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03:25  10 august  2017
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Men tend to gain weight after marriage because they come to the thought that they're already married , why would they want to impress anyone else they are married to the person of their dreams and the other person might not see it as a problem either So they stay content develop bad eating

Do Married Men Gain Weight So They Don't Cheat? Aaron Traister explains why he thinks men put on weight after they tie the knot. Most Popular. Created with Sketch. By Aaron Traister. Jan 21, 2014. Rubberball/Mike Kemp/Getty Images. First comes love, then comes marriage , then comes cake.

  Why married men gain weight © Shutterstock Life as a singleton might be filled with awkward first dates, countless left swipes on Tinder and the fears of being ghosted, but it’s not without its perks. A new study from researchers at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom found that marriage could cause weight gain.

Using data obtained from more than 8,000 men in the United States, scientists found that married men had a higher Body Mass Index and weighed roughly three pounds more than their single peers. What’s more, men were more likely to gain weight as new husbands and fathers. The findings reveal that the newlywed phase and period following the birth of children marked increases in BMI.

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According to the study, women who marry in their twenties gain around 24 pounds in the course of the first 5 years of marriage , while men gain around 30. On the other hand, unwedded couples who have lived together for just as long commonly don’t go through such problems.

In fact, newly married women in their early 20s gain an average of 24 pounds in the first five years of marriage and men in the same age group gain an average of 30 pounds during that How to Help My Husband Lose Weight . Why Do People Gain Weight in College? What Food Makes Your Hips Big?

The team behind the study theorize that married people have more social outings involving richer foods, and that under the influence of their wives, men eat more regular meals than they would when left to their own devices. Plus, they indicate the added social pressure of finding a mate could incentivize some to stay fit.

“It's useful for individuals to understand which social factors may influence weight gain, especially common ones such as marriage and parenthood, so that they can make informed decisions about their health and well-being,” said study co-author Dr. Joanna Syrda, professor of economics at the university, in a statement. “For married men who want to avoid BMI increases that will mean being mindful of their own changing motivation, behaviour and eating habits.”

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Home » Weight Loss Tips » Married Women, Divorced Men Gain Weight . Inface this is a big sign of interrogation that why man and woman face weight gain after marriage and divorce. Infact, most of the people (male or female) take much care of their health before marriage .

gain weight . The findings, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, confirms the theory that people who are single but seeking marriage have more incentive to stay fit and make more effort than those who are married .

Many times, life events (good and bad) are marked with weight loss and gains. Outside of marriage, these three milestones could lead to a larger waistline:

Getting Promoted

Adding more responsibility into an already tight work week could also cause you to pack on the pounds. A study from last year revealed that people older than 50 who worked at least nine hours a day were more likely to be obese. According to Business Insider, getting tasked with extra responsibilities also leads to higher BMIs - roughly half of those promoted to managers gain weight.

Planning A Getaway

Vacations might be beneficial to your mental health, but Women’s Health reports on research from the University of Georgia showing that travelers can gain up to seven pounds while away. Not to mention that eating and drinking with abandon could cause some to stick with the habit once they’re home. "You do so much damage in such a short time, you just can’t exercise enough to overcome it," study author Jamie Cooper, Ph.D., told the magazine.

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Married men gain weight most often immediately after marriage and having children. Why A Great Sense Of Smell Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts. Drinking Diet Sodas While Pregnant Could Cause Children To Be Overweight.

Using more than a decade of data from nearly 9,000 men in the United States, study author Joanna Syrda, Ph.D. discovered that married men Related: Why Staying Up Late Makes You Gain Weight . That’s why understanding how different parts of your life influence your weight gain is important.

Celebrating Your 30th Birthday

Women’s Health explains that we burn about five less calories a day by the time we’re 30. Over the course of 10 years, that comes out to approximately five extra pounds. For women, a slower metabolism can make it more difficult to eat that daily bowl of ice cream without gaining weight. “By the late twenties, many women notice that they can’t eat the same things they used to without gaining weight and that the weight doesn’t fall off as easily as it once did,” Christopher Ochner, Ph.D. and NYC weight loss expert, told the magazine.

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Women are posting powerful side-by-side Instagram photos to show how gaining weight has transformed their bodies .
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