Health & Fit David Cassidy Died of Liver and Kidney Failure. Here’s What You Should Know

18:35  23 november  2017
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Mother-of-5 Donates Kidney to Single Mother She Met at Church

  Mother-of-5 Donates Kidney to Single Mother She Met at Church <p>A woman with five daughters said it was her motherly instinct to donate a kidney to a single mother of a 2-year-old struggling with kidney disease after the moms met at a Tennessee church.</p>“I couldn’t imagine Karli growing up without a mom when there was something I could do to help that,” said mother-of-five Jenny Williams, 37, of Memphis.

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Partridge Family actor and “I Think I Love You” singer David Cassidy died Tuesday from organ failure at age 67 in Florida. “David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years,” his family said in a statement to People.

Cassidy had been hospitalized the previous week for liver and kidney failure and was in need of a liver transplant. He had previously spoken publicly about his struggle with alcoholism, and, more recently, had revealed he was battling dementia too. Very few details have been released about Cassidy's death, and it's not known what role alcohol may have played, if any.

Fatty liver disease fastest-growing reason for transplants in young adults

  Fatty liver disease fastest-growing reason for transplants in young adults <p>Typically, older adults get fatty liver disease. It isn't related to alcohol, but can lead to cirrhosis. And now it's on the rise with younger people — even children.</p><p></p>Typically, older adults experience the slow progression of fatty liver disease that is not related to alcohol but can lead ultimately to liver cirrhosis. Due to increasing childhood obesity, hypertension and diabetes, however, more young adults are reaching end-stage liver disease early in life, researchers say.

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So what causes liver failure? It depends on which type a person has. A person can have acute liver failure, which develops suddenly after, say, ingesting toxic substances or contracting an aggressive virus, says Scott Friedman, MD, chief of liver diseases at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. Or they can have chronic liver failure, which is the result of a long-term injury or illness like hepatitis B or C, metabolic diseases like iron overload, or alcohol abuse, Dr. Friedman says.

Someone with acute liver failure may make a full recovery, but “in chronic liver failure, there’s no chance for spontaneous improvement, so really the only option is liver transplantation,” he explains.

Researchers Link Some Plants Used in Traditional Herbal Medicine to Liver Cancer

  Researchers Link Some Plants Used in Traditional Herbal Medicine to Liver Cancer <p>Researchers in Singapore and Taiwan have linked plants containing aristolochic acids, which are often found in weight-loss herbal medicines, to liver cancers.</p>In the study, published online last week in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine, a team of scientists examined 98 liver tumors from Taiwan and found that 78 percent showed signs indicating exposure to "aristolochic acids" (AA), a carcinogenic compound found in plants used in some traditional medicines. The compounds have also been linked to urinary tract cancers and kidney failures.

It takes time to reach that state, however; inflammation leads to progressive scarring of the liver. “At the time of liver failure from chronic injury, the biggest problem becomes the large amount of scarring, which chokes the blood flow to the liver, accelerating the loss of function," says Dr. Friedman.

Many people might not know they have damage to their liver until it’s quite extensive. As scarring worsens, symptoms might include swelling in the legs, bruising and bleeding easily, and gallstones, according to the American Liver Foundation (ALF). Once the liver begins failing, a person is unable to clear waste products. They may experience a buildup of ammonia in their body, fluid in the abdomen, or ruptured blood vessels in the esophagus, Dr. Friedman explains. “Those are three major hallmarks of liver failure,” he says, and they signal the need for a liver transplant.

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Man who walked miles in search of a kidney donor for his wife has found a match

  Man who walked miles in search of a kidney donor for his wife has found a match Three weeks after his story went viral, his wife has found a donor. Last month, Wayne Winters’ dedication to finding his wife a kidney donor went viral.The 74-year-old would walk miles every day near his Utah home, wearing a sandwich board that read, “Need kidney 4 wife.”Now, the Farr West, Utah man’s pleas have been answered – his wife has been matched with a kidney donor.Winters and his wife, Deanna received the good news on Sunday, nearly two years after she was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure.“We have a kidney for you get down here," Winters told KSTU. “I was just so overwhelmed.

Without a transplant, liver failure can lead to the destruction of other organs, typically starting with the kidneys, says Dr. Friedman. Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are damaged and not working properly, which contributes to a buildup of waste products in the body that the kidneys would typically remove, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Some people with kidney failure can be treated with dialysis, a process that filters waste products for the kidneys. Others may need a kidney transplant, which replaces one or both diseased kidneys with healthy ones. The damage can also extend to other organs. “In very sick patients, ultimately, liver failure can lead to multi-organ failure,” says Dr. Friedman, and the more organs that fail, the poorer the prognosis becomes, he explains.

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Though Dr. Friedman did not treat the singer and actor, he says that alcohol abuse can also contribute to memory problems. Before revealing his dementia diagnosis, Cassidy struggled to remember the lyrics to some of his most famous songs on stage. His grandfather and mother both lived with dementia at the end of their lives, Cassidy told People in February 2017. “I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” he said of his own experience with the condition.

Toddler receives kidney transplant after initial procedure stalled over dad's probation violation, family says

  Toddler receives kidney transplant after initial procedure stalled over dad's probation violation, family says A toddler who was born without kidneys finally received a life-saving transplant on Wednesday, more than a month after his initial procedure was stalled when his father – a perfect match for him – violated his probation, the boy’s mother revealed.A.J. Burgess underwent a kidney transplant Wednesday morning, his mother, Carmellia Burgess, wrote in a Facebook post. She posted a video of the 2-year-old boy in the hospital bed being prepped for the three-hour operation.

Slideshow: 11 Heart Failure Facts Cardiologists Want You to Know (Courtesy:

What is heart failure?: <p>Heart attack, <a href=heart disease, cardiac arrest. Understanding the differences between cardiovascular conditions can get confusing. And what about heart failure, which affects approximately 5.7 million Americans? "Heart failure occurs when the muscles of the heart essentially die, or weaken,” says Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, the director of women’s heart health at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and a national spokesperson for the Go Red for Women campaign. "As heart function weakens, the blood doesn’t push forward through the body as easily."

The result is a whole host of symptoms, from shortness of breath to swollen ankles to fatigue. Here, everything the experts want you to know about the condition, including symptoms, key risk factors, and lifestyle changes you can make right now to lower your chances of developing heart failure later on.

" src="/upload/images/real/2017/11/23/what-is-heart-failure-p-heart-attack-a-href-http-www-health-com-heart-disease-heart-disease-a-cardia_441141_.jpg?content=1" />
11 Heart Failure Facts Cardiologists Want You to Know

Boy celebrates 3rd birthday after dispute over kidney transplant is resolved .
A.J. Burgess celebrated his 3rd birthday last week after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant that was initially held up due to his father's probation violation.He was in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and his father, Anthony Dickerson, was a donor match. However, officials at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta told the boy's parents that a planned surgery on Oct. 3 was postponed due to a parole violation by Dickerson.

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