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LifeStyle: Style

Going Out Tops of the Early 2000s Are Officially Back Now, Too

Monday  17:45,   13 march 2017

If the Fall 2017 runways made you feel a little déjà vu, that's because early 2000s style is back in a big way. We've seen it all before: Juicy Couture tracksuits, super cropped crop tops, camouflage pants, bedazzled headbands and chokers,[...]

How the Queen uses her handbag to send secret signals to her staff

Friday  19:40,   10 march 2017

If she switches her bag from one arm to the other, watch out.Back in 2012, Smith revealed that the Queen always keeps a mirror, lipstick, a pen, some mint lozenges and reading glasses on hand. And on Sundays she brings a few small bills "precisely[...]

Here’s how often you should ACTUALLY wash your jeans

Friday  19:37,   10 march 2017

If you’re like us, jeans are one of those clothing items we should wash more, but often don’t. But here’s how often…Business Insider suggests washing them when they smell, which depends on factors such as how much you sweat to how often you wear[...]

You're Probably Washing Your Face Wrong—Here's How to Do It Right

Friday  19:37,   10 march 2017

Let's not gloss over it: Washing your face—twice a day—is like a chore we begrudgingly do solely for the reward. Consistently sudsing up can lead to super-clear and glow-y skin. But, according to Angela Jia Kim, founder of organic skin-care[...]

Guys, Kate Middleton Gets Nutella Facials (and We Want One, Too)

Friday  19:31,   10 march 2017

Whether we’re talking about her coats or her kids, Kate Middleton is a trendsetter, no doubt. But her flawless complexion (despite two stress-inducing toddlers and massive amounts of royal pressure) has been a mystery…until now. Deborah Mitchell,[...]

5 Common Shampoo Myths Debunked

Friday  19:31,   10 march 2017

With the level of gossip, half-truths, and misinformation swirling about something as simple as shampoo, you’d think we were dealing with a messy celebrity divorce. Is it making you lose your hair? Is it wrecking your color? Is it getting back[...]

How Melania Trump Gets Her Perfect Hair

Friday  15:46,   10 march 2017

While her husband's hair might have the world talking, these are the lesser-known facts about Melania Trump's perfect mane.Although she will reside primarily in New York City, a seemingly endless parade of public events and appearances have[...]

Charli Howard on Being Called a Plus-Size Model at a Size 6

Friday  15:46,   10 march 2017

You read that[...]

Ivanka Trump Wears $78 Shoes to the 2017 Governors Ball

Tuesday  01:55,   28 february 2017

Recent controversy didn’t stop President Donald Trump’s daughter from wearing her own shoe line.Ivanka Trump attended the Governors Ball on Sunday night in Washington, D.C., in support of her father, President Donald Trump, and first lady Melania[...]

We're Calling It: Banana Buns Are the New Topknots

Tuesday  01:15,   28 february 2017

Relax, topknots aren’t going anywhere, but if you’re looking for an update (that requires no more time or skill), the banana bun is your new best friend. Named for its slightly oblong shape, this French trend has been popping up on our Instagram[...]

See Princess Kate’s Cinderella ‘Slippers’ — and Get the Fairy-Tale Look!

Tuesday  00:36,   28 february 2017

Princess Kate was in full fairy tale princess mode Monday. The royal attended a reception celebrating the relationship between the United Kingdom and India at Buckingham Palace with Prince William and Queen Elizabeth — and looked every inch a[...]

This 72-Year-Old Model Owned The Runway At London Fashion Week

Monday  03:45,   27 february 2017

Amidst the many models walking at London Fashion Week, one in particular stood out. Jan de Villeneuve, a 72-year-old model born in Ohio, ruled the runway during her walks for Simone Rocha and Osman. “Life doesn’t end when you start getting a[...]

Did Kate Middleton really ruin a designer’s entire label? The “Kate Effect” is real

Friday  22:30,   24 february 2017

Obviously, when it comes to fashion, Kate Middleton can pretty much do no wrong— or can she? Cue the scary documentary music…The navy dress, which made Kate’s sapphire engagement ring look almost electric, was by designer Daniella Helayel of Issa,[...]

The Reason Princess Diana Stopped Wearing Gloves Will Warm Your Heart

Friday  18:15,   24 february 2017

Throughout her years in the spotlight, Princess Diana transformed from bashful young woman to princess bride to glowing mom — and ultimately, an independent woman striking out on her own. Now, in the new exhibit Diana: Her Fashion Story, that[...]

How Princess Diana Became a Fashion Icon

Friday  02:36,   24 february 2017

In the two decades since her death, Diana, Princess of Wales, has ascended to the pantheon of the best-dressed women in history, Eleri Lynn, curator of “Diana: Her Fashion Story,” which opens February 24 at Kensington Palace told Vanity Fair on a[...]