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You’ll Be Surprised to Know That The Plane Pictured Here Actually Landed Safely

Friday  21:03,   20 october 2017
Reader's Digest

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a midair nightmare? We’ve been sharing the sky with its native aviators since the Wright brothers took off in 1903. Mostly, we come in peace: Roaring engines keep the majority of birds at bay, and pilots do their best[...]

Southwest shares photos from first 'unmanned' Boeing 737 Max 8 flight with all-female crew

Friday  20:24,   20 october 2017
FOX News

The accidental occasion sparked both celebration and lamentation on social media.As Southwest staffers aboard a Boeing 737 prepared for takeoff on Oct. 18, they looked around and noticed something[...]

Apple Maps make it easier to travel with new airport layout feature

Friday  01:53,   20 october 2017
FOX News

Airport maps can get you to your gate on time.iPhone users intimidated by new airports are about to get a welcome[...]

Visitors are still flocking to Mexico despite U.S. warnings

Friday  00:37,   20 october 2017

Big tourist hubs were affected by the latest travel advisory.Hernandez-O’Connor is one of many visitors who aren’t deterred by increasing violence, though she noticed heightened security in Cancún since she last visited. Mexico has welcomed record[...]

JetBlue to stop selling tickets on a dozen travel websites

Thursday  19:43,   19 october 2017
Associated Press

JetBlue will stop selling tickets on a dozen discount travel websites in hopes of driving customers to the airline's site and reducing the company's costs.JetBlue Airways Corp. said Thursday that the change was the first step in revamping[...]

Why October Is the Month to Book Your Holiday Travel

Thursday  01:50,   19 october 2017
NBC News

It's time to think about holiday traveland here's a surprising tip.Six million Americans have already booked their holiday flights — but while they may have chosen from the most options when booking (and dodged the stress of having to worry[...]

A look inside Qantas' new 787-9 Dreamliner

Wednesday  21:47,   18 october 2017

Australian-based Qantas unveiled its first 787-9 Boeing Dreamliner on Monday during a ceremony at the Boeing factory in Everett, Wash. The airplane — named Great Southern Land and painted in the carrier’s recently updated livery — is the first of[...]

Why Is Attendance at Disney Parks on the Decline Worldwide?

Wednesday  18:26,   18 october 2017

Based on the perpetual 45-minute or more wait in line for Peter Pan's Flight at Disneyland, it's pretty hard to believe that the parks aren't boasting their best numbers ever. I n fact, Disney park attendance worldwide declined last year [...]

Here's What That "Barking Dog" Noise on Your Plane REALLY Is

Wednesday  18:16,   18 october 2017

As you've hurtled through the air at thousands of feet above solid ground, it may have occurred to you that your fate, at that point, is pretty much out of your control. This is understandably an unnerving truth, made all the more petrifying[...]

Dogs now welcome at Disney World resorts

Wednesday  18:15,   18 october 2017

Walt Disney World Resort is letting the dogs in. Walt Disney World Resort is letting the dogs[...]

So many people throw pizza on the ‘Breaking Bad’ house they had to put up a fence

Tuesday  21:50,   17 october 2017

Walter White was a fictional character who never really existed, but the residence that served as his New Mexico home most definitely does exist, and its owners are fed up with Breaking Bad fans making their lives a living hell. As reported [...]

Terrifying prank makes tourists think glass bridge is cracking

Tuesday  21:50,   17 october 2017

Watch as visitors to an adrenaline-junkie attraction in China's East Taihang Mountains think a steep glass walkway is cracking underneath their feet.In a rather horrifying prank, digital special effects were added to a glass bridge in Hebei,[...]

JetBlue Flash Sale: $64 Tickets to Turks and Caicos, Plus Tons of Other Flight Deals

Tuesday  21:46,   17 october 2017

Fall flights start at just $44 each way in the latest sale from JetBlue. But this flash deal offers something else that’s especially noteworthy for travelers: Many of JetBlue’s cheapest fares this time around are good on longer flights, rather than[...]

Oklahoma Ghost Town Transformed Into Vibrant Tourist Spot Thanks to The Pioneer Woman

Tuesday  21:45,   17 october 2017
Southern Living

Chip and Jo’s Silobration may be in full swing, but sorry, Waco, there’s a new rising ranch town in the neighboring state of Oklahoma. Welcome to Pawhuska. A once sleepy Osage County, town is experiencing a vibrant renaissance courtesy of The[...]

Drunk United passenger urinates on seatmate's leg

Tuesday  21:45,   17 october 2017
SF Gate

A passenger on a Los Angeles to Newark United flight is suing United Airlines, claiming that a heavily intoxicated passenger urinated on his leg while sitting next to him, according to Fox News. The passenger, Daniel Card, was on United flight 1871, [...]