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23:48  16 april  2018
23:48  16 april  2018 Source:   Men's Health

Texas Father Loses Both Feet and 9 Fingers After Complications From the Flu

  Texas Father Loses Both Feet and 9 Fingers After Complications From the Flu <p>A Texas father’s bout with the flu led to pneumonia and septic shock, forcing doctors to amputate both of his legs below the knee and nine of his fingers.</p>Brian Herndon, of Forth Worth, was diagnosed with the flu on January 4. He was admitted to the hospital the following day with pneumonia and quickly went into septic shock, according to NBC DFW.

Not only did American Airlines forget Michael Mennella wheelchair, they also refused to give him water for his pain medication. A double lower limb amputee is filing a lawsuit against American Michael Mennella said he was defamed by the airline after they reportedly called the cops to have him arrested.

Marine Veteran Conquers Odds, Becomes First Double - Amputee Cop . The Suffolk County Police Department believes Ferreira is not only the first active-duty, double - amputee cop in the agency, but also in the entire country.

Matias Ferreira lost both of his legs while serving in the Marine Corps. But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to bring the bad guys to justice.: Meet America’s Only Double Amputee Cop © Cole Wilson/Men's Health Meet America’s Only Double Amputee Cop Matias Ferreira lost both of his legs while serving in the Marine Corps. But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to bring the bad guys to justice.

On Jan. 21, 2011, Marine Lance Corporal Ferreira had just completed a raid on a cold night in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. He jumped off a roof and landed on a concealed IED. "I looked down and saw that my [lower] legs were gone," he told "I saw a mangled boot. But I had so many buddies who had gotten hurt that it was as if I had already accepted it. I always knew this is what would happen if I stepped on a bomb."

Here's Why Cancun Hoteliers Are Concerned

  Here's Why Cancun Hoteliers Are Concerned Some hoteliers worry that the numbers aren’t rebounding.According to a report in Reportur, some hoteliers continue to express concerns that, while the number of reservations they have is satisfactory, they are not as high as they were this time last year.

American Airlines calls cops on double amputee businessman for being drunk after he had to The double amputee said staffers called the cops on him because he was drunk American Airlines called the cops because they thought Mennella was drunk

Ferreira was 6 years old when his family emigrated from Uruguay, in South America , to the United States. Ferreira knows of only one other, nationwide. He said that there' s also a double amputee who is a state trooper in the western U. S .

Ferreira was helicoptered to nearby Bagram Airfield and stabilized. He was then flown to Germany and later Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. When he came home, "my mom didn't recognize me. My head was shaved and my skin was covered with black dust. Being wheeled into the hospital, I had to lift my hand to get her attention. She said, 'Honey, you'll be okay.'"

After multiple surgeries to repair a broken pelvis and femur, Ferreira was outfitted with twin prosthetics and began his intensive rehabilitation process. "The Marines have a program of peer mediation, where they send out guys who've been hurt to talk with you," he says. "Josh Wege inspired me. He's another double amputee Marine. Hearing about all the things he still does made me realize I was going to play sports again, I was going to get a job, and I was going to be OK."

Meet the 'Super Agers' Who Are Out to Prove You're Only as Old as You Feel

  Meet the 'Super Agers' Who Are Out to Prove You're Only as Old as You Feel <p>Researchers have identified a group of individuals called “super agers" — people in their 70s and 80s who have the mental or physical capability of those decades younger.</p>Recently, high school students in San Diego witnessed several women, who could have been their grandmothers, playing each other on a basketball court.

Ferreira is not the only double amputee serving in law enforcement — reported that one other is serving as a state trooper in the western United That over-the-top, engrossing performance launched the career of R. Lee Ermey — even though his character met an arguably-deserved end.

Marine combat veteran graduated the Suffolk County Police Academy and is now perhaps the only double - amputee in the entire country to serve as an active patrol officer. The new cop came to America with his family at age six.

On Jan. 7, 2012, Ferreira finished the Disney Half Marathon in 3 hours, 54 minutes. Later that year, he started touring the country with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, which is how he met his future wife. "After a tournament, we went to a bar called Katie's in Smithtown, New York," he recalls. "I was out back making a call, and I saw this dog. I wondered why it was there, and this girl came over. Her name was Tiffany, and she said it was 'yappy hour.' We hit it off. In the hospital, I didn't even know if girls would want to talk to me again." They later became engaged and had a daughter.

Shortly after having his daughter, Ferreira witnessed a traffic accident and saves a baby from a burning car. "I heard a bang. A dump truck collided with a car, and the car was smoking," he says. "I ran up without thinking. A woman was yelling, 'My baby's in the backseat!' I grabbed a flashlight to see inside. The baby was unconscious. My daughter had the same car seat, so I knew where all the buttons were. I pulled the baby out."

The incident inspired him to enroll in Long Island's Suffolk County Police Academy for 29 weeks of intensive training in 2016. "It was like being in college, at the gym, and in 30 different training sessions at once. Rigorous," Ferreira says. "But I graduated top of class. The military set me up for success."

In 2017, Officer Ferreira joined the Suffolk County PD in Babylon, New York, as the only double-amputee cop in the nation. "There's always something to be positive about," he says. "Now I pull up my pant legs and people go, 'Oh my god, that is awesome.' If I lived my life secluded from the world, people would never get to see my perseverance and know they can push through too. The storm always passes."

Meet the 98-Year-Old Who Might Be Fitter Than You .
His secret to a long life is almost ridiculously simple. Every morning, Klaus Obermeyer, founder of Sport Obermeyer, the Aspen, Colorado-based outerwear company bearing his name, wakes up and works out, much like many men in America.He swims a half-mile, lifts weights, rides the stationary bike at the Obermeyer offices, practices a Japanese martial art called aikido, and stretches.The difference between you and Klaus: He’s 98 years old.“I really do anything and everything-exercise is exercise,” Obermeyer told “Overall, I try to use all of my muscles regularly.

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