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As many age, and as activists fight to free these intelligent creatures from exploitation, the demand for a safe place to retire elephants is increasing. While the United States has several retirement homes for elephants who have spent most of their lives in circuses and zoos

Get help. LemonWire. Home . Circuses across Europe use more than 100 elephants in shows. Animal rights groups say they will establish Europe’s first elephant sanctuary for former circus elephants .

a group of stuffed animals sitting on top of an elephant © Peter KovalevTASS/Getty As circuses close across the world, dozens of animals once forced into a life of entertainment are faced with a new chapter.

According to a press release from World Animal Protection, the Danish Parliament recently announced its commitment to banning the use of wild animals in circuses, and 14 other European countries are following suit.

While this is a win for the animal welfare organization, which has often fought against the treatment of circus animals, especially elephants, it also means that these European circus animals will need new homes in the next year or so, as the bans go into effect.

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So what happens to circus and zoo elephants when they grow old and can no longer earn their keep by entertaining audiences? They move to a retirement home in Their first elephant , the 22-year old Tarra, spent her life working in film and television, and learned to roller skate along the way.

Photo credit: Bellagio Entertainment. In addition to attending animal- free circuses , here are some ways you can avoid inadvertently supporting animal performances. While Ringling Brothers took an important first step by committing to retire their elephants , the company still uses animals from a

Realizing there is no safe space for the biggest animals of European circuses to retire to, World Animal Protection decided to build its own.

“As the long-awaited circus bans come into place across Europe, Elephant Haven is a desperately needed sanctuary where former circus elephants will be safely housed with a life they deserve,” Steve McIvor, CEO at World Animal Protection, said in a statement. “These elephants have suffered a lifetime of misery, held in captivity and forced to endure cruel and intensive training to make them ‘safe’ to interact with people and entertain.”

a view of a mountain © Courtesy Dynamic Drones for Elephant Haven

The non-profit has teamed up with Elephant Haven to help fund and create Europe’s first elephant sanctuary and future home for retired circus elephants.

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Home Menu Search. By The Associated Press. FILE - In this Sunday, May 27, 2018 file photo , elephants from the St. Petersburg circus take part in the North Koreans have gotten their first big dose of news from Singapore as Kim Jong Un's summit with President Donald Trump draws near.

Mia and Sita,two 50-year-old female elephants , spent most of their lives in chains at an Indian circus in Tiruvannamalai. Thanks to Wildlife SOS, a rescue and rehabilitation organization, the old gals off to a leisurely, stress and shackle- free retirement in an Indian sanctuary filled with mud baths

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The new Elephant Haven location, which is being erected in France, will sit on 70 acres of land and will be able to start accepting circus elephants after the first barn is completed at the end of this summer.

a castle on top of a lush green hillside © Courtesy Dynamic Drones for Elephant Haven

There are also plans to expand the sanctuary with a second barn to be completed by 2020. Along with a visitor platform that will allow guests to watch animals roam freely, the sanctuary will also have security inside and outside the elephant barns to protect the animals from any harm.

“Retired elephants from circuses deserve a happy place to live out the rest of their lives. The elephants are our priority, and we will work hard to keep them safe,”Tony Verhulst, co-founder of Elephant Haven, said in a statement.

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