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Meet the dog forced to wear a body suit because she's allergic to humans.

Saturday  01:06,   21 april 2018

Vets say pets can suffer from many of the same allergens as humans. That means that, while very rare, they can be allergic to human dander. She took the rescue dog to vets and even tried wrapping her up in a protective[...]

Why 'Really Unattractive' People Make More Money

Friday  21:36,   20 april 2018
Best Life

A groundbreaking new study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology has found a link between your attractiveness and your income.Researchers Satoshi Kanazawa from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Mary Still from[...]

10 Office Hacks For Having Your Most Productive Day Ever

Friday  18:15,   20 april 2018

You've been at your desk for five full hours, and all you can think about is the nap you're going to take when 5 p.m.Tight deadlines and tough bosses usually mean major stress and anxiety when you're tied to your desk, which can result in a[...]

Cat walked 12 miles to get back to his family, and they tried to euthanize him

Friday  16:36,   20 april 2018

Toby the cat walked 12 miles back to his original family after they gave him away, but they still didn't want him. Now he's found a new, loving home.Luckily for the 7-year-old Maine coon mix, the shelter, not wanting to euthanize a seemingly [...]

This grumpy cat is going to be your new Instagram obsession

Thursday  21:01,   19 april 2018

Loki the Sphynx might just be the most cynical cat on the internet — and the pictures of him are truly amazing.There are two kinds of people in this world: cat people and people who just don't understand how amazing cats are. And if you're a cat[...]

Watch this deaf puppy use sign language with new owner after being abandoned five times

Thursday  00:45,   19 april 2018
WISN Milwaukee

The little pup was abandoned five times before he was even 1 year old. Why? Because Ivor is deaf. This lovely Staffordshire puppy named Ivor is so cute, you’d think anyone would love to have him as part of the family. But sadly this wasn’t[...]

I'm a Cat Person, and Here's What I Know to Be True

Wednesday  21:41,   18 april 2018

One of the stories my parents always share about my childhood is when we had our first pets, two brown tabbies named Tarzan and Jane. I didn't quite understand the mechanics of a cat at 2 years old, but I knew I loved them and wanted them around [...]

Millennial Burnout Is a Real Thing - How to Prevent It

Tuesday  23:46,   17 april 2018

Not to brag, but I keep pretty impressive company. Some of my closest friends include a self-sufficient single woman on track to be chief learning officer at her company who ran 30 marathons and became a homeowner before turning 30; a[...]

We're Not "Pet People," but That Doesn't Make Us Bad People

Monday  23:46,   16 april 2018

I grew up without ever having a pet. Not even a fish. The four boisterous children running through the house were enough for my parents to handle. Now as a mother myself, I don't blame them. Why add all the extra work? And although I think pets,[...]

I Got Plastic Surgery to Get Ahead in My Career

Monday  23:46,   16 april 2018

In light of an annual report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that found that 57% of people get plastic surgery to stay competitive at work, we asked Raleigh Seldon, a 26-year-old marketing coordinator in L.A., to [...]

The Questions Every Woman Should Ask in a Job Interview

Saturday  00:36,   14 april 2018

The Questions Every Woman Should Ask in a Job InterviewSo what should you ask? We reached out to various managers, CEOs and founders about the questions they most recommend candidates ask during the interview process. Here’s what they[...]

What most Americans get wrong about Islamophobia

Friday  19:45,   13 april 2018

An expert explains why it’s more complicated than you’d think. It’s no secret that hate crimes against Muslims have been on the rise. It’s no secret that hate crimes against Muslims have been on the[...]

9 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Vet Care for Your Pet

Friday  17:41,   13 april 2018
Money Talks News

Office visits for your furry or feathered friends can be expensive. But you don't have to roll over. Here are some simple tips to take a bite out of vet bills.One day I noticed my puppy was acting strangely. She walked a few steps,[...]

This Is Why People Are So Afraid of the Number 13

Thursday  23:55,   12 april 2018
Reader's Digest

There are plenty of common fears that, even if we don’t have them ourselves, we totally understand: spiders, heights, creepy clowns. And thenWhat makes this number so scary? Well, there’s no single reason behind the widespread fear. Historians[...]

5 Things People With Emotional Intelligence Do When Their Buttons Are Pushed

Thursday  17:22,   12 april 2018

When you clash with difficult people at work, how do you manage your emotions? Do you work with people who display emotional intelligence? Better yet, do you display your own emotional intelligence (EQ) when working with others? I've experienced my[...]