Style Meghan Markle Keeps Breaking Royal Fashion Protocol, As Well She Should

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Meghan Markle might have a classic American guilty pleasure at her royal wedding to Prince Harry

  Meghan Markle might have a classic American guilty pleasure at her royal wedding to Prince Harry The royal couple reportedly wants to incorporate American influences, which could include classic comfort foods like hot dogs and doughnuts.

Meghan Markle Broke Royal Protocol When She Carried This Tote - We track all her fashion changes, post-engagement. Meghan Markle may not have made her full transition from commoner to royal just yet— her love of messy […]

Meghan Markle went rogue once again when it comes to royal hair protocol . First there was the messy bun, and now she 's sporting another unconventional hairstyle: the side bun. Markle has been breaking (read: setting her own) fashion rules ever since she was welcomed into the royal family.

Meghan Markle wearing a hat: Meghan Markle’s floppy hat made headlines. Should she have worn a fascinator instead?© Provided by Racked Meghan Markle’s floppy hat made headlines. Should she have worn a fascinator instead?

The rules (spoken and otherwise) are wildly archaic.

Meghan Markle isn’t a royal quite yet; her wedding to Prince Harry is still a few weeks away. But starting even before her engagement, the actress has been dogged by claims that her style has breached royal protocol. Her hairstyles, color of clothing, and accessories have all been criticized, revealing how archaic and elitist some of the “rules” she’s supposedly broken truly are.

Where to shop the chic crossbody bag Meghan Markle was just spotted with

  Where to shop the chic crossbody bag Meghan Markle was just spotted with Where to shop the chic crossbody bag Meghan Markle was just spotted withOn Wednesday, Markle accompanied fiancé Prince Harry to his speech in front of the Commonwealth Youth Forum and, per usual, her outfit drew admiration from the (internet) crowds. Most of her recent outfit is on the pricer side: Her exact dress is made by Altuzarra ($1,995 at, which she paired with a $699 black Camilla and Marc blazer, and black Tamara Mellon high-heeled pumps ($475 at

Fashion . Meghan Markle Just Broke Another Royal Beauty Rule. She is officially my spirit animal. Meghan Markle Breaks Royal Protocol in Wales.

Culture. Every time Meghan Markle broke royal protocol . Talia Lakritz. Mar. Meghan Markle will become a member of the royal family when she marries Prince Harry in Spring 2018.

Although all royals are closely watched, Markle is particularly under the microscope. As a biracial American actress and divorcée, her entry into the British royal family is unprecedented. Unfair as it may be, that means how she presents herself carries more weight than how other women in her position do. Much like Michelle Obama’s appearance and style were dissected by a nation unaccustomed to a black first lady, Markle’s fashion sense is being unpacked by those unsure of what to make of a royal with her background.

a man and a woman in a suit and tie: Meghan Markle’s messy bun.© Provided by Racked Meghan Markle’s messy bun. Photo: Meghan Markle’s messy buns have raised eyebrows.

Just this past Wednesday, Markle’s choice of headwear made headlines. She showed up to services for Anzac Day, which honors Australians and New Zealanders who served or died in wars, in a large floppy hat. (Markle has previously faced criticism for not wearing hats, as tradition dictates that members of the royal family wear them to formal events.) This time around, though, the relaxed hat she chose raised eyebrows. The aristocracy sports headwear to stand out from commoners, not to blend in with them, and Markle’s hat apparently didn’t pass the posh test.

Meghan Markle Is Stealing Amal Clooney's Hairstylist for the Royal Wedding

  Meghan Markle Is Stealing Amal Clooney's Hairstylist for the Royal Wedding So we can expect lots of volume and waves then, yes?Not only is the news the latest information we have about the soon-to-be royal's wedding day look, but it also comes with an epic celebrity backstory: Perez is also Amal Clooney's hairstylist, and it's the British-Lebanese lawyer who connected Perez with Markle. "Yes, I do Meghan's hair," Perez explained to The Mail. "I do Amal's, and Meghan is friends with her. I also do George [Clooney]'s, I do the whole family. Amal put Meghan and me together when she moved here [to London]. I do her color, her cut, and her styling.

Meghan Markle is putting her own spin on royal etiquette. Here are the most notable royal protocols she might have broken in recent appearances with Prince Harry and the royal family. Markle 's fashion choices are sometimes seen as unconventional in the world of royal ensembles.

There’s no gossip better than royal gossip, no wedding like a royal wedding and no baby bump like a royal one. And ever since Suits star Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their Thisisinsider and Harpers Bazaar reported that she broke the following beauty and fashion protocol rules already

“Hatgate” isn’t the first time Markle’s taste in accessories has come under scrutiny. She has interacted with the public more than once wearing crossbody purses and handbags, when royals typically hold clutches during such occasions. Why? Evidently, holding a clutch makes it easier for noblewomen to avoid unwanted handshakes and overtures. And Princess Diana found a novel use for her clutches: She used them to cover her chest when exiting and entering vehicles, because exposed cleavage is yet another royal no-no.

a person sitting in a car: Princess Diana with a clutch purse.© Provided by Racked Princess Diana with a clutch purse. Photo: Princess Diana holds a clutch to her chest at the Tate Gallery on her 36th birthday.

Markle’s cleavage has yet to cause a stir, but other parts of her body haven’t enjoyed the same fate. Last week, royals expert Victoria Arbiter called her out for attending the 2018 Endeavor Fund Awards with — gasp! — bare legs.

Meghan Markle’s Shoe Scorecard: Here’s the Designer She’s Worn the Most

  Meghan Markle’s Shoe Scorecard: Here’s the Designer She’s Worn the Most With her royal wedding only a couple weeks away, Meghan Markle has decided to take a break from public appearances before her big day. As the world anxiously waits on the future duchess to walk down the aisle, FN is taking stock of her footwear choices. Like many of her (non-royal) counterparts, Markle — who has stepped out in everything from Aquazzura to Stuart Weitzman — is a brand loyalist, and no designer is more representative of that than Manolo Blahnik. Following her royal engagement to Prince Harry, the former actress has been spotted in the brand seven different times, more than any of the other designers she’s regularly worn.

She may not be an official royal yet, but Meghan Markle has already won our hearts with her warm personality, fantastic style, and charitable heart. Culture. 14 Times Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Broke Royal Protocol .

All Fashion . We have a feeling Prince Harry is going to have his hands full teaching Meghan Markle the ways of royalty . Not only has Meghan been caught sneaking out of Kensington Palace, but she ’s been breaking royal protocols left, right and centre.

“You never see a royal without their nude stockings,” Arbiter told the Insider. “I would say that’s really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the Queen requires.”

a red white and blue shoes: Meghan Markle’s bare legs.© Provided by Racked Meghan Markle’s bare legs. Meghan Markle hasn’t been wearing pantyhose, a supposed breach of royal protocol.

It wasn’t the first time Markle broke the pantyhose rule, Arbiter pointed out. She also skipped them when posing for her engagement photos. The fact that the 36-year-old wore a sheer — not to mention expensive — dress for the shots was considered unorthodox for a royal as well.

Kate Middleton regularly wears pantyhose, but even she has been accused of dressing inappropriately. She favors shorter dresses that the wind has blown up on multiple occasions, exposing her thighs. The Duchess of Cambridge has also been criticized for having too-long hair; she has since cut off several inches. Her wedges and jeggings haven’t earned her many fans among fashion insiders either.

Markle’s style has routinely been compared to Middleton’s and Princess Diana’s, but she may actually have more in common, style-wise, with Michelle Obama and even Melania Trump. Like Obama, Markle has faced pushback for exposing her arms. She has also been accused of dressing too informally; a similar charge was leveled at Obama when she met Queen Elizabeth in 2009. For the visit, Obama wore a cardigan, sparking criticism from designer Oscar de la Renta.

Harry, Meghan and Megan to crew British Airways royal wedding flight

  Harry, Meghan and Megan to crew British Airways royal wedding flight A British Airways (ICAG.L) flight will celebrate Britain's royal wedding on Saturday by flying to Canada with crew who are all named Harry or Meghan. Harry, 33, Queen Elizabeth's grandson and the sixth-in-line to the British throne, and Meghan Markle, 36, will marry on Saturday at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, in a ceremony set to attract huge attention around the world.

Meghan Markle has been in Edinburgh with fiancé Prince Harry visiting Social Bite centre, a Scottish homelessness charity - where she reportedly broke royal protocol by hugging the charity's co-founder. Alice Thompson told the bride-to-be she was “deeply inspired” by the speech she made at the UN

Fashion . Meghan Markle Breaks Royal Protocol in Wales. Meghan Markle Broke Another Hair Rule. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Break Royal Rule. Meghan Markle Wears Pantyhose for First Time.

“You don’t go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater,” he said.

a group of people posing for a photo: Barack and Michelle Obama with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip© Provided by Racked Barack and Michelle Obama with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Designer Oscar de la Renta criticized Michelle Obama for wearing a sweater to meet Queen Elizabeth.

His criticism of the then-first lady sounded patronizing at best and like a racial microaggression at worst, as if he needed to school the black woman from Chicago’s South Side about how to dress properly.

When Markle met the royal family for the first time, at the queen’s annual Christmas lunch in 2017, Princess Michael of Kent showed up wearing a blackamoor brooch. Such jewelry dates back to the 13th century and has been described as exoticizing black people as servants or noblemen. Kent was accused of wearing the brooch to slight Markle. She later apologized.

Princess Michael of Kent making a funny face© Provided by Racked Princess Michael of Kent Princess Michael of Kent wore a blackamoor brooch, jewelry many view as racist.

The next month, the Daily Mail ran an alarmist and voyeuristic article about Markle’s hair. The article featured several comments from biracial British women about their kinks and curls and suggested the actress was “torturing” herself by chemically relaxing hers, a common practice for African-American women, even as natural hair is popular.

The Fascinating Reason Why British Royals Save the Top of Their Wedding Cake

  The Fascinating Reason Why British Royals Save the Top of Their Wedding Cake Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been shaking it up in terms of royal wedding traditions. Unlike American tradition where the cake top is saved (and stored in the back of the freezer) to be enjoyed on the first anniversary, the British royal family has a different purpose for saving their cake: to serve at their future children’s christenings. How sweet! (Pun intended.

Etiquette expert William Hanson’s royal style advice for Meghan Markle following her debut William Hanson reveals his thoughts on Meghan Markle 's outfit choices He says female royals avoid wearing black and believes she should follow suit daytime bag with a strap, even though some press misguidedly said it broke royal protocol .

No, thanks I hate pretty things. news. 12 Ways Meghan Markle Is Breaking Royal Standards. By. She isn’t afraid to shake up the royal family’s strict protocol . Here, 12 ways that Meghan is creating her own set of royal rules.

Just this week, Markle herself was accused of being insensitive when she wore a Hugo Boss dress to a memorial service for British hate crime victim Stephen Lawrence. The clothing designer, Markle’s detractors pointed out, manufactured clothing for Nazi soldiers. It’s unclear if Markle was aware of Hugo Boss’s ties to the Nazi Party when she chose the dress for the occasion.

a group of people posing for the camera: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the Invictus Games.© Provided by Racked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the Invictus Games. Meghan Markle wasn’t yet engaged to Prince Harry when her ripped jeans caused an uproar.

If the ongoing criticism about Markle’s style has affected her, she hasn’t shown it. Like Melania Trump, who sparked scandals with her pussy-bow blouse and Manolo Blahnik stilettos, Markle has pretty much dressed as she’s pleased after becoming Harry’s mate. That’s meant ripped jeans, messy buns, loads of slacks, coats as capes, and monochrome outfits. While Trump favors head-to-toe white, Markle has a penchant for all-black ensembles, a look royals are only supposed to wear during somber occasions.

When Markle weds Harry next month, it’s unclear if she’ll mute her personal style. That she hasn’t already signals how secure she must be despite how unconventional an addition she is to the British royal family. This American woman of color can never pass herself off as just another aristocrat, and so her entry into to the royal family marks a sea change.

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Meghan Markle Has to Cut a Food from Her Diet When She Travels as a Royal .
This one is hard for a foodie like Meghan.As a royal, Meghan is not allowed to eat garlic while traveling-at least not while she's on official royal visits anyway. Why? Pretty much for the obvious reason.

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