Health & Fit The Scary Thing That Happens To Your Body When You Skip Showers

20:46  05 april  2018
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So to compensate, you think: "Bright idea 💡, I'll skip lunch!" But even after missing a single meal, your body is all like, HELL NO. 5 Scary Things That Happen When You Don't Brush Your Teeth.

How often do you skip showers ? If you don't shower regularly, here's what can happen to your body and your health. Unfortunately, it's pretty clear that things start to get gnarly after just two days of skipping your shower .

  The Scary Thing That Happens To Your Body When You Skip Showers © Shutterstock Many of us have that one friend or roommate that just didn't think it was necessary to take showers or maintain their personal hygiene. After a while, when you skip showers it gets pretty gross.

You start to emit foul-smelling body odors, your hair becomes super-greasy, and sometimes your skin will start breaking out simply because of all of the filth accumulating on your epidermis.

I shower about every other day, although I used to be an avid every-morning showerer. Unfortunately, it's pretty clear that things start to get gnarly after just two days of skipping your shower.

A lot of people like to start their day with a shower. It wakes you up and gets you off to a fresh, clean start. Starting every day off with a shower is a good habit to get into.

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Having a shower is a daily routine for most of us, but if you ’ve ever been tempted to skip your body -washing session when you ’re rushed for time one morning, you might want to think again. 5 Scary Things That Happen When You Don't Brush Your Teeth.

If there’s one thing every #GirlBoss knows, it’s that some mornings are waaaay more hectic than others, and skipping out on a shower to gain some extra time for testing out this month’s fave beauty finds can be awfully tempting ― especially when you ’re trying to extend the life of your perfect blowout.

a person with collar shirt © Provided by NewsCred This can not be said for babies, however. Their skin is very sensitive and does not function the same as ours just yet. They should only be bathed one to two times per week.

Washing your hair is another story. Most people benefit from only washing their hair about twice per week, so you don't make it too dry and delicate. Letting your natural oils take over once in awhile is good for the hair.

The body is constantly creating new bacteria that lives on the skin. At any given time, there are about 1,000 different kinds of bacteria and about 40 types of fungus living on the skin. This might sound gross at first, but these bacteria are good for us and make sure we're healthy.

Our good bacteria work to destroy other malicious microorganisms, and showering is basically adding an extra line of defense against the pathogens we're exposed to on a daily basis. When you avoid your shower for the day, you're basically creating an open breeding ground for bacteria.

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Learn what happens when you 're sleep-deprived. Skip to content. The Scary Truth Behind That New Car Smell. Video. But it’s important to know your body and see a doctor about these or any unusual pains or other changes.

We've all had weeks during which we skipped taking a shower for a day or four. Huffington Post created an eye-opening video that answers a question many of us have often pondered about: What happens to your body when you stop showering ?

Combine increased levels of bacteria with the fact that our skin naturally sweats throughout the day, and you have prime bacterial growth conditions that increase your chances of developing a bacterial or fungal infection.

a person posing for the camera © Provided by NewsCred When we shower, we're washing away all of the micro-sized nasties that grow all over our bodies throughout the day. Even if you're not doing a whole lot of physical activity or rarely leave the house, your body is still accumulating a small layer of grime.

Do your best to combat this by showering regularly and cleaning your face of any makeup every night!

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