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01:31  13 february  2018
01:31  13 february  2018 Source:   New York Daily News

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After undergoing jaw surgery, a Texas woman with a Southern twang woke up with a new, and permanent, British accent . So Alamia isn’t really speaking with a British accent ; it just sounds like one, especially to Americans.

(WFLA) – An Arizona woman speaks with a British accent despite never having left the United States. She told ABC 15 she’s gone to sleep three times with throbbing headaches only to wake up with a different accent .

An Arizona woman who has never left the U.S. went to bed one night and woke up speaking as though she’s from the U.K.

Michelle Myers was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome (FAS).

Yes, it’s a thing.

“Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins,” Myers, a former Texas beauty queen with seven kids, told KNXV-TV.

Over the past seven years, Myers has spoken in various accents. First Irish, then Australian. Each time, the accent lasted about a week.

But her British accent is still going strong since 2015, when she went to sleep with a blinding and immobilizing headache and awakened a changed woman.

“They send in the psychiatrist at the hospital and make sure you’re not a loon,” Myers said.

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That’s exactly what happened to Kay Russell, a British woman who went to sleep with a severe migraine and woke up speaking in what sounds like a French accent . According to the BBC, Ms. Russell apparently has what’s called “Foreign Accent Syndrome

BUCKEYE, AZ (KNXB/CNN) - Imagine going to sleep and waking up with a foreign accent . It's not a joke -- it really happens and for one Arizona woman , it has From what her doctors can tell, it turned her British . Looking back at how she used to be is difficult. "I guess you still have it in your head.

FAS is a rare condition — one that’s affected fewer than 100 people in the last century. It is usually linked to a stroke or neurological trauma or impairment. Other causes have also been reported including multiple sclerosis.

In some cases, such as a born-and-bred Texas woman who woke up talking like a Brit after jaw surgery, no clear cause has been identified.

Myers also suffers from a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which could be linked with her transient accents. The syndrome is a group of disorders that affect connective tissues supporting the skin, bones, blood vessels and many other organs and tissues.

“Some people think it’s physiological; others think it’s psychological,” said Myers. “People like me — we don’t care which one it is. We just really want to be taken seriously and if it is something that's going to hurt me, help me.”

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The 56-year-old woman was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome, a condition so rare that only 60 cases have been documented worldwide since the early 1900s. In late 2009, she developed a British accent after dental surgery.

No joke, Sarah Colwill suffers from "Foreign Accent Syndrome.". There's no other way to describe this than just plain weird. A woman from the United Kingdom goes to the hospital with a terrible headache. She comes out speaking with a Chinese accent . Whaaaaaat.

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