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'Bachelor' Star Bekah Martinez Says Hearing Unsolicited Advice About Her Severe Acne Is 'Demoralizing'

Saturday  03:20,   24 february 2018

<p>Bekah Martinez knows people mean well "but it’s so difficult to constantly be receiving unsolicited skin advice as an acne sufferer." She's tried it all, folks.</p><p></p>Despite its ubiquity, having visible acne is[...]

This exercise-loving 93-year-old will make you smile through your next sweat sesh

Saturday  02:10,   24 february 2018

<p>Helene Z. Miller has been working out three times a week for two years with her trainer, She's a true fitness inspiration at age 93.</p>My mom trains this 93-year-old, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Her laugh and smile makes her young[...]

What Your Medical Test Results Mean

Friday  23:23,   23 february 2018
Consumer Reports

Here are the questions you should ask and the strategies that can keep you informed about your test results.&nbsp;If you’re like most of my patients, you probably assume that no news is good news after a blood test, electrocardiogram, or X-ray.[...]

6 Sneaky Ingredients That Are Really Just Added Sugar

Friday  23:23,   23 february 2018

<p>Trying to cut back on added sugar? It may require a little more sleuthing than you think.</p>Trying to cut back on added sugar? It may require a little more sleuthing than you think. That's because the sweet stuff is hiding in countless[...]

Why You Should Exercise Caution When Taking OTC Sleeping Pills

Friday  21:53,   23 february 2018

<p>Those over-the-counter sleep aids work like magic, delivering fast, easy access to rest in the short term. But that convenience comes at a cost.</p>No rest for the wicked. You can sleep when you're dead. Sleep is for the[...]

Here's how watching too much TV can actually kill you

Friday  21:53,   23 february 2018
Best Life

A new study found that those who watch television excessively were almost twice as likely to develop fatal blood clots known as venous thrombosis. We all know watching too much television is really, really bad for you. It damages your eyes[...]

The "Side Profile Selfie" Campaign Is Encouraging People to Embrace Their Large Noses

Friday  21:53,   23 february 2018
Teen Vogue

<p>No plastic surgery for these folks. Journalist Radhika Sanghani is on a mission to get people to love their profile.</p>They say it's important to know your angles, but for many people with large or bumpy noses, there's pretty much only one [...]

These Are the Eleven Things That Stain Your Teeth the Most

Friday  21:52,   23 february 2018

OK, we know about coffee and red wine, but tomato sauce? Blueberries? Curry? Here's how to avoid teeth stains without giving up many of your favorite things to eat and drink.<br>On a normal day, you start with coffee, then at lunch you dress[...]

Flu sending fewer to doctor's office, but season 'not over yet'

Friday  21:48,   23 february 2018

During the week ending February 17, 6.4% of people who visited their doctors complained of flu-like illness, the CDC said; that's down from last week's 7.5% rate.The deadly grip of the flu season appears to be weakening, according to[...]

Chipotle Is Testing A Healthy New Menu Item

Friday  21:47,   23 february 2018

Burrito bowls are about to get healthier .A meal from Chipotle probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of clean eating, but the fast casual restaurant is hoping to change that soon enough. Chipotle is currently testing[...]

288-Lb. Woman Becomes Heaviest to Run a Marathon and Aims for Ironman: 'It's About Visibility'

Friday  21:47,   23 february 2018

When Ragen Chastain sets a goal, she wants it to be nearly unattainable. Which is how she went from hating running to signing up for a marathon.&nbsp;“I decided I wanted to try a challenge and jump out of my comfort zone, and distance running[...]

Meet the woman who beat cancer with 'historic' new treatment

Friday  19:28,   23 february 2018

The FDA approved a "historic" new cancer treatment for kids with leukemia, but it carries a big price tag. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new kind of cancer treatment in what it called a "historic action".The new treatment [...]

CDC Urges Everyone 50 and Older to Get New Vaccine

Friday  19:28,   23 february 2018
Money Talks News

This new vaccine is the latest defense against a painful condition that is more common among older adults. It might be time to get vaccinated against shingles if you’re 50 or older.Folks in this age group — even people who are healthy — should get a [...]

FDA raises death count from kratom, a natural opioid

Friday  19:27,   23 february 2018
CBS News

It now attributes 44 U.S. fatalities to the herb, and it launched a major recall of dietary supplements containing it Facing a rising death toll associated with the use of kratom, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it's overseeing the recall [...]

Ashton Kutcher Went on an Extreme (and Probably Dangerous) Fast After His Divorce

Friday  03:05,   23 february 2018

<p>Ashton Kutcher reveals that after his divorce from Demi Moore, he went on an extreme fast while on a “really spiritual” seven-day trip to Big Sky, Montana.</p>Once upon a time, Ashton Kutcher was married to Demi Moore. They got married in[...]