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21:51  17 may  2017
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Penelope, In Number 5 , I believe you should have replaced Crying with “Be Emotional”. I kicked-butt (if I may say so myself ;)) by showing those “super-cool and corporate types” To ignore this fact is to admit one has zero knowledge of human nature. Us males do not always respond well to stress either.

5 Outdated Career Tips That People Should Really Stop Sharing. I’m also not going to ignore my partner’s email about the dinner party we’re planning just because I’m on the clock.

5 Career Tips You Should Always Ignore: Real professionals open up about the worst career advice they've ever gotten© Getty Images/Design: Candace Napier/STYLECASTER Real professionals open up about the worst career advice they've ever gotten

There’s no shortage of helpful career advice out there, from what to wear to an interview or how to pump at work. But sometimes it’s just as helpful to hear about what not to do. We all learn from our mistakes — and oftentimes, we fall into career mistakes because we took some bad advice.

Anyone who pauses to give you career advice probably has your best interests at heart, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily know what’s best for you or your professional development. If you’re questioning what someone’s telling you to do, you may be wise to listen to your instincts.

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No matter how busy you are, there’s just no excuse to ignore these tips . Even if you aren’t actively job searching, your resume should always be ready to go so you don’t get stuck making last-minute updates.

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Today, we’re giving you a roundup of career advice we suggest you ignore, some of which we’ve taken and some of which we haven’t. We hope that you’ll not only get in a good laugh but will also learn to recognize that not all advice is worth following.

Let that inappropriate comment go

“At my first job out of college, there was a much older, much more senior man who made some pretty inappropriate comments. Another woman I worked with overheard him once and when he walked away she looked at me, saw my horrified face, and with a straight face, said, ‘Sometimes you will just have to deal with things like that.’ The next day she came over and apologized after being urged to do so by another male who had seen everything. Sometimes women don't get it, either!

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Consider these five career tips you need to ignore Your resume should be tailored for the specific job you are applying for, and each job description should emphasize the talents that you have developed and will bring to the proposed role.”

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"On another note, my mom was horrified that I took an unpaid internship in college, and she advised against it. I took it anyway, and it ended up being a great experience and led to a job offer immediately after graduation." — Anni, FairyGodBoss director of growth

Don't keep your options open

“Early in my career, I was always told that you should be very cautious about interviewing for another job outside your company because if your current manager found out you were interviewing, you would be penalized. How crazy! Later I realized that you should always be out there interviewing, networking and getting a sense of what your value in the market is. A good manager will understand and support that. And if yours doesn’t, you probably have the wrong manager.”  — Romy, FairyGodBoss president and co-founder

Ignore your gut

“When I entered law school, I was very sure it was the right thing to do, but after my first year and then my first legal internship, I started to get the feeling that practicing law was very different than studying law and learning about how law is interpreted and made — something I still find very interesting. Someone told me to ignore my doubts and just give law a chance instead of applying to non-legal jobs right out of law school. It wasn’t the greatest advice even though it sounds perfectly logical. Ultimately, I only gave my legal career six months, but I did have to spend a couple summer months indoors studying for the New York Bar exam. Sometimes you have to just follow your gut instead of what looks like it makes sense on paper.” — Georgene, FairyGodBoss CEO and co-founder

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  These Tips Will Keep You Safe While Traveling Here are some key safe-travel tips from travel agents.No matter where you are traveling, you need to be safe. Things can happen—injuries, theft, losses and more.

Home » Career and Income » Job Hunting » 8 Common Job-Hunt Tips You Should Ignore . 15 Questions You Should Always Ask at the End of a Job Interview. 8 Warning Signs You 're Going to Bomb Your Job Interview.

Job hunters are always offered advice by one person or another about the job hunt or interview process. While those dispensing their wisdom mean well, it’s important to remember that not all advice is sage advice. As you sift through their career advice, these are some of the job tips you should

Wait it out

“The worst career advice I’ve ever gotten was to ‘be patient.’ As a female in mostly male-dominated industries, I have often found that I've been told to ‘just be patient’ for everything, from project timelines to promotions. In reality, I've found that it's in my most impatient moments that I've been able to contribute the most, progress the fastest and energize those around me to do so too!” — Karen, FairyGodBoss head of customer success

Waste time in the wrong job

“I once started at a job and very quickly realized it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I began brainstorming what my next move would be, but a lot of people told me I should wait at least a year before even considering finding a new job; they said otherwise it would look bad on my résumé. I didn’t wait a year, and I loved my next job, where I stayed for nearly five years. No one’s ever looked at my résumé and questioned why I only lasted six months in a previous position. I get that it doesn’t look good to change jobs constantly and that you always need to give a new job a chance. But if you’re feeling certain that you’ve wound up in a position that’s not good for you, don’t waste time trying to make it work. Move on to something you feel better about!” — Sam, FairyGodBoss editorial director

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“It’s always a good idea to take calls from headhunters—even if the job they’re currently hiring for 1. Be longsighted, be found, it’s your career : We have shared before that headhunter relationships are Of course it doesn’t when you ignore opportunities like these. Headhunter contacts are not easy to

We’ve covered important tips to know before you buy your next DSLR 8 Tips You Should Know Before Buying Which is why you should always borrow or rent a DSLR before buying it. There are a lot of potential career paths before you . Here are a few considerations to help you make the right choice.

10 bad habits holding you back in your career (from Men's Health)

1. Your email etiquette sucks.: <p>Think an emoticon-filled message is the only <a href=email mistake you can make? A terse message can be just as bad, says career expert J.T. O’Donnell, founder and CEO of Work It Daily.

Emails that get right to the point—say, without a salutation like “hi” or “hello”— and jump right to a demand can rub your coworkers the wrong way. Even though you may have just been trying to be concise, you actually come off as an a-hole—or, at the very least, apathetic. “It comes across as a lack of trying or effort,” O’Donnell says.

Plus, it might show that you don’t feel a connection to your employer, in which case, why should that employer invest in you? So make sure to add just enough pleasantries in your exchange to make it seem like you care about the person. Always include a greeting, and remember your “pleases” and “thank yous,” she says.

" src="/upload/images/real/2017/05/17/1-your-email-etiquette-sucks-p-think-an-emoticon-filled-message-is-the-only-a-href-http-www-mensheal_143919_.jpg" /> 10 Bad Habits Holding You Back In Your Career

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