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An Irreplaceable Piece of Charleston History Is Under Threat by New Construction

Wednesday  13:26,   18 july 2018

Preservationists are worried that time is running out for an irreplaceable piece of Charleston’s past. The late Pinckney mansion was built by Charles and Eliza Lucas Pinckney on the corner of East Bay and Market streets in 1746. The home, which[...]
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As Boeing Chases Futuristic Air Travel, Safety Conundrums Loom

Wednesday  04:31,   18 july 2018

Before flying Ubers can zip people over crowded city streets, regulators and planemakers such as Boeing Co. and Airbus SE will first need to figure out a series of safety conundrums and technical dilemmas. Among the questions: What’s a reasonable[...]

Mexico’s Top Tourism Destinations Deemed Safe

Wednesday  04:05,   18 july 2018

The Department of State issued an updated travel advisory for Mexico.The Mexico Tourism Board revealed that more than 40 of the country’s major international tourist destinations have no travel restrictions and exist in states where there are no[...]

Russia to let World Cup fans come back with Fan ID, no visa

Wednesday  03:55,   18 july 2018

The World Cup in Russia is over but Moscow is still giving out perks to foreign fans. Russian lawmakers are now set to allow Fan ID holders to travel in and out of Russia freely until the end of the year. A group of senior Duma deputies put forward[...]

This Airline Was Just Voted the Best in the World for the 4th Time

Wednesday  00:15,   18 july 2018

<p>More than 20 million travelers voted in Skytrax's 2018 2018 World Airline Awards, and the clear winner for world's best airline was once again Singapore Airlines</p><p></p>The awards ask respondents to rate a total of 335[...]

10 Things That Went Disastrously Wrong on Disneyland’s Opening Day

Tuesday  21:32,   17 july 2018

From a fire in Sleeping Beauty's castle to the sinking of the Mark Twain Riverboat, the famed amusement park was far from a happy place on day[...]

When Trump makes news, flight searches to US tumble

Tuesday  21:06,   17 july 2018

Fewer international travelers have come to the United States since President Trump took office at the beginning of 2017.&nbsp;According to the study by the airline search app Hopper, when the president makes international headlines, the number[...]

This Temple Honors the Egyptian Queen Who Ruled as King

Tuesday  21:00,   17 july 2018

Hatshepsut's temple is one of the world’s most striking architectural masterpieces, but perhaps even more noteworthy is the woman who commissioned it. The eldest daughter of King Thutmose I, Hatshepsut first assumed the role of queen regent[...]

JetBlue founder orders 60 Airbus planes for new low-cost carrier

Tuesday  20:51,   17 july 2018

JetBlue founder David Neeleman has inked a major deal with Airbus as part of his vision to launch a new low-cost carrier in the US. On Tuesday, Airbus announced they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a "future US airline."[...]

Ryanair ‘downplaying’ emergency landing that sent dozens to hospital after 'nightmare' flight, passenger says

Tuesday  14:33,   17 july 2018

A Ryanair passenger has accused the airline of deliberately “downplaying” the severity of an emergency landing on Friday after dozens were sent to the hospital with bleeding ears and headaches upon landing. The flight, which had left from Dublin,[...]

New tourism taxes have made holidays to Barbados more expensive

Monday  23:15,   16 july 2018

Holidays in Barbados just got more expensive with the quiet introduction of new tourism taxes earlier this month.&nbsp;As of July 1, tourists were hit with a new hotel tax, equal to $2.50 to $10 per night, depending on the class of[...]

The best travel credit card if you want cash back

Monday  20:52,   16 july 2018

If you want a credit card that rewards travel and offers cash back at a good rate, we've got you covered.In a recent analysis of the best travel credit cards, CNBC Make It reviewed 35 of the most popular travel cards in the U.S. Using a sample[...]

Airline seat standards coming, as safety concerns, passenger complaints mount

Monday  20:26,   16 july 2018

Ever ask yourself, "How much smaller can these airline seats get?" There's good news: Not much.The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Bill working its way through Congress requires the agency to set minimum seat[...]

United Airlines joins other carriers in peddling credit cards to passengers

Monday  20:11,   16 july 2018

If you hate unsolicited sales pitches, your next flight on United Airlines might be a bit irksome. The Chicago-based airline is requiring its flight attendants beginning Sept. 1 to pitch passengers on every domestic and international flight to sign[...]

Australia’s Uluru Is Back in the Hands of the Aboriginal People — and There’s Never Been a Better Time to Visit

Monday  20:00,   16 july 2018

Amid the flat, earthen landscapes of Australia, visitors traditionally had one experience on their must-do list: climbing Ayers Rock, the immense sandstone formation at the center of the country. In the 80s, I climbed Ayers Rock T-shirts were a[...]