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Ultra-luxe round-the-world travel package launches at a value of $13.88 million

Tuesday  16:20,   24 january 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

You know a round-the-world trip is jaw-droppingly extravagant when even the swizzle sticks come encrusted with white and blue diamonds. At an eye-watering $13.88 million, "Passport to 50" is dubbed as a trip for the billionaire client, the[...]

Using an app to renew your passport is easy

Monday  22:40,   23 january 2017
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Renewing your passport is a pain. It ranks right up there with visiting the DMV and going in for a root canal as things you wouldn’t want to do with your free time. In an era of automation, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. This year, I[...]

How to Spend Less so You Can Travel More

Monday  22:10,   23 january 2017
Travel + Leisure

One of the most common excuses for not traveling is finances. But one woman just proved that finances are arbitrary for those who are able to seriously commit to goals. Michelle McGagh recently wrote about her “buy nothing” year, during which she[...]

Several airlines offering travel waivers ahead of Winter Storm Leo

Monday  22:05,   23 january 2017
FOX News

Major domestic carriers are offering travel waivers for passengers concerned about inclement weather.Several domestic airlines have announced they will be offering travel waivers for passengers concerned about inclement weather sweeping the[...]

10 under-the-radar destinations to visit, according to the youngest person to travel to every country in the world

Monday  20:35,   23 january 2017
Tech Insider

Even for someone trying to break a record for visiting every country in the world, travel is about more than just ticking places off a list. Planning a trip is an opportunity to see something unique, and to discover people, places, cuisines, and[...]

From Venice's cruise ships to taking food off the locals' plates in Cuba: 6 places that are being destroyed by tourism

Monday  15:21,   23 january 2017
The Independent

It’s called the Butler Model (named for Professor Richard W Butler): a tourist destination is “discovered”, grows exponentially, and reaches peak success. For most places, though, it’s all downhill from there – beaches are overcrowded, lines are[...]

How To Claim Travel Waiver From United Airlines

Monday  13:20,   23 january 2017
International Business Times

The carrier grounded all its domestic flights Sunday night “due to an IT issue.” Flights have since resumed but flyers will continue to face delays. For the second time in just over three months, United Airlines suffered a technical glitch that[...]

Will Disney World Start Charging for FastPass?

Friday  21:50,   20 january 2017
The Motley Fool

Disneyland begins offering a premium-priced platform to make ride reservations easier. Its larger resort on the East Coast may be taking notes.Disney (NYSE: DIS) has a new way to milk a little more spending money out of some of its guests at its[...]

Tourist Returns Stolen Cobblestone to Rome With Apology Note

Friday  19:35,   20 january 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "guilt trip.""Please find enclosed a cobble from one of your cobbled roads," the visitor wrote in an English-language note accompanying the purloined piece. "I stole this from Rome last year[...]

U.S. to Beijing or Shanghai from $450 Round-Trip

Friday  15:05,   20 january 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Air Canada and five-star Hainan are offering fares at a nearly 50 percent discount.The flight deal is available for travel between February and May and then again between September and early December, according to Scott Keyes of Scott's Cheap[...]

British Airways Does Away with Free Booze and In-Flight Meals

Friday  02:05,   20 january 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Passengers on short-haul flights will now have to pay for all in-flight meals.BA announced its decision to cut costs by scaling back on food and drink last year, and the decision was met with a fair amount of criticism—one passenger on a flight[...]

10 Phenomena Worth Travelling For

Friday  01:05,   20 january 2017

From flashing plankton to singing sand, the world is full of weird and wonderful things. So why not include some of these brilliantly bizarre spectacles into your next trip? 1. Midnight sun AKA: White nights, polar night, midnattssolWhat is it? When [...]

Rome Considering New Laws After Tourists Try to Break Into Colosseum

Thursday  23:50,   19 january 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

The newly refurbished attraction is already in danger.Francesco Prosperetti, special superintendent for the Colosseum, told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that he is considering a "red zone" or "no-go zone" around the structure. Rather than being[...]

Take Advantage of This Valuable Airline Loophole Before It Goes Away

Thursday  23:20,   19 january 2017
Travel + Leisure

Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, shares his strategies for getting the most out of your points and miles. They say all good things must come to an end and the same rings true in the frequent flyer mile and points world: all good deals will[...]

Your seating options on airlines just got worse

Thursday  23:20,   19 january 2017

And 3 other reasons flying will become more awful.On Wednesday, American Airlines announced that its “no-frills” Basic Economy seats would go on sale Feb. 10 in some markets. If you buy one of these seats, you can only bring on a carry-on small[...]