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Please Allow Leslie Jones To Be Your Cardio Inspiration

Wednesday  05:26,   06 december 2017

<p>For the past month or so, the comic actress has been documenting her cardio journey on Twitter with some choice gym selfies. You should follow her — and work out like her.</p><p><br></p>In the past month or so, Jones has been[...]

Cindy Crawford Learned This Workout 30 Years Ago—Here's Why She Still Does It Today

Wednesday  01:26,   06 december 2017

It's worked for the supermodel for 30 years, so why mess with a good thing? Plus, she's passing it down to her model daughter Kaia Gerber.Cindy Crawford has been in the supermodel game for a few decades now. So it makes sense that over time, [...]

How Much Weight Would Santa Gain From Eating Milk and Cookies at Every House He Visits?

Wednesday  01:26,   06 december 2017
Mental Floss

Let's hope he's wearing his stretchy pants — and that his reindeer have been working out. On the other hand, we're betting he's body-positive.Dave[...]

Weight Watchers' new program has 200 'zero-points' foods you can eat as much as you want — including eggs

Wednesday  01:25,   06 december 2017
Business Insider

Shutterstock Weight Watchers introduced its new 'Freestyle' program on Monday. The program uses the company's SmartPoints system, where users track the points in the foods they eat, but adds new flexibility with an expanded list of foods [...]

Eating for your health is also better for the environment, study shows

Tuesday  23:26,   05 december 2017

<p>Scientists say that food production including growing crops, raising livestock, fishing and transporting all that food to our plates is responsible for 20 percent to 30 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.</p>It turns out that[...]

5 Dishes You Should Avoid (and the 5 You Should Order) at Mexican Restaurants

Tuesday  23:25,   05 december 2017
Cooking Light

<p>If you don't know a chimichanga from an enchilada, it can be a challenge to pick out the healthier options at a Mexican restaurant.</p>Complimentary chips and salsa usually hit the table as soon as you sit down, and like it or not,[...]

The 'invisible box' is the latest fitness challenge to hit the internet

Tuesday  23:24,   05 december 2017

<p>The latest challenge to hit social media seriously tests your core strength, and it became popular thanks to a cheerleader in Texas.</p>Ariel Olivar, a junior at Manvel High School, posted a video of herself "stepping" on an invisible box[...]

Study Links Mouth Bacteria With Esophageal Cancer

Tuesday  21:07,   05 december 2017

Though it's far from a sure thing, brushing your teeth regularly is never a bad idea. Is the toothbrush a powerful disease-fighting tool? Maybe. Changes in the collection of bacteria living in our mouths have been linked to colorectal cancer, [...]

Is Your Standing Desk Doing More Harm Than Good?

Tuesday  04:45,   05 december 2017
U.S. News & World Report

The desks can be beneficial when used correctly. But are you following the rules?Mikael Cho had heard the rumblings. "Sitting is the new smoking,” experts declared, in response to robust research finding that sitting too much ups your risk of death, [...]

Why You - Yes, You - and Everyone Else Need to Be Doing Pilates

Tuesday  04:45,   05 december 2017

<p>There are so many workouts we love, but one in particular offers a bevy of benefits that are absolutely invaluable: Pilates.</p>There are so many workouts we love, but one in particular offers a bevy of benefits that are absolutely[...]

'Guardian Angel' police officer adopts opioid-addicted newborn from homeless woman

Monday  23:51,   04 december 2017
FOX News

"I just felt God telling me, 'Tell her that you will do it because you can.'"A police officer is being called a “guardian angel” after responding to reports of a robbery ended up with him agreeing to adopt a homeless pregnant[...]

The Surprising Way You Can Trick Yourself into Falling Asleep

Monday  23:50,   04 december 2017
Reader's Digest

Most night owls can recognize the clear signs you’re headed for an awful night’s sleep.&nbsp;After monitoring the sleep habits of 416 participants for one year, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that night[...]

Heavy marijuana use linked to rare vomiting illness

Monday  23:50,   04 december 2017

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome affects a small population: a subset of marijuana users who smoke multiple times a day for months, years or even decades. There's no hard data on the prevalence of the illness. But in California and Colorado, which[...]

3 Healthy Meals a Nutritionist Recommends at Chipotle

Monday  23:47,   04 december 2017

<p>Here's exactly what to pick (and skip) to save on calories and carbs.</p>"What should I eat when I'm on the go, and need to grab something fast?" That's one of the most common questions I get from clients. My typical response: look for[...]

Why Tonya Harding's Exercise Advice to Margot Robbie May Not Work for Everyone

Monday  23:46,   04 december 2017

The Olympic figure skater suggested the actress do a controversial core exercise to prep for her upcoming role in the "I, Tonya" biopic.For her new movie "I, Tonya," Margot Robbie immersed herself in the world of disgraced Olympic figure[...]