Health & Fit 7 Ways Rashida Jones Stays Fit and Grounded

22:36  07 december  2017
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Rashida Jones has been #1 on our "potential celebrity BFF" list for a long, long time. We've rooted for her as Karen on The Office, related Jones hates exercise "more than anything when I am on my way to the gym," she told Health. We've all felt that pending dread at the thought of an upcoming workout.

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Rashida Jones smiling for the camera © Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Rashida Jones has been number one on our "potential celebrity BFF" list for a long, long time. We've rooted for her as Karen on The Office, related to her dating blunders as Ann on Parks and Recreation, and laughed at her bumbling detective work on Angie Tribeca. No matter what she's doing, Jones has always seemed like she can handle her business. At 41, she's been in the spotlight for years…but even with Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton as parents, she's always seemed, well, normal.

Read on for our favorite Rashida Jones–inspired wellness tips worth incorporating into your daily life—including the best TV show to watch if you're in a workout slump.

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1. Follow your workout instincts.

Jones wouldn't consider herself a "[workout] freak," she explained to Women's Health. Instead of sticking to one workout, she'll let herself go through phases and isn't afraid to switch up her routine. "I'll go through stages when I get really into something; like, I'll start running six times a week," said Jones. "Right now I'm into pilates three times a week, which is great because it makes me feel strong."

2. Fitness inspiration can come from anywhere.

This may be the first time when watching TV has actually helped someone to get off the couch. Jones told Health that her workout inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places: Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. "Those dancers are ridiculously strong and amazing," she said. "It makes me want to move my body (in a much less graceful way)." And judging by her Instagram post, she's definitely picked up some moves:

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Radiant Beauty Rashida Jones . Rashida is gifted with an amazing figure that makes her look tempting wherever she goes. Want to know the secrets of A Unique Way to Get Motivated. The popular show So You Think You Can Dance is the motivational factor that inspires Rashida to work out and stay fit .

Back with @johnhavic and a new routine that’s definitely keeping me Humble.

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3. Embrace your age.

At 41, Jones is a beauty ambassador for Almay. She spoke to The Cut about how easy it was for her to accept her age: "[Fear of aging] feels like a sales tool. It’s just a way to get people to keep consuming things, but then you have to try to get this thing that’s unattainable. You’re never going to stop aging. We’re born and then we start getting older."

4. Identify a wellness role model.

With an icon like Lipton for a mom and a music legend as a dad, we imagine Jones learned a lot around her kitchen table. It turns out that her mom taught her the importance of a "good sweat." As Jones explained to Good Housekeeping, "[my mom] has always been holistic about beauty—she puts on sunblock, drinks a ton of water, takes care of herself, meditates. I'm less strict, but I do meditate, eat well, work out. And I love being in nature with no mirrors—just trees and a good sweat." Your health icon could be your mom, your sister, a friend, or even an Instagram star.

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Spending my birthday with the two people responsible for my life. Feeling immense gratitude today for all the love and guidance and laughs and genuine goodness and generosity they have given me.

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