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3 Ways to Remove and Prevent Yellow Nail Stains

Tuesday  23:20,   11 july 2017

It's good to go bare (on your nails, that is) every once in awhile. In fact, Julie Kandalec, celebrity manicurist and Paintbox creative director, recommends doing so at least once a month for polish manicures or after every third gel manicure.[...]

The Easiest Way to Paint Your Non-Dominant Hand

Tuesday  23:10,   11 july 2017

There’s nothing better than going to a salon for a manicure. Except maybe when you nail an at-home manicure all by yourself and there’s no charge waiting for you at the end. There’s nothing better than going to a salon for a manicure.[...]

Sofia Vergara has a fresh haircut for her birthday — see her new look!

Tuesday  22:05,   11 july 2017

Sofia Vergara has bangs now. Check out her new hair!There's no doubt that Sofia Vergara is an ageless beauty. And she proved just that as she rung in her 45th birthday with a young new[...]

Here's What Happened When I Let Reddit Critique My Makeup

Tuesday  21:11,   11 july 2017

"The nose highlight makes your nose look larger than it actually is."But oh, how bored I[...]

This Is the Easiest Way to Dry Your Curly Hair

Tuesday  04:52,   11 july 2017

The easiest (and fuss-free) way to dry your coils — without attracting added static — is to plop. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src =[...]

Julianne Hough Wore a $168 Cutout Swimsuit to Her Pre-Wedding Lake Party

Tuesday  04:51,   11 july 2017

Hough showed off her hard-earned wedding abs in a gingham one-piece swimsuit from Reformation with a center front cutout and cute bow tie at the front. The Dancing with the Stars judge tied the knot on Saturday to NHL star Brooks Laich in a [...]

The new swimsuit ads for ASOS are Photoshop-free, stretch marks and all

Friday  23:12,   07 july 2017

British fashion retailer ASOS is featuring swimsuit models with stretch marks, and the internet is freaking out.Stretch marks are a common, totally normal physical feature, but we don't often see them in clothing ads. It's not because models don't[...]

How to get makeup stains out of practically any surface

Friday  22:46,   07 july 2017

You may know the coconut oil trick to remove product when you make a makeup misstep. But what do you do if your spill has gotten on your clothes, the carpet, or the bathroom tiles? Get the solutions for reversing a variety of makeup messes -[...]

This Is What the World's Very First Bikini Looked Like

Friday  22:27,   07 july 2017

Extremely itsy-bitsy and incredibly teeny-weeny.The French designer revealed his creation (made with fabric that looks like newspapers) at Paris' Molitor pool, and naturally it was completely scandalous. In fact, Réard had such a rough time getting[...]

Chrissy Teigen went blond for summer, and we're loving her new look

Friday  02:06,   07 july 2017

Model Chrissy Teigen ditched her brunette hair for a lighter shade this summer, unveiling the new look on Twitter.Chrissy Teigen has always been[...]

Gigi Hadid on When to Wear a One-Piece vs. a Bikini, Why She 'Hates a Skirt' and More

Friday  00:58,   07 july 2017

Gigi Hadid may be the quintessential Cali girl, and not just because of her long blonde locks.Gigi Hadid may be the quintessential Cali girl, and not just because of her long blonde (or are they bronde?) locks. Born and bred in L.A., she’s always[...]

How to Remove Your Own Gel Polish (And Not Wreck Your Nails in the Process)

Friday  00:45,   07 july 2017

As much as we love treating ourselves to a good ol' gel manicure, we don't always like having to pay for two of them. (You know, the requisite manicure after the manicure just to remove the gel.) So for all you thrifty ladies out there, we[...]

According to Dior Couture, This Taboo Fashion Accessory Is Back

Thursday  22:25,   06 july 2017

Dior fedora has a certain ring to it, no?Not be confused with its more accepted, wide-brimmed brother, the basic, short-brimmed fedora was seized c.2008 by Reddit and 4Chan alike as their debased accessory of choice. The only mid-aughties celeb that [...]

Got Oily Lids? You Might Need Eye Foils

Wednesday  21:41,   05 july 2017

What do we all want from an eye shadow? We want something that’s easy to use, looks good on our lids and won’t smudge, crease or fade as it wears. Is that a tall order? Maybe, but I promise you it exists. In fact, it exists in Shu Uemura’s eye[...]

We are loving Pippa Middleton's lacy Wimbledon dress

Wednesday  20:26,   05 july 2017

Her gorgeous dress had us in love! Just like her royal sister, Pippa Middleton's been a fixture at Wimbledon for[...]