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Dog Bite of Child Spurs Southwest to Review Support Animals

  Dog Bite of Child Spurs Southwest to Review Support Animals Southwest Airlines Co. is reviewing its policies on emotional support and service animals after a dog bit a young girl on the forehead aboard one of its planes. The dog was in the first row of seats against a bulkhead when the girl, about six years old, approached it after the owner had asked her to stay back, said Southwest spokeswoman Melissa Ford. The dog’s teeth “scraped” the girl’s forehead as it turned away, breaking the skin and causing a minor injury, she said.Southwest won’t “immediately” change its animal policies “because we want to do it right” after reviewing the issue, Ford said Thursday.

Another thing we all love to hate are exceedingly useless sidekicks . From video games to comic books to movies, there’s usually someone annoying standing in the shadow of someone great. The Adoring Fan.

Let's explore some of the most famous villain/ animal duos to see why . . . maybe . . . they aren't that bad. When you think of the Wicked Witch of the West from L He's best known as the sidekick of the aptly-named Dick Dastardly, but honestly, Muttley does an equal share of the villain-ing himself.

What is a villain without their pet?: Wicked animal sidekicks we love to hate© Shutterstock Wicked animal sidekicks we love to hate

Growing up, the ongoing battles between our favorite cartoon heroes and villains never got old. From wicked Disney characters to superhero companions, these villains would be nothing without their team. Originally reported by, check out this list of wicked animal sidekicks we love to hate:

1. Blofeld's cat

Also known as, "that Bond villain's fluffy white cat," Blofeld's cat became one of the most iconic animals on the dark side. A signature look for evil in the James Bond movies, pairing the bad guy with a white feline influenced wicked pets in the media forever.

Cheetah Cub and Puppy Are the Best of Friends

  Cheetah Cub and Puppy Are the Best of Friends The cheetah needed a companion, and Zama was up to the task.The 4-month-cub named Solo was born alone, which is extremely rare for the animal. His mother had trouble producing milk for a single cub so zookeepers Aline Ijsselmuiden and Kyle Macdonald hand raised the animal.

Today, we discuss the sidekicks we hated the most to remind us of the times when our best friends became our worst enemies. You look upset. Let's go ahead and check out the top 7 game characters we fell in love with and gaming's best love stories.

Health, Sex & Relationships. Love Advice. And I hate to do this, but he has a really long tongue Photo Source: Disney. Terk from Tarzan. Which Disney animal sidekick is the sexiest?

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Animal Shelter Employees Sweetly Slow Dance with Puppies and Kittens Waking from Surgery

  Animal Shelter Employees Sweetly Slow Dance with Puppies and Kittens Waking from Surgery <p>Singing, cradling and cuddling animals waking up from anesthesia is a soothing way to comfort them.</p>Employees at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) have developed the habit of singing and dancing with animal residents waking up from surgery.

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Similar to Walt Disney animation in the 1980s, Disney animation went through another box office lull in the early 2000s, only to re-emerge with hits like Tangled and Frozen which, coincidentally, had hugely popular animal sidekicks like Maximus, Pascal, and Sven. Love .

2. Nagini

For 'Harry Potter' fans, Voldemort's evil pet snake needs no introduction. The Dark Lord can communicate with Nagini through Parseltongue (snake language), and she helps him on a number of evil acts against Harry and others.

3. Flotsam and Jetsam

In 'The Little Mermaid,' Ursula the Sea Witch was often seen with her trusty evil companions Flotsam and Jetsam. While fans of the Disney classic know the duo's wicked deeds, many don't realize their names actually have hidden meaning. Flotsam is "the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water," and Jetsam is "goods cast overboard deliberately, as to lighten a vessel or improve its stability in an emergency." So the evil cartoon sidekicks are literally garbage and trash.

4. Catwoman's cats

Taking back the old-fashioned single cat lady trope, Catwoman redefined what it was like to have cats as partners in crime.

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