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You Can Turn a Job You Hate Into One You Like

Monday  18:10,   25 september 2017

When quitting isn’t an option.“I realized the simplest way to move forward was to change my role at my current company,” Tolo said. She asked her boss for a meeting. “He said, ‘Look, how about you submit your ideal job description?’” she recalls.[...]

Want to drink with your pet? This website tells you where you can.

Friday  23:15,   22 september 2017

The only thing better than a cold beer on a warm day is drinking it accompanied by your best four-legged friend. Now, a Wake Forest, N.C., business is making that easier to do. recently unveiled its list of dog-friendly breweries.[...]

Watch This: How to Spot a Liar

Tuesday  23:46,   19 september 2017

Do you know when someone is lying to you? Watch this video and learn four communication patterns that can help you spot a fib from a mile[...]

People With Sick Pets Have More Anxiety and Depression

Tuesday  23:11,   19 september 2017

New research suggests that when people care for ill pets, they have more depression, anxiety and caregiving distress: symptoms that are similar to how people report feeling when caring for sick relatives, the study authors say. In the new[...]

The 9 biggest punctuation mistakes that drive everyone crazy on social media

Tuesday  19:47,   19 september 2017

National Punctuation Day is celebrated every year in the US on September 24. We combed through Twitter to find people's biggest punctuation pet peeves.Founded by Jeff Rubin, the day was created to celebrate the correct usage of all punctuation.[...]

8 job interview habits that seem smart but are actually hurting you

Tuesday  18:55,   19 september 2017

When you’re interviewing for a new job, you’re likely well aware of the common pitfalls that you should absolutely avoid. For example,…There are so many obvious dos and don’ts for a job interview, but what about the interview habits that seem smart[...]

Happy People Talk About This One Thing Every Day, According to Science

Monday  20:42,   18 september 2017

Uh-oh—you just ran into an old acquaintance or co-worker in an elevator, a grocery store, or in front of the office coffee machine. What do you do? Hope they don’t notice you? Make awkward small talk? Your mood may not be any better for it, science[...]

A writer who interviewed hundreds of Americans about happiness found life satisfaction comes down to 4 'pillars'

Thursday  23:15,   14 september 2017

Around the time Emily Esfahani Smith went off to college, she began searching for deeper meaning in her life. She would eventually find it in researching the topic itself, ultimately reaching graduate school to study the psychology of[...]

Deepak Chopra’s Simple Happiness Habit You Can Steal Right Now

Thursday  22:52,   14 september 2017

Reading poetry brings us joy From colorful words and vibrant verses to vivid imagery and alternative meanings, poetry inspires us to stretch our imaginations to a greater understanding of reality and consciousness. Indeed, poetry can enhance[...]

Why Relaxing Vacations Should Be at Least Eight Days Long

Thursday  22:28,   14 september 2017

Sometimes a quick vacation is better than nothing, but if you can swing it, try for at least eight days. Research suggests you need at least that much time to truly unwind and feel refreshed. The research, published in the Journal of Happiness[...]

6 Great (and Not-So-Great) Works of Art Made by Robots

Thursday  20:41,   14 september 2017

Roboticists are working hard to engineer the next[...]

Finally! We Just Figured Out What ZIP Code Actually Stands For

Thursday  20:30,   14 september 2017

Everyone has memorized exactly two ZIP codes: 90210 and whatever their own ZIP code is. We can thank a certain TV show set in Beverly Hills for that. Aside from that, general knowledge on these five-digit figures is pretty limited. We put them at[...]

Here's How to Tell What Your Voice Actually Sounds Like, Sans Recorder

Thursday  20:09,   14 september 2017

A humbling exercise in self awareness.Vocal coach Chris Beatty—a singer/songwriter who’s also the nephew of famed classical composer Samuel Barber—provides an answer in the video below: "We get a preview of sound that comes up the side of the face,[...]

South Carolina Puppy Dad Hires Photographer For Professional Photo Shoot

Thursday  18:07,   14 september 2017

It doesn’t get much better than cute puppies. And while iPhone photography may capture the bulk of your pets’ cuteness, a professional photographer really takes things to the next level. (function (d, t) { [...]

Look How These Two Horses Rode Out Hurricane Irma

Thursday  18:05,   14 september 2017

As Hurricane Irma plowed through south Florida this past weekend, two horses were able to seek shelter in the comfort of their owners’ home. Georgia Mott, 19, and her roommate Taittyn Fischer, 18, of Okeechobee County couldn’t bear the[...]