Smart Living This Math Problem About Fractions and a Pink Triangle is Stumping the Internet — See If You Can Solve It

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How Pilots Use the Seat Belt Sign to Send Secret Messages to Cabin Crew

  How Pilots Use the Seat Belt Sign to Send Secret Messages to Cabin Crew Every flight is an opportunity to crack secret aviation codes. Astute passengers will notice black triangle stickers located over select seats in the cabin. Others may question why tray tables and seats need to be in an upright and locked position during takeoff and landing. And there’s the age-old question of why pilots call each other “Roger.”Amidst all these arcane codes, lingo, and procedures, passengers may believe the “fasten seat belt sign” is fairly straightforward. When it’s on, you remain in your seat with your seatbelt on. When it’s off, you’re free to move about the cabin.

But the correct way to solve the problem is to think of the two transactions as separate: -60 + 70 = 10 and -80 + 90 = 10. SEE ALSO: This Chinese math question for 5th graders is stumping adults across the internet — see if you can figure it out.

Can You Solve It ? By Cooper Fleishman. If you want to know for sure, try your hand at this basic math problem . It 's easy to see how people get a wrong answer, said Matthew Zaremsky, who teaches mathematics at Binghamton University.

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  • Author Ed Southall of Solve My Maths shared a math problem on Twitter asking people to figure out what fraction of a square is shaded pink.
  • Twitter users struggled to figure it out, but some got it right.

Yet another viral math equation is taking over Twitter, with many users struggling to figure out how to make sense of it.

Ed Southall, author of "Geometry Snacks," shared a photo of a pink triangle inside of a square and challenged people to figure out how much of the square is shaded pink.

Some people gave up immediately.

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