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There's No Link Between Rainfall and Joint Pain, Study Says

Saturday  03:54,   16 december 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

That's not to say all hope is lost for those clinging to their beliefs. This phenomenon could be true for a single individual; this study just couldn't prove it across millions of people."When someone exhibits any sort of event, it's natural[...]

The Winter Workout You'll Do Over and Over Again

Saturday  01:54,   16 december 2017

Winter makes us want to hibernate, eat warm comfort foods, and stay indoors. But Winter is so much more than seeking refuge indoors. Cold Weather[...]

Why American women are dying younger

Saturday  01:54,   16 december 2017
CBS News

The US is now last on the life-expectancy list among wealthy nations, largely because of a regression among women American women may be making strides in shattering the glass ceiling of the executive office and making it clear that sexual harassment [...]

Hemophilia trial finds promising cure

Saturday  01:54,   16 december 2017

A gene-therapy trial in London has seen remarkable success in finding a long-term cure for hemophilia A. The trial, by researchers at Barts Health NHS (National Health Service) Trust and Queen Mary University of London, used gene therapy to inject[...]

What the Heck Is Mindful Eating and Why Should I Bother?

Saturday  01:54,   16 december 2017
Taste of Home

Is this practice just another hippy-dippy craze, or is it a thoughtful way to approach food? I gave it a shot for two weeks, and here's what I discovered.My attitude changed one morning while unconsciously scarfing down a cinnamon roll from the[...]

Dermatologist Debunks the 5 Biggest Winter Sun Myths

Friday  19:07,   15 december 2017

We chatted with Ariel Ostad, a New York City dermatologist, to find out the most common misconceptions surrounding winter and sun protection.It may be freezing outside, but that's no reason to stash away your SPF with your beach towels. We chatted[...]

Camille Grammer Recovering After Surgery for Second Cancer Diagnosis: 'We Found It Early'

Friday  19:06,   15 december 2017

The 49-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed on Instagram on Thursday that she had received a skin cancer diagnosis (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) and was recovering from surgery after having “those pesky cancer cells” removed. It’s the [...]

How this mom's 'terrifying' postpartum depression turned her into an activist

Friday  17:20,   15 december 2017

She launched an app that helps teens deal with suicidal thoughts and mental health issues. Two years ago, Nicole Zimmerman was a new mom who should have been basking in the joys of first-time motherhood and cuddling her newborn son.That wasn't the[...]

McCain’s Type Of Brain Cancer Has A Worrisome Prognosis

Friday  17:20,   15 december 2017

The Arizona Republican was hospitalized for "side effects" of his cancer treatment.As Senator John McCain continues to battle his glioblastoma, new reports reveal that he’s become “increasingly frail.” He’s also strayed from his usual[...]

CoolSculpting Was Just FDA-Cleared for Use on Double Chins

Friday  03:11,   15 december 2017

Ice ice,[...]

This Is Why Exercising Too Much Can Make You Gain Weight

Thursday  23:47,   14 december 2017
Reader's Digest

For those of us looking to slim down, a daily workout might seem like a no-brainer (along with these fast, easy tips to lose weight!) But you should also hit the gym with caution, experts say. Working out too much can cause adrenal fatigue, [...]

Miami day care closes after 2 suspected meningitis deaths

Thursday  23:47,   14 december 2017
FOX News

A Miami day care center closed on Tuesday after two children died of suspected meningitis. The state’s health department confirmed that a 22-month-old boy died of pneumococcal meningitis on Dec. 3, while the second child’s death is still being[...]

This Simple Activity Can Boost Your Memory By 20 Percent (It’s Not Exercise!)

Thursday  23:46,   14 december 2017
Reader's Digest

Unless you’re one of the 60 people with the rare condition that gives you a perfect memory, your brain probably needs the occasional boost. To study how the brain responds to time spent in nature, David Strayer, cognitive psychologist and[...]

11 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Shower

Thursday  23:46,   14 december 2017

So about that[...]

Baby born with heart outside her body survives surgery

Thursday  20:39,   14 december 2017

A baby born with her heart outside her body has survived three surgeries to place the organ back inside her chest.Vanellope Hope Wilkins, now three weeks old, was delivered by a team of 50 medical professionals at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester,[...]