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The 1 product you should add to your beauty routine for clearer skin

Friday  21:20,   04 august 2017

Turns out what's standing between you and unclogged pores might just be adding one product to your beauty routine.What's standing between you and unclogged pores? It could be the absence of just one product in your beauty routine. For Dr. Hadley [...]

Vanessa Hudgens has a bangin' new do — see the look!

Friday  21:10,   04 august 2017

Cool coif alert! Vanessa Hudgens' latest hairstyle has fringe — and we can't stop staring. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of celeb hair news. First Kristin Cavallari, then Sarah Hyland and now Vanessa[...]

This Woman's Eyebrow Microblading Horror Story Is The Scariest We've Seen Yet

Friday  20:25,   04 august 2017

<p>If you're struggling with barely-there eyebrows, consider this a reminder to do your due diligence and choose a qualified microblading tech (also one who will do a patch test for numbing cream).</p>Ah, microblading. Lena Dunham swears[...]

6 ways to combat “period skin,” which is something you maybe never knew you had

Thursday  00:30,   03 august 2017
Hello Giggles

On top of everything else periods do to try and make our lives more difficult every month, the menstrual cycle brings us…During PMS, your cycle teams up with your hormones to wreak havoc on the body’s largest organ, which means your typical beauty[...]

Why *Can't* You Wear White After Labor Day?

Wednesday  22:27,   02 august 2017
Marie Claire

A little journey through the fashion rule book.To save you from opening a 74th tab to Google the reason why this age-old fashion rule exists, we opened a 182nd tab in our second window and found it for you. Prepare yourselves-the story behind this[...]

There's No Right or Wrong Way to Wear Your Pants Right Now

Wednesday  21:56,   02 august 2017

Slim-fit, loose-fit, long, or short—it's all about what works for you.Fortunately, that is[...]

Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist swears by this 1 product for silky strands

Wednesday  21:51,   02 august 2017

Whether Jennifer Aniston is rocking "The Rachel" or a longer style, her hair always look healthy and gorgeous. Here's her secret go-to.It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston has sported a number of notable hairstyles. We've loved[...]

Messed up your makeup? 8 pro tips to fix it quickly, easily

Wednesday  21:50,   02 august 2017

Applying makeup in a rush means rushing to fix a mistake. Celebrity makeup artist Ashley Glazer has a quick fix for every mishap. If you've ever applied makeup in the back seat of a car, you know what it feels like to really mess up your look. One[...]

9 annoying fashion flubs and how to fix them

Wednesday  21:40,   02 august 2017

From deodorant stains to stretching out sandals to fixing faulty zippers and smelly shoes, use these fashion tricks.We've all been there: you're just about to walk out of the house in an great white dress when you realize you've got foundation all[...]

Ways to keep your bangs looking fresh, even when it’s hot outside

Wednesday  21:25,   02 august 2017
Hello Giggles

Bangs seemed like such a great idea a few months ago, didn’t they? Cherry blossoms were in bloom, the weather was perfect…Then along came summer. Ugh. No one told you that summertime bangs are notoriously difficult to manage. All you have to do is[...]

The Nail Shapes Dictionary: All the Need-to-Know Styles, from "Squoval" to "Coffin"

Wednesday  21:15,   02 august 2017
Marie Claire

What's your signature shape?To help us nail which one is right for you (get it?), we consulted manicure expert Elissa Schell from Paintbox in Soho for a primer on each shape-from how to distinguish between styles to how to select the right[...]

Tips for figuring out if you have warm or cool undertones, because everyone who wears makeup should know

Wednesday  01:05,   02 august 2017
Hello Giggles

If you’ve perused the average makeup blog or flipped through a typical magazine, then you’ve undoubtedly heard a thing or two about undertones.It’s common knowledge in most beauty circles that warmer skin tones look most radiant with equally warm[...]

The One Beauty Product Adam Levine Always Steals From His Wife

Wednesday  00:45,   02 august 2017

When you live with your significant other, you end up sharing more things than not. Your cookware, your Netflix subscription, the sputtering AC unit you’ve had since college — almost everything becomes fair game the second you sign your name on the [...]

Halle Berry Brought Back Your Middle School Hair Wrap — & It's Even Cooler Now

Wednesday  00:40,   02 august 2017

If you're looking for someone to shake up the red carpet, Halle Berry is your girl.&nbsp;If you're looking for someone to shake shit up on the red carpet, Halle Berry is your girl. She sent gossip blogs into a frenzy after cradling her "baby [...]

Parents, This Is How to Introduce Your Tween to Makeup—Safely

Tuesday  21:16,   01 august 2017
Reader's Digest

A little dusting of sparkly powder or glitter nail polish mani may seem like a fun way to introduce your kids to makeup. But there may be a dark side.&nbsp;A little dusting of sparkly powder or glitter nail polish mani may seem like a fun way to [...]