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11 Forgotten but Important Moments in Women's History

Monday  20:56,   27 march 2017
Mental Floss

America's first female mayor may have been nominated as a prank, but her win paved the way for other women to hold office.Soon after Ada Lovelace was born, her mother and father—the poet Lord Byron—separated. Determined that their daughter would [...]

Clydesdale horse roams halls at nursing home cheering residents

Friday  21:51,   24 march 2017

The Clydesdale, named Neigh-Neigh, cheered residents at a senior living community in Michigan.But when you do, it just might go viral because it's so darn[...]

8 Slang Terms from The Breakfast Club, Decoded

Friday  21:25,   24 march 2017
Mental Floss

The events in The Breakfast Club took place on this date in 1984. The events in The Breakfast Club took place on March 24, 1984—33 years ago today. While it’s easy to understand how the characters felt—isolated, pressured, demented and sad, but[...]

17 Absolutely Infuriating Examples of Mansplaining

Friday  21:00,   24 march 2017


'Faith in Humanity Restored.' A Firefighter Brought a Dog Back to Life With CPR

Friday  20:30,   24 march 2017

A lifeless dog that was pulled out of an apartment fire in California was brought back to life after a firefighter performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on it earlier this week. Santa Monica firefighter Andrew Klein's life-saving efforts[...]

How Smart People Handle Difficult People

Friday  20:25,   24 march 2017

Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negativity they spread, while others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos.Studies have long shown that stress can have a lasting, negative impact on the brain. Exposure to even a [...]

12 Unusual Drive-Through Services

Friday  19:30,   24 march 2017
Mental Floss

They offer everything but fries.With wedding packages starting at $75 (plus the cost of a marriage license), A Little White Wedding Chapel is mostly known for its “Tunnel of Love Drive-Thru.” Since 1951, the Las Vegas chapel has been the prime site[...]

Studies Have Shown Writing About Your Emotions Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Thursday  21:06,   23 march 2017

The next time you feel stressed out, you may want to dig up your old journal. The next time you feel stressed out, you may want to dig up your old journal. I've personally experienced the therapeutic effects of writing as others may have,[...]

50 of Our Favorite Books by Women

Thursday  20:50,   23 march 2017
Mental Floss

You can thank us later for creating your reading list for the next five years. 1. A WRINKLE IN TIME BY MADELEINE L'ENGLE © Provided by The Week Publications If you didn't read L'Engle's classic 1962 work as a young adult, pick it up now[...]

15 amazing things you never knew you could do with olive oil

Thursday  20:35,   23 march 2017

Olive oil isn't just for cooking with. It can be used as a hair and beauty or home cleaning product, and even in pet care.But olive oil isn't just good for cooking with. My family uses it about as liberally as the family in "My Big Fat [...]

What We Would Tell Our 21-Year-Old Selves If We Had the Chance

Wednesday  21:53,   22 march 2017

Turning 21 is a huge moment in your life. You're in a crazy whirlwind process of finishing college, figuring out what you want to do with your life, and preparing to embark on life as a true adult - whatever that means. Have more fun.Turning 21[...]

20 Times You Realized That Adulting Is No Fun

Wednesday  21:53,   22 march 2017

As a young adult, you wonder why anyone would want to go back to being a kid. As a young adult, you wonder why anyone would want to go back to being a kid. You can make your own choices, have independence, and stay out past curfew. But then [...]

This Woman Says Her Job Interview Was Canceled Because She Asked About Pay

Wednesday  21:46,   22 march 2017
Women's Health

The workplace is full of challenges for women—you know, the wage gap, unpaid maternity leave, etc. But the reason this young woman's interview was cancelled is downright ridiculous. Taylor Byrnes was prepping for a second interview with Canadian [...]

Why You Should Stop Saying "I'm Busy"

Wednesday  21:07,   22 march 2017
Men's Health

How many times this week have you or someone you were talking to said, "I'm busy"? According to a report recently published in the Harvard Business Review, probably more than you can remember. Why? Apparently, Americans value the[...]

The 100-Percent Rule: The Simple Advice That Changed My Life

Wednesday  19:41,   22 march 2017

I have a friend who quit eating sugar two years ago. When we go out to eat, I almost always get dessert. “Will you have a bite?” I ask, testing her. “No thanks!” She always responds with ease and indifference. Must be so hard for her to turn down a [...]