost exactly the same weight

Monday  18:55,   27 february 2017

Here's why you shouldn't go by numbers on the scale: Adrienne Osuna used weightlifting to transform her body — but the number on the scale didn't budge.• Fitness blogger and mom Adrienne Osuna has only lost two pounds on her fitness[...]

What It Means When You Dream About Being Naked In Public

Monday  18:55,   27 february 2017
The Huffington Post

You’re at the office and everything is normal Until you get up during a meeting to give a presentation and you realize you are totally naked.  It’s a dream many people have had in some iteration. But experts still aren’t entirely sure what it[...]

Please Do Not Take Medical Advice From Goop

Monday  18:55,   27 february 2017
The Huffington Post

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, Goop, has some kinda neat fashion and decor tips. But when it comes to health and wellness, it sometimes goes off the deep end.  Most recently, Goop advocated adding iodine supplements to your wellness[...]

WHO says new drugs urgently needed to fight 12 'priority pathogens'

Monday  18:55,   27 february 2017

New antibiotics need to be developed urgently to combat 12 families of bacteria, the World Health Organization said on Monday, describing these "priority pathogens" as the greatest threats to human health. The United National health agency [...]

As Pot Legalization Advances, Pediatricians Warn of Dangers

Monday  18:20,   27 february 2017

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is urging doctors to protect children from the harms of marijuana as the nation becomes increasingly tolerant of the drug's use. "Marijuana is not a benign drug, especially for[...]

6 Common Nutrition Tips That Are No Longer True

Monday  18:05,   27 february 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

Here's how one dietitian's advice has changed. Here's how one dietitian's advice has[...]

Why checking Facebook might actually be driving you insane

Saturday  03:20,   25 february 2017
FOX News

If you’re constantly checking social media, email and texts, you might be seriously harming your mental health. Four out of five Americans, or 86 percent, of Americans report doing just that, according to the second part of the American[...]

Is Stress Making You Fat? Science Finds a New Link

Saturday  03:20,   25 february 2017

Feeling frazzled all the time may raise your risk for obesity, researchers say. Sure, your life is bananas. And maybe you feel like you can manage it all just fine. But here is a powerful reason to pencil in some me time: Feeling stressed for months [...]