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40 Conversation Starters That Make Mingling Fun

Monday  21:35,   20 march 2017

It's sometimes hard to break the ice with people you've never met[...]

Recharge Your Passion And Overcome Job Burnout

Monday  21:21,   20 march 2017

Everything has a honeymoon stage, including your job. As a new employee, it starts off blissful. The days, weeks and months go by then your daily job becomes routine, uninspiring and possibly a little boring. You're now experiencing what we like [...]

Is Losing Your Phone as Stressful as a Terrorist Attack?

Monday  19:56,   20 march 2017

For most people, the idea of losing their phone is as stressful to them as the idea of a terrorist attack, according to a new study. For most people, the idea of losing their phone is as stressful to them as the idea of a terrorist attack,[...]

7 'facts' you learned in school that are no longer true

Friday  20:27,   17 march 2017

Over time, even facts we consider steadfast truths can change. People used to think doctors could forgo washing their hands before surgery. Knowledge is ever-evolving. The seven ideas below probably changed since your school days. Re-educate[...]

And the new Monopoly pieces are...

Friday  20:21,   17 march 2017

Times are changing on the Monopoly board . The new lineup for the game includes a rubber ducky, a penguin and a T-Rex, joining old favorites the Scottie dog, the top hat, a race car and a battleship as well as the recently added cat, which was[...]

The Forgotten Uses of 8 Everyday Objects

Friday  19:01,   17 march 2017

So that's what it's for!Some of the products we use daily have functions most of us are completely unaware of. From features not being used as the manufacturer intended, to details that are functionally outdated but still hanging on[...]

26 of the Best Book Club Questions For Sparking Discussion

Friday  18:45,   17 march 2017

If you'd like to have a successful book club, you're going to need some discussion about the book to go along with the wine consumed. Or maybe that's just my book club. For the serious (or the not-so-serious) book clubbers, here is a handy[...]

28 Weird and Wonderful Irish Words

Thursday  21:41,   16 march 2017

28 Weird and Wonderful Irish Words Around 1 million people in Ireland—as well as 20,000 people in the United States—can speak Irish. It’s an ancient and unfamiliar-looking language in the Celtic group, making it a linguistic cousin of other[...]

19 Struggles Only Ridiculously Clumsy People Can Relate to Every Day

Thursday  21:36,   16 march 2017

If you're a klutz, you know the struggle to basically live is too real. It's hard to navigate life without falling, spilling, or breaking precious objects. If you're a klutz, you know the struggle to basically live is too real. It's [...]

10 Habits of Irresistible People

Thursday  21:31,   16 march 2017

We've all met this type of person who attracts everybody in the room. We've all met this type of person who attracts everybody in the room. Everyone wants to be in their company, and their magnetic personalities just draw you in. But[...]

7 Ways to Celebrate The First Day of Spring for Under $10

Thursday  20:41,   16 march 2017

Check out these fun and mostly free activities.On March 20, the sun will cross the celestial equator moving north. The happening, known as the vernal equinox, marks the first day of[...]

If You Laugh at These Dark Jokes, You’re Probably a Genius

Thursday  20:24,   16 march 2017

A man walks into a rooftop bar and takes a seat next to another guy. “What are you drinking?” he asks the guy. “Magic“Magic beer,” he[...]

Sorry, But Your Cat Might Not Be Purring Because It’s Happy to See You

Thursday  19:11,   16 march 2017

When you a purring cat rubs against you, you can’t help but feel pleased with yourself for being so lovable. But don’t move on from petting that kitty to patting yourself on the back just yet. Happiness isn’t the only thing that makes cats[...]

Seniors' Knitting Group Crafts Sweaters For Chilly Chickens

Tuesday  21:31,   14 march 2017

Members launched the project after learning that some types of poultry simply aren't cut out for cold climates.Chickens trap pockets of air between their feathers, which they warm with their body heat. This helps insulate them from frigid[...]

Celebrate The Return Of Daylight Saving With Napping Day

Monday  19:56,   13 march 2017

Facts about naps that will encourage you to catch up on some sleep as the clocks shift to daylight saving time.National Napping Day is celebrated on the day following the return of daylight saving time to give people the opportunity to catch up on[...]