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Seniors' Knitting Group Crafts Sweaters For Chilly Chickens

Tuesday  21:31,   14 march 2017

Members launched the project after learning that some types of poultry simply aren't cut out for cold climates.Chickens trap pockets of air between their feathers, which they warm with their body heat. This helps insulate them from frigid[...]

Celebrate The Return Of Daylight Saving With Napping Day

Monday  19:56,   13 march 2017

Facts about naps that will encourage you to catch up on some sleep as the clocks shift to daylight saving time.National Napping Day is celebrated on the day following the return of daylight saving time to give people the opportunity to catch up on[...]

Why You Should Never Charge Your Phone in Public

Friday  22:51,   10 march 2017

You know the drill: You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed and—oh good—your phone is about to die. Luckily you have your charger, right? That’s because plugging your charger into a public outlet could compromise your phone (along[...]

Important Party Question: Why Is There an “M” on RSVP Cards?

Friday  21:41,   10 march 2017

There’s a party coming up and you’re invited! How do you know? The invitation, of course. And how will you tell the host you’re attending? By filling out the RSVP card, obviously. But wait. Where do you put your name? And if it’s supposed to be by[...]

This Guy's Workplace Experiment Went Viral For The Most Upsetting Reason

Friday  21:41,   10 march 2017

Lots of women have had the nagging feeling at some point in their careers that if they were men, certain situations would've panned out more in their favor. But men may not always think about how they 'd be treated in the workplace if they were [...]

Don’t ever answer calls with phone numbers with THESE area codes

Friday  20:53,   10 march 2017

There’s nothing more frustrating than eagerly answering a call only to find out it’s a telemarketer or, worse, a scammer. You’d think that…Joseph Steinberg, CEO of SecureMySocial, lays out some easy guidelines to follow to avoid scammers. First,[...]

How long do I have to watch that giraffe before it has its baby?!

Friday  18:57,   10 march 2017

If you’re among the thousands right now glued to the live stream of a pregnant giraffe in upstate New York, you might be asking yourself: How long do I gotta wait till this giraffe shows me a baby? Take a breath, settle down and read on:[...]

Science Says We Look So Much Like Our Names, Strangers Could Guess Them

Friday  18:52,   10 march 2017

Take a good look at this photo. His name could be Jacob, Dan, Josef, or Nathaniel—which do you think is right? You might think your chance of guessing correctly is only one in four, but a new study shows that you may know more than you think.We[...]

If You're Single, These 10 Dog Breeds Will Make Sure You're Never Lonely

Friday  18:46,   10 march 2017

If You're Single, These 10 Dog Breeds Will Make Sure You're Never[...]

People couldn't look past this pit bull's grumpy face — so this woman stepped in

Friday  18:44,   10 march 2017

Sheldon the pit bull's grumpy face, and the stigma attached to his breed, kept him from getting adopted. But now he's living a different life.All it took was for one shelter volunteer, and one adopter, to see him as he really is: a pup of[...]

This Is Why Pandas Are Black and White

Friday  18:44,   10 march 2017

The colors help it camouflage and communicate with predators and other pandasThe panda’s white fur helps it hide in snowy habitats while its dark markings both aid in camouflage and communication efforts, according to a study recently published in[...]

Old Dogs Are Getting Adopted Way More Often, and They’re Also Quite Smart

Friday  18:43,   10 march 2017

With a little bit of canine advocacy.The agencies behind this movement have endearing, reasonably punny names: Grey Muzzle; Muttville Senior Dog Rescue; Bob’s House for Dogs; and the Thulani Program. Coffee-table books and Instagram have helped. And [...]

8 Investments You Need to Make in Yourself This Year

Thursday  22:00,   02 march 2017

If you want your career—and your life—to take off this year, it's time to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak and invest in yourself. That doesn't mean you'll have to unload buckets of cash to get ahead. Even small, $15[...]

Why do people fast for Lent?

Thursday  20:21,   02 march 2017

And six other questions you were too embarrassed to ask. Lent is a mystery to a lot of people. Many folks are generally aware that it’s a religious observance that happens every spring and somehow involves people getting ashes smeared on their[...]

Winning ‘Shark Tank’ Secrets That You Can Use in Everyday Life

Wednesday  20:38,   01 march 2017

These "Shark Tank" secrets can help you find success inside and outside the boardroom.If you've ever watched the reality show "Shark Tank," you probably know that success in business takes more than a stroke of luck. If you want to score a [...]