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Health & Fit Boy touches fluffy caterpillar, gets rushed to the ER

20:29  18 may  2017
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The Secret Trick Anthony Bourdain Uses to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

  The Secret Trick Anthony Bourdain Uses to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs It's so much easier than think.Top chef Anthony Bourdain is here to settle this breakfast dispute, once and for all. In a recent video for Tech Insider, the culinary king shared his simple secrets for making the perfect scrambled eggs.

"I knew exactly what it was before I even got out there." The mom found a quarter-sized caterpillar crawling on the steps of her front porch. Quickly, she grabbed a Ziplock bag, scooped the bug inside — careful not to touch it — and rushed her son to the emergency room.

Heart attack risk goes up after common illness. Boy touches fluffy caterpillar , gets rushed to ER .

screen-shot-2017-05-17-at-2-17-54-pm.png© Credit: CBSNews screen-shot-2017-05-17-at-2-17-54-pm.png

When it comes to this fuzzy caterpillar, you can look, but you sure don't want to touch.

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Poisonous caterpillars, known as puss caterpillars, are once again popping up in Florida, and officials are warning residents not to be fooled by the creature's soft and furry appearance.

It's the most venomous caterpillar in the U.S. and even a simple brush with the insect can cause "excruciating pain," according to National Geographic. The caterpillars' fur hides toxic spines that stick to your skin.

6-year-old dancer loses leg after strep throat spirals into spreading infection

  6-year-old dancer loses leg after strep throat spirals into spreading infection A 6-year-old girl described as a phenom by her dance teacher has already lost one leg to an unusual strep throat infection, and is now in danger of losing the other. Tessa Puma, of Akron, Ohio, was treated for strep throat in early March, but came down with the flu last week, Fox 25 reported.On Friday, her left leg began to swell and she was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital, where doctors discovered necrotizing fasciitis, Fox 8 reported.“The illnesses manifested into a terrible infection that resulted in the loss of her left leg,” her family posted on a YouCaring page.

Boy touches fluffy caterpillar , gets rushed to the ER . May 18, 2017 When it comes to this fuzzy caterpillar , you can look, but you sure don't want to touch . He quickly ran back, shouting, "There's a fuzzy looking thing out

Florida media stations warn people not to touch #PussCaterpillar--its sting is worse than a jellyfish. Oh #Florida, beware this caterpillar , venomous to the touch ! #Florida Boy touches fluffy #PussCaterpillar, gets rushed to the ER ~17yrs havent seen 1-Or I'd know.I love critters http

One mom in Plant City, Florida, learned that lesson the hard way last week when her 5-year-old son accidentally stepped on one as he played outside.

"He started screaming, screaming and screaming," Staggs told CBS News. "He screamed, 'Get them off me!'"

At first, Angela Staggs thought her son walked on a pile of ants. She carried him to the bathroom and examined his foot over a bathtub, but there were no bites.

"He started to hyperventilate from screaming, and I was trying to figure out if he got into stinging nettles, but this scream was blood curdling," Staggs wrote in a Facebook post Thursday that has gone viral with more than 1,200 shares. "Then it clicked..."

We Made Gordon Ramsay's Fancy Scrambled Eggs To See If They're Really Better .
We hold Gordon Ramsay synonymous with just about every intense, nail-biting culinary moment that we can conjure up in our minds. The chef is not delicate when it comes to working his way around a kitchen — and to good cause, because his cutthroat nature often leads to tangible results. So when The Huffington Post brought our attention to the below video of Ramsay showing the Master Chef contestants a thing or two about scrambled eggs, we knew we had to get in on the action.

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