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Can Magic Mushrooms Cure Depression?

Friday  21:07,   13 october 2017
International Business Times

An increasing number of clinical trials are testing the efficacy of psychedelic substances as a cure for depression and addiction, often with promising results. Magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries but the hallucinogen has been used by[...]

How to Boost the Health Benefits of Eggs

Friday  21:07,   13 october 2017
Consumer Reports

<p>Many claims you see on egg cartons don't have much bearing on the actual nutrition of an egg. Here's how to read those labels and get the most out of your daily egg (and yes, an egg a day is OK).</p>Back in the '70s, a kind of[...]

2-Time Cancer Survivor Kay Lost 50+ Pounds by Doing This Workout

Friday  18:16,   13 october 2017

Kay Koziol has survived cancer not once, but twice and has fought heart valve issues, high blood pressure, and disc replacements. In her mid-40s, she realized that she had gained weight, and needed to make a change.Kay Koziol has seen her fair share [...]

What happens to your brain and body when you eat a hot pepper

Friday  18:15,   13 october 2017
Business Insider

What happens to your brain &amp; body when you eat spicy food. Hot peppers trick your brain into thinking your mouth is on fire. But there's no real heat in a pepper. So, what's going on? It's all about a chemical compound in peppers [...]

A Very Important Reason You Should Never Ignore Your Rosacea

Friday  03:31,   13 october 2017

<p>Rosacea affects more than 14 million Americans and it's generally characterized by redness on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. But if left untreated, some of the most severe ― and rare ― cases can leave sufferers blind.</p>“Rosacea[...]

Meet the double-amputee veteran running 31 marathons in 31 days

Friday  03:30,   13 october 2017

<p>Rob Jones has overcome trauma to pursue a new mission, to raise money for veterans’ charities by pushing himself to ever more grueling physical feats.</p>In the years since, Jones has overcome what might have been a traumatic event to[...]

Seychelles reports plague case linked to Madagascar outbreak

Friday  02:17,   13 october 2017
Associated Press

Authorities in Seychelles say a man was diagnosed with pneumonic plague after returning from Madagascar.The Seychelles News Agency reported Wednesday that the patient arrived on the main island of Mahe on an Air Seychelles flight on Oct. 6. The[...]

The Link Between These Everyday Chemicals and Breast Cancer Risk Just Got Stronger

Friday  02:17,   13 october 2017

Exposure to certain chemicals in household and industrial products is a significant risk factor for breast cancer, according to a new review, especially when the exposure occurs at an early age.&nbsp;Exposure to certain chemicals in household[...]

I Cut Coffee Out of My Life and I've Never Felt Better

Friday  02:15,   13 october 2017
Spoon University

Listening to the coffee maker whir to life as the aroma of the dark roast spreads throughout a home always creates a place of comfort. More than half of Americans over the age of 18 start their morning by pouring themselves a cup of their favorite[...]

A nutritionist shares the 7 staples of her diet

Thursday  23:14,   12 october 2017

Keri Glassman, a registered dietitian, shares the nutritious foods she eats every day. A question I get, well, almost every day is, "What do you eat?" I get it, people want to know what health professionals grub on. I'm happy to spill the beans,[...]

The 'Secret' Hospital Policy That Pregnant Women Need to Know About

Thursday  23:12,   12 october 2017

Can doctors force you to get a C-section against your will? The answer at one hospital might surprise you.From the moment an expectant mother’s water breaks until her baby is born, life is a spontaneous series of controlled chaos—unless, of course,[...]

Ticks now spreading a rare disease even scarier than Lyme

Thursday  23:11,   12 october 2017

The anaplasmosis bacteria are carried by the same tick that spreads Lyme disease. At first Jeffrey Diamond assumed that his chills, headache and shortness of breath were signs of another bout of bronchitis. But soon his headache and fever worsened[...]

This Is Why You Can’t Ever Just Eat One Potato Chip, According to Science

Thursday  23:11,   12 october 2017
Reader's Digest

If you’ve ever promised yourself you’d stick to just one chip—or heck, even just one handful—but blown way beyond that, you know how often it is to stop eating salty food once you’ve started. The reason you keep dipping your hand back in the chip[...]

The 5 most effective insect repellents according to Consumer Reports

Thursday  21:06,   12 october 2017

Consumer Reports tested insect repellents and five measured up as products worth trying. There are the fun parts of fall — think apple picking, s'mores, camping — and then there are the bad parts, mostly represented by bugs.To keep insects like[...]

More Bloated in the Fall? Here's Why.

Thursday  21:06,   12 october 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Even if you have your digestive issues under control, there are reasons they can flare up around this time of the year.But once October arrives, many of my patients find that their once well-controlled digestive symptoms start flaring[...]