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LifeStyle: Travel

Here's What Passengers Think About Oversold Flights

Tuesday  16:11,   19 june 2018

When it comes to oversold flights, money talks.The survey was conducted by international ground transportation provider The GO Group LLC and asked more than 350 passengers what they believe to be fair compensation when asked to give up their seat[...]

Couple Exchange Wedding Vows in the Middle of a Southwest Flight with the Pilot as the Officiant

Tuesday  14:25,   19 june 2018

Love is in the air! A couple who met on were married aboard their Southwest Airline flight in front of an entire airplane of witnesses. A couple who met on were married aboard their Southwest Airline flight in front of[...]

The No-Risk, No-Hassle Strategy to Always Get the Best Price on a Cruise

Tuesday  13:50,   19 june 2018

Experts share their time-tested methods for getting the absolute best deal on your next vacation.Beloved by hardcore deal hunters, price-tracking tools like Yapta (for airfares and hotels) and AutoSlash (for rental cars) alert you when the price[...]

There’s a right way and a wrong way to ask the internet for travel tips

Monday  22:24,   18 june 2018

The surest sign that summer travel season is upon us? The proliferation of Facebook posts from friends who are crowd-sourcing recommendations for their upcoming trip… The surest sign that summer travel season is upon us? The proliferation of[...]

The Best — and Worst — States for a Summer Road Trip

Monday  22:15,   18 june 2018

Road tripping through the United States is a summertime tradition as old as cars themselves. Americans adore taking road trips through the desert landscapes of the American Southwest, the pine tree lined roads of New England, and stopping[...]

Spirit Airlines Is Adding New International Routes

Monday  22:10,   18 june 2018

Spirit Airlines, America’s most well-known ultra low-cost carrier, will soon make a big change by expanding its service internationally. Spirit Airlines, America’s most well-known ultra low-cost carrier, will soon make a big change by[...]

Epidemic Of Thefts By First Class Airline Passengers

Monday  20:40,   18 june 2018

Well-heeled passengers are not only swiping all the cool, free stuff they can lay their hands on but are also known to try to profit from their misdemeanors by selling them online. Sites such as eBay feature BA blankets and Bulgari amenity bags[...]

8 Ways to Be a More Responsible Traveler

Monday  20:10,   18 june 2018

<p>When destinations start becoming victims of their own success, travelers must question their old approaches. These are some simple ways you can become a more responsible person on the road.</p>Tourism is one of the world’s largest[...]

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Everglades by Kayak

Monday  20:10,   18 june 2018

A seasoned paddler's advice on what to bring, where to explore, when to go, and how to do it all.We tied our kayaks to a support beam below us; most of our gear was hanging up to dry or in tents already. Not far away we could see congregation of [...]

Sleepy Joshua Tree sees a boom in tourism, illegal rentals

Monday  20:02,   18 june 2018

<p>Short-term rental services are spurring a construction boom unfettered by county permits, regulations or lodging taxes of any kind in this gateway to the national park.</p>"I used to sit out on the porch and watch bobcats creep past under[...]

Bali to Welcome Cartoon Network Theme Park

Monday  10:11,   18 june 2018

Turner Asia Pacific will develop the 4.3-hectare entertainment park in Bali.Turner Asia Pacific has just announced it will develop a 4.3-hectare entertainment park in Bali, which will feature Cartoon Network branding and themes, including[...]

In-Flight Etiquette Depends on Your Plane Seat

Saturday  13:15,   16 june 2018

Aisle, middle, or window? Your in-flight responsibilities are different, depending on what you choose.When Traveler contributor Christine Amorose Merrill shared on Instagram that her middle seat neighbor kept reaching over her, mid-flight, to raise[...]

New Zealand to tax tourists as influx grows

Saturday  03:20,   16 june 2018

Tourists to New Zealand are to be charged a special tax, under new government plans announced Friday to deal with the growing influx of holidaymakers coming from overseas. Visitor numbers have surged by nearly a third in the past three years to 3.8[...]

'Am I in the bad part of town?' Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets

Saturday  03:16,   16 june 2018

It's something many San Franciscans see on a daily basis, outside their homes or offices and during their commutes. For better or for worse, locals are used to walking by crime scenes, have seen open injection drug use, and have witnessed[...]

Karamo Brown of 'Queer Eye' on His Dream Honeymoon and Traveling With His Sons

Saturday  02:20,   16 june 2018

The Netflix star encourages his family to put down their phones when they travel.It isn’t hard to tell why Karamo Brown was cast on the Netflix hit series Queer Eye. His preferred greeting is a warm hug rather than a professional handshake, and his[...]