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01:00  13 february  2018
01:00  13 february  2018 Source:   Reuters

Doctors Claim First Cannabis Overdose Death

  Doctors Claim First Cannabis Overdose Death No death from a marijuana overdose has ever been proven, according to the FDA. It’s a statistic commonly found on the lips of marijuana legalization advocates: No death from a pot overdose has ever been reported, according to the FDA.But now, doctors in Colorado think they may have uncovered the first-ever fatality from a marijuana overdose—in an 11-month-old baby. But their conclusions are controversial.In a case report titled Pediatric Death Due to Myocarditis After Exposure to Cannabis, Thomas M. Nappe and Christopher O.

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The crash happened around 10:30 a.m. at LynnWay Auto Auction in Billerica, about 20 miles northwest of Boston, Fox 25 reported. American allegedly sent resume to ISIS for teaching job. High school cancels musical after white student lands lead role.

(Reuters Health) - U.S. traffic fatalities rise dramatically on the day pot smokers celebrate as “Weed Day.”

In the quarter-century since High Times magazine proclaimed April 20 a time to light up and smoke marijuana, traffic fatalities have spiked 12 percent on that date, compared to one week before or after, a new study shows.

“This was such a great natural experiment to examine the risk of cannabis intoxication,” said lead author Dr. John Staples, an internist and researcher at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Though the study could not assess whether marijuana-intoxicated drivers caused the surge in vehicle deaths on the counter-cultural “High Holiday” dubbed “4/20,” they appear to be the most likely culprits, Staples said in a phone interview.

The leading causes of cancer have changed

  The leading causes of cancer have changed <p>While smoking is still by far the biggest cause of cancer and cancer deaths, obesity, poor diet and drinking too much alcohol cause an increasing number of cancer cases and deaths.</p>While smoking is still by far the biggest cause of cancer and cancer deaths, obesity, poor diet and drinking too much alcohol cause an increasing number of cancer cases and deaths.

To date, hundreds of people across the U.S. have overdosed on synthetic cannabis and 20 deaths have been linked to its use.8,9. Accessed April 19, 2017. Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Use Have Tripled in the U.S., Study Finds.

Eric Hill, the Bachelorette contestant who was severely injured in a paragliding accident on Sunday, April 20 , has died, his sister Karen Tracy shared via Facebook on Wednesday, April 23. PHOTOS: Reality TV tragedies -- the saddest and most shocking deaths .

“The simplest explanation is that some drivers are impaired by cannabis use, and these drivers are contributing to fatal crashes,” he said. “There should be very clear messaging to the public: don’t drive high.”

The impact of marijuana’s psychoactive effects on drivers is of particular concern given that six U.S. states now permit marijuana to be sold for recreational use to customers at least 21 years old.

Since High Times popularized the date in a story the magazine published in 1991, thousands of Americans have been celebrating the intoxicating properties of cannabis on April 20, the authors write in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Five San Rafael High School students claim to have coined the term “4/20” after regularly meeting at 4:20 p.m. in 1971 to search for a patch of pot plants in a nearby forest.

Smokers are 7 times more likely to use marijuana daily, study says

  Smokers are 7 times more likely to use marijuana daily, study says Smoking cigarettes and daily use of cannabis are strongly linked, especially among children and teens between the ages of 12 and 17, a new study finds.This relationship was found to be especially strong among young people between the ages of 12 and 17. Nearly a third of traditional cigarette smokers in this age group said they also used cannabis day in and day out, the researchers say. In fact, young smokers were more than 50 times more likely to use cannabis daily than their nonsmoking peers.

The worst driving impairment is found 20 to 40 minutes after smoking, but people are usually back to normal 2.5 Cannabis -Related Blood Levels. Odds Ratio (OR) for Crash Death . Only carboxy-THC present. 1.0. "Effects of Cannabis and Alcohol on Automobile Driving and Psychomotor Tracking".

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Staples and Dr. Donald A. Redelmeier analyzed U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fatality reports from 1992, the year after the High Times story, through 2016. Traffic fatalities were 12 percent more likely on April 20 after 4:20 p.m., the time the celebrations begin, than on the same day one week before or one week after, the study found.

Fallout from the festivities could be even deadlier for youth. Fatal crashes were 38 percent more likely for drivers under 21 years old after 4:20 p.m. on April 20 than they were the week before or after, Staples said.

The increased risk of fatal traffic crashes on April 20 was comparable in magnitude to the increased traffic risks observed on Super Bowl Sunday, the authors write. Redelmeier, a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, previously studied a spike in traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday.

All U.S. states prohibit driving impaired by marijuana, said Jennifer Whitehill, a professor of health promotion and policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who was not involved with the study. Organizers of 4/20 festivals should promote safe-driving measures, she said by email.

Motorcycle Deaths Associated With Full Moons, Study Says

  Motorcycle Deaths Associated With Full Moons, Study Says Fatal motorcycle accidents ticked up by 5 percent on nights with full moons. The full moon is associated with many a superstition – but new research finds it could also be associated with an increased risk of death for motorcyclists. As in, they might look at the moon and lose focus on the road.Deadly motorcycle accidents ticked up by 5 percent on nights with full moons (which happen 12 times per year) as opposed to other nights, and skyrocketed 32 percent on nights featuring a supermoon (once a year when the full moon is particularly bright because of its proximity to Earth).

Posted 11: 20 AM, April 25, 2017, by Tracy Bloom, Ellina Abovian and Kacey Montoya, Updated at 11:55PM, April 25, 2017. 1 Dead , 4 Injured After Wrong-Way Driver Causes 7-Vehicle Crash on 210 Fwy in Claremont.

Moreover, the most current data are from 2012, and they do not include any crash deaths in British Columbia. There were no comparable statistics on: drivers killed in crashes involving snowmobiles, ATVs, farm tractors, and bicycles; drivers who died more than 30 days after the crash ; and

In Colorado, where marijuana is legal, Lyft, the ride-sharing service, last year launched a fleet of green cars wrapped with the message: "Plan a ride before you're high."

Jolene Forman, an attorney with Drug Policy Alliance, a New York nonprofit working to reduce the harms of both drug use and prohibition, said factors other than 4/20 celebrations might contribute to the increase in fatal crash rates. White supremacist groups, for example, also gather on April 20 to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Nevertheless, Forman, who was not involved with the study, credited the report with creating “the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the research on marijuana and road safety to truly understand whether there is a link between marijuana use and crash risk, and the extent of that risk.”

Previous research has shown that opioid-overdose deaths and hospitalizations drop in states that legalized marijuana, she said by email.

Legalization “provides an opportunity to shift our mindset away from prohibition and, instead, toward treating marijuana as a public health issue,” Forman said. “By treating marijuana as a public health issue, we can include marijuana in a comprehensive conversation about impaired and distracted driving, including the effects of prescription drugs, alcohol, texting, fatigue, etcetera on driving.”

Companies Race To Develop Marijuana Breathalyzer

  Companies Race To Develop Marijuana Breathalyzer Under the influence? Currently, police officers have to determine if a driver is high the old-school way: context clues and field sobriety tests.On Jan. 1, 2018 California will be the latest state to have legalized recreational marijuana, but one problem facing regulators is how to test drivers for being under the influence of marijuana. Several companies are racing to develop ways to test if a driver is impaired by marijuana use.

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Whitehill agreed that the study highlights numerous questions that remain to be answered about marijuana and driving.

“For policymakers implementing marijuana legalization, it is critical to invest in research that will help us understand the impact the policy change may have on traffic safety,” she wrote.

Whitehill also urged parents to discuss the dangers of impaired driving from all psychoactive substances, including marijuana. “As marijuana becomes legal in more states,” she said, “this type of conversation will become more necessary and, hopefully, more common as well.”

SOURCE: JAMA Internal Medicine, online February 12, 2018.

Slideshow: 14 of the biggest questions researchers have about marijuana (Courtesy: Business Insider) 

<p> Marijuana is now more accessible - legally - than it has been since it was first banned in the Reefer Madness" era of the 1930s, but that doesn't mean researchers think we fully understand the plant or how its use affects people.

Far from it.

We know enough to say that marijuana has some legitimate medical uses and to say that in many ways, it's less likely to harm users than substances like alcohol or opioids, but researchers still have a long list of questions.

Government regulations make the plant extremely difficult to study, which is one of the main reasons there are still so many things to learn about marijuana.

Business Insider recently spoke to several prominent researchers to see what they think the most important questions are - and what's being done to answer them.

Here's what they hope to find out.

" src="/upload/images/real/2018/02/13/p-marijuana-is-now-more-accessible-legally-than-it-has-been-since-it-was-first-banned-in-the-a-href-_39499_.jpg" />
14 of the biggest questions researchers have about marijuana

Despite the hassles of air travel, 2017 was a good year for flyers -- here's why .
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