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Watch a momma dog heroically protect her pup from a vicious leopard attack

Thursday  20:15,   07 june 2018

Almost immediately, the puppy's mom jumps to its rescue, attacking the leopard and chasing it away.All of a sudden, a leopard attacks the puppy, pouncing on it from out of[...]

The bizarre reason why the Queen has 2 birthdays

Wednesday  01:19,   06 june 2018

The Queen has her actual birthday, on April 21, and an official birthday held on a Saturday in June — and it has to do with the weather.The Queen turns 92 on her actual birthday on April 21, but she also has an official birthday that is celebrated[...]

This dog was found with a heartbreaking note — and now he's on his way to adoption

Tuesday  21:14,   05 june 2018

A one-year-old Poodle named Lee was abandoned in the parking lot of an animal shelter in Houston, Texas. Lee's owner left a heart wrenching note with him explaining that they could no longer afford to take care of the dog, but asking for the[...]

How I Survived a Cult

Monday  20:26,   04 june 2018

After growing up in a cult, I struggled with an eating disorder & addiction — here's how I made it out aliveThis is how I explain part of my childhood — the cult part — to people who don’t know me. You have to be of at least a certain[...]

This Self-Care Wheel Will Show You Which Areas of Your Life Need Improvement

Sunday  15:51,   03 june 2018

When self-care comes to mind, many of us may associate the practice with baths, naps, and yoga. And while those are definitely a few ways to address your needs, self-care encompasses far more than that. "I originally designed the self-care[...]

Here's Exactly How and Why Healing Crystals Work For Me

Sunday  15:50,   03 june 2018

I'd love to tell you I'm a raging skeptic when it comes to new-agey beliefs, but unfortunately for my (fictional) cool-girl reputation, I've always been fascinated with the mystical. When I was about 8 years old, my friends and I[...]

I Dedicated a Whole Weekend to Self-Care, and Damn, It Felt Good

Friday  21:35,   01 june 2018

Raise your hand if you've ever felt ashamed of binge-watching your favorite series, taking a midday nap, or turning down plans because you're exhausted. Raise your hand if you've ever felt ashamed of binge-watching your favorite[...]

Do you know these winning spelling bee words?

Friday  21:26,   01 june 2018

<p>Test your knowledge about these winning spelling bee[...]

Ask the Strategist: I’m Dying for Cool, Fashionable Dog Accessories

Thursday  17:21,   31 may 2018

I’m not a regular dog mom, I’m a cool dog mom.Question: I’m dying to see a list of cool, fashionable dog accessories! Particularly good bags for carrying them in! [...]

This video of people forming a human chain to save a dog in a flash flood will restore your faith in humanity

Thursday  01:00,   31 may 2018

A heartwarming viral video shows a dog saved from flash flooding in Sri Lanka — in the most resourceful way. We're gonna need the tissues.It’s sometimes easy to feel like there’s no end to bad news in this world. But for every story of disaster, [...]

How the Rainbow Became Associated with Gay Rights

Wednesday  18:41,   30 may 2018

This June, you might notice an increasing number of rainbow flags around town. June is LGBT pride month in the United States, so it’s likely this multi-colored symbol will be more prevalent than usual. But how did the rainbow come to be associated[...]

What I Wish People Knew About My Life With Agoraphobia

Tuesday  19:30,   29 may 2018

A woman with agoraphobia shares what she wishes her friends and family knew.First, let’s look at the medical definition of[...]

Cute, Clingy Baby Elephant Has Decided This Tourist Is Its New Best Friend

Tuesday  15:31,   29 may 2018

American tourist Jane Hight McMurry won’t forget this moment soon.&nbsp;According to Newsflare, McMurry recently visited Thailand on vacation and got to know several elephants while traveling through the northern jungle of the[...]

I Went To A Reiki Master To Help My Love Life And It Worked Too Well

Tuesday  00:06,   29 may 2018

I Went To A Reiki Master To Help My Love Life And It Worked Too WellI'll admit it: I was stuck in a rut. After yet another breakup (same type every time — great chemistry, smart, successful funny, yet lacking the emotional availability to be in a[...]

5 Ways to Make Sure You Stick to Your Career Goals

Saturday  16:00,   26 may 2018

These tips will lead to a more fulfilling career.Keep reading to find out how to set these goals — and stick to them — so that you can own your financial[...]