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Study: Red Wine Prevents Tooth Decay, Gum Disease

  Study: Red Wine Prevents Tooth Decay, Gum Disease <p>It may stain your teeth, but red wine contains chemicals that could also help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, according to a new study.</p>Video: Drinking wine may help fend off cavities and gum disease (Provided by GeoBeats)

Proof That Cavities Can Heal Several photographs remove any shades of doubt or despair, yes your teeth can remineralize and protect themselves! Nutritional Treatment as described in Cure Tooth Decay. Teeth Feel Stronger. Prevents Future Cavities .

If a cavity has not broken through the tooth enamel, it can heal . Excellent brushing, flossing, and home fluoride treatments will encourage that. There are also some newer treatments available that work, which your dental hygienist or dentist can perform.

Researchers may have found a way to rebuild cavity-damaged teeth without the use of expensive and painful treatments.

Peptide-based treatment - which involves amino acid chains applied and then bound to lesions in the enamel of a tooth - proved to effectively "heal" enamel erosion in a University of Washington lab, researchers discovered.

It encourages the enamel to grow back on its own, a process that was previously impossible once tooth enamel was lost.

Researchers may have found a way to rebuild cavity-damaged teeth without the use of expensive and painful treatments. © Getty Researchers may have found a way to rebuild cavity-damaged teeth without the use of expensive and painful treatments. "Remineralization guided by peptides is a healthy alternative to current dental health care," co-author Mehmet Sarikaya told UW News about the study, which was published in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

Is It Bad To Take Antihistamines To Help You Sleep Every Night?

  Is It Bad To Take Antihistamines To Help You Sleep Every Night? When all else fails, popping an antihistamine (like Benadryl or NyQuil) can help you drop off to sleep fast, but at what cost?While there are plenty of prescription sleep aids on the market, you may have toyed with the idea of taking an over-the-counter drug that you know makes you drowsy. For example, some people take antihistamines, like Benadryl or NyQuil, every single night even if they're not experiencing allergies, because they're easy to get and can knock people out fast.

way to heal cavities , hang in there for couple years – 2017 is when scientists from King’s College London are hoping to make available to the public a new Dental drilling becomes a thing of the past. With our treatment you can top-up your natural teeth enamel whenever you need, just as you’d

Did it heal your cavities in 6 months? Or they just felt cleaner ? I have 4 cavities and a dental appointment on Monday . You can keep your teeth and protect your budget. Your advice ultimately will lead to expensive unneeded dental treatment .

The team used proteins called an amelogenins, one of the more important components in regulating our existing enamel. The peptide-based treatment's design was inspired by how amelogenins are structured but with the peptides as the active agent in the compound. When applied to a lesion or damaged area of tooth enamel, the product helped to form a new layer of protection on the tooth while integrating itself with the tooth's remaining enamel, creating a bond.

Researchers said in their study that although the experiment was successful in their lab, the next step is to see how it works out in a living mouth - same goes for the product's cavity healing properties. But they're optimistic that it could eventually make its way to drug store shelves.

Is "Spring Fever" A Real Thing?

  Is The minute the weather transitions from the dead of winter to kind of bearable, it seems like everyone's downright giddy. Well, there's some science (and evolution) behind that.Some people refer to this anticipation as "spring fever," but it turns out the phenomenon has a less-than-sexy origin story. Way back in the 18th century, people used to get sick with scurvy around springtime, because they didn't have access to fresh fruits or vegetables all winter. People would end up deficient in vitamin C, which made their gums bleed, their joints ache, and they generally just felt unambitious.

• avoid root canals by healing your teeth • stop cavities —sometimes instantaneously • regrow secondary dentin • form new tooth enamel • avoid or minimize gum loss • heal and repair tooth infections • only use dental treatments when medically necessary • save your mouth from thousands

Community Q&A. Search. Add New Question. My child is suffering from a cavity . What should I do? Can I heal a cavity in two weeks? wikiHow Contributor. How do I heal a cavity when I have a tooth cap? Answer this question Flag as

Slideshow: How to get through a cleaning when you're terrified of the dentist (Courtesy: Refinery29) 

Whirring drills. Crying kids. Masked dentists shoving their gloved hands in your mouth. Chemical smells wafting through an office. For lots of people, going to the dentist is more like a scene from a horror film than a routine checkup, and it can cause intense and sometimes irrational feelings of fear.Dental anxiety is very common, and can grow into a full-blown phobia for some people, says Ken Mazey, PhD, a clinical psychologist and contributing lecturer on the psychology of fears at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry. People with dental phobias might avoid going to the dentist altogether, he adds, which can cause a whole slew of other issues. But why are some people so sensitive to the dentist, while others are totally chill? How to get through a teeth cleaning when you're terrified of the dentist

5 Reasons Your Teeth Are So Agonizingly Sensitive .
Eating ice cream should be a wonderful experience (same with sipping a nice cuppa joe), but when pain ruins the party, it's a sign that something is going on in your mouth.“[Tooth sensitivity] is a sign that something in your mouth needs to be addressed,” Susan Maples, D.D.S., author of Blabber Mouth! 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You to Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life, tells SELF. Read on to learn more about common causes of sensitive teeth, plus how to solve them.

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