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Science Says This Is the Length of a Perfect Nap

Thursday  23:50,   05 july 2018

Scientific research is increasingly revealing the benefits of napping. But how long your nap should be, and the ideal time to take it, depends on what you want to gain for[...]

12 Fascinating Facts About Crows

Thursday  20:30,   05 july 2018

Crows get a bad rap, but they're adaptable and brainy to a truly impressive degree. Read on.Members of the Corvus genus can be found on every continent except Antarctica and South America (although other close relatives live there). To date,[...]

This 1 Mistake Will Get Your Cover Letter Tossed By Hiring Managers

Thursday  20:28,   05 july 2018

99 percent of job seekers are missing the point of a cover letter. Do hiring managers read cover letters? If you ask most job seekers today, they think not. That's because they apply online to dozens of jobs and never hear back. I've had more than[...]

It's Possible to Feel Less Overwhelmed — Here's How

Thursday  19:36,   05 july 2018

It's Possible to Feel Less Overwhelmed — Here's How"Feeling overwhelmed causes stress, which is not only bad for your mental health, it’s also not good for your physical well-being and can lead to difficulty sleeping, digestion problems,[...]

This Dog Breed Has Sold for Over a Million Dollars Multiple Times

Tuesday  20:05,   03 july 2018

Your dog could cost more than your house.The unconditional love you receive from man’s best friend is priceless. But you’ll likely have to pony up some cash if you want a dog in your life permanently, and if you’re purchasing one from a reputable[...]

The Kardashians’ Hairstylist Is Releasing $28 Dog Shampoo

Monday  20:33,   02 july 2018

When your dog deserves the best.The shampoo, like all of Ouai’s products, is super luxurious and promises to leave your pet-fluencer’s hair/fur shiny and smooth. It’s formulated with “odor-fighting cleansers” as well as apple cider vinegar, aloe,[...]

Woman saved from rattlesnake after 'sweet hero' puppy jumps in front of her

Monday  18:15,   02 july 2018

The group ran into the rattler while out for an early morning walk.Her puppy, Todd, knew[...]

Here's how to keep your pets safe during fireworks

Thursday  21:06,   28 june 2018

While Fourth of July fireworks can be entertaining for humans, they’re a complete nightmare for animals. Here's how to keep your pets safe and calm during firework[...]

There Are 168 Hours in Each Week. Here's How to Make the Most of Them.

Thursday  18:27,   28 june 2018

Saving time is a myth. Be smart in how you spend your time, and you'll have plenty.Wish you had more free[...]

This Is the Exact Age When Puppies Are the Cutest

Wednesday  23:11,   27 june 2018

Yes, it’s true that every dog is cute at every age, but now it’s been scientifically proven that puppies actually reach an age of peak cuteness. A team of scientists in the United States and the Netherlands, led by researcher Clive Wynne, have[...]

How to Keep Your Dog From Getting Car Sick — and What to Do If It Happens

Wednesday  22:07,   27 june 2018

Hitting the open road with your dog can be an incredibly fun experience. It’s not only exciting for your pup to see — and smell — new places, but it’s fun for you to witness your dog’s happiness as you roll the windows down and travel somewhere[...]

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Service Dogs

Wednesday  20:36,   27 june 2018

Many kids learn it’s important not to touch service dogs. But many families don’t teach kids anything else about these animals or the many ways they can help humans.  We talked to people who train animals to assist others, as well as people who [...]

Zodiac Signs That Make the Best Pet Owners, Ranked From Best to Worst

Tuesday  19:30,   26 june 2018

Owning a pet is one of the greatest things in the entire world. Depending on what kind of pet you get, they're usually fun, funny, and cuddly. But the best part? They love you unconditionally, no matter what. But while some people seem to be total[...]

Meet Zsa Zsa, the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest

Monday  17:27,   25 june 2018

That tongue! Those[...]

Ruff day at the office? Adorable snaps capture pooches lounging on swivel chairs and across keyboards on Bring Your Dog to Work day

Friday  19:27,   22 june 2018

Nothing brightens up a dull day at the office like the arrival of an adorable four-legged co-worker. UK dog lovers have been bringing their pets in to the workplace to mark Bring Your Dog to Work Day.Dog lovers have been bringing their pets in to[...]