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The longer you are obese the greater your risk of heart disease says study

Wednesday  19:51,   21 february 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

New research suggests that the number of years spent carrying excess weight adds to a distinct risk factor for developing heart problems later in life. Carried out by researchers from Johns Hopkins University, the team looked at 9,062 participants[...]

Even Light Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

Wednesday  18:25,   21 february 2018

A new study shows that small bouts of light physical activity are enough to increase lifespan in older men. Government guidelines recommended that adults get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week.[...]

The Symptoms You Need to Know Are Possible With Migraines

Wednesday  18:00,   21 february 2018
The Mighty

Although he has experienced migraines in the past, these are some symptoms he never saw coming. We stop in the middle of the parking lot. I open the door only to crumble out of the car onto the asphalt below. There I lay, on the pavement outside the [...]

Sarah Hyland Shows Off Her Stomach — and Kidney Transplant Scar — in a Crop Top Post-Workout

Wednesday  17:40,   21 february 2018

Sarah Hyland is soaking up that hot Los Angeles weather this February! The Modern Family star left her workout on Monday in a crop top that showed off her stomach and her kidney transplant scar. Hyland, 27, is back to her regular workouts after[...]

The Jonas Brothers' Dad, Kevin Sr., Is in Remission After Battling Colon Cancer: 'We're Blessed'

Wednesday  17:07,   21 february 2018

After battling colon cancer, the Jonas Brothers’ patriarch is in remission — and ready to share his story. In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Kevin Jonas Sr. opens up about his devastating diagnosis, how it strengthened his family and the importance of [...]

This Woman Says She Was Kicked Off Her Flight for Having Period Pain

Wednesday  03:45,   21 february 2018

A flight attendant overheard Beth Evans complaining to her boyfriend about menstrual cramps and alerted the rest of the flight crew. They decided to remove the couple from the plane. Over the weekend, Beth Evans was traveling from[...]

Drinking alcohol key to living past 90

Wednesday  01:39,   21 february 2018
New York Daily News

<p>Researchers discovered that subjects who drank about two glasses of beer or wine a day were 18% less likely to experience a premature death than those who abstained from alcohol.</p>When it comes to making it into your 90s, booze actually[...]

Here’s the New Science-Backed Workout That’s Extending Elderly Lives

Tuesday  23:57,   20 february 2018
Best Life

A new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that longer, less strenuous workouts are more effective in prolonging longevity than cardio. You’ve probably already heard that, despite the stereotype, you don’t actually need to break [...]

Woman says she was paralyzed after doing a sit-up at the gym

Tuesday  23:57,   20 february 2018
FOX News

A 23-year-old was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down after falling on her head while doing an "inverted" sit-up at the gym.A fitness fanatic was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down after a gym[...]

UNICEF study shows safest countries to be a newborn

Tuesday  23:57,   20 february 2018

A new UNICEF report reveals which countries around the world have the highest and lowest mortality rates among babies up to 1 month old. A UNICEF report released Tuesday ranks countries by their newborn mortality rates in[...]

'Pay it forward': Girl with leukemia recruits bone marrow donors

Tuesday  23:56,   20 february 2018

<p>Riley Furlong wants to raise awareness about signing up for the bone marrow registry. "There's a lot of people out there with blood cancer and they need a bone marrow transplant," she says.</p><p></p>The 9-year-old knows [...]

Kratom Is Linked to a Salmonella Outbreak Across 20 States, CDC Says

Tuesday  22:46,   20 february 2018

<p>Kratom, a controversial herbal supplement used for pain relief, is likely behind a salmonella outbreak that has affected 20 states.</p>Kratom, a controversial herbal supplement used for pain relief, is likely behind a salmonella outbreak[...]

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Listen to the Keto Hype

Tuesday  22:45,   20 february 2018
Good Housekeeping

When we advised against this trendy eating plan, social media didn't react very kindly.Two weeks ago I wrote about why the ketogenic diet is total B.S., and the internet didn't take it too well. People on Facebook called it "false,"[...]

Are yoga pants really 'bad for women'? New York Times op-ed sparks controversy

Tuesday  21:16,   20 february 2018

Honor Jones argued that women only wear yoga pants to the gym because they want to look attractive while working out. Readers are having none of it.<br>Yoga pants are "bad for women," according to a recent opinion piece in the New York Times —[...]

Preventive treatment for peanut allergies succeeds in study

Tuesday  21:16,   20 february 2018
Associated Press

<p>The first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on the way. A company said Tuesday that its daily capsules of peanut flour helped children tolerate nuts.</p>Millions of children have peanut allergies, and[...]