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LifeStyle: Smart Living

5 Tricks to Learn a Foreign Language Way Faster

Thursday  20:45,   06 july 2017

Learning a second language is great for your brain and your business. Here's how to speed up the process. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src =[...]

Don’t Buy These Dangerous Fireworks—They Might Explode Unexpectedly!

Monday  22:05,   03 july 2017

This time of year, we can’t wait for fun nights of barbecuing, s’mores eating, and—most importantly—launching fireworks from home. But buyers, beware! Your Fourth of July festivities might be way more dangerous than you originally thought. To avoid[...]

This $180 Hanger Will Deodorize Your Clothes

Monday  18:36,   03 july 2017

Avoid the dry cleaner and just de-smell your blazers.Think of it as part laundry method, part allergy prevention plan. The Nanoi X hanger has eight vents that emit a deodorizing vapor to cut down on both smells and pollen in clothes. Used inside a[...]

Turns out, taking breaks makes you more productive — but there’s a catch

Friday  23:35,   30 june 2017

It’s no secret that taking breaks throughout the workday keeps our minds mellow and our ideas fresh. A recent Columbia University study…Oh wait, hold[...]

Where Each Royal Bride Leaves Her Bouquet After the Big Day

Thursday  21:07,   29 june 2017

The tradition dates back to 1923.1. Every bouquet contains a sprig of[...]

33 Stupid Things You'll Do by 33

Thursday  20:53,   29 june 2017

I've done some stupid things, and I will continue to do them, because here's the secret: turning 30 doesn't make you an[...]

10 Etiquette Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Monday  21:25,   26 june 2017

Turns out you've been holding your wine glass all wrong.1. Never shake hands while seated. If someone walks up to your table, do not extend a hand while[...]

This Effective Excuse For Calling in Sick May Surprise You

Thursday  22:31,   22 june 2017

The No. 1 most accepted excuse for calling in sick to work is the flu, which seems pretty standard. No boss wants one worker with a virus to infect the whole office, and even if the employee is faking it, it's not worth taking the risk. But a[...]

The 5 Stages of Stress (and Why It's Important to Know Which One You're In)

Thursday  22:05,   22 june 2017

Stressed? You're not[...]

Why You Need to Find Your Tribe

Tuesday  19:40,   20 june 2017

Why finding like-minded supportive people in your life can become your super power I'm forty-two years old, and today I was in a relay race. Seriously. I was on a two person team. We had to do an inch-worm, a bear crawl, and well get the[...]

Between The Ages of 35 and 45? 5 Ways To Know If You're In A Mid-Career Slump

Monday  21:48,   19 june 2017

Do you find yourself phoning it in at a job you used to love? It could be the dreaded mid-career slump. It feels like yesterday that you graduated from college and embarked on your career with excitement. Or does it? Because when you really stop to [...]

Why Happiness Doesn't Make You Happy

Monday  21:30,   19 june 2017

Why we're thinking about happiness all wrong, and what to do about it. I bet if I were to ask you what you want out of life, you'd say (in one form or another) that you want to be happy. I'd also venture that if I were to press you and ask what [...]

10 Things the Nicest People Never Do

Monday  19:40,   19 june 2017

What you do is important, but what you choose not to do also helps define you. Some of the most successful people I know are also the nicest. That's no coincidence, since no one ever does anything worthwhile alone -- and that means building great[...]

The Secret Behind Why Millennials Are the Happiest Generation Ever

Friday  21:25,   16 june 2017

Think the avocado toast joke has gotten old? You’re not alone. Truth is, it’s time to start paying less attention to how millennials save their money and pay more attention to how they spend it, instead. Doing so may reveal why millennials are the[...]

The inside story behind the rapid rise of the fidget spinner trend

Wednesday  22:25,   14 june 2017

Few agree on how the toy got its start, but no one can deny its ubiquity.The fidget spinners trend took over the U.S. as some experience love: quickly, deeply, and very unexpectedly. And just like love, nobody can pinpoint when it[...]