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‘Death Traps’: Branson Tragedy Isn’t First Deadly Duck Boat Accident

Friday  23:00,   20 july 2018

Ron Folsom via Reuters Seventeen people, including children, perished when a duck boat capsized in a lake near Branson, Missouri, Thursday night—the deadliest disaster of its kind since 1999, when the Miss Majestic sank in Arkansas, killing 13[...]
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The Secret Rooms Hotels Don’t Tell You About

Friday  20:13,   20 july 2018

Hoteliers keep them unlisted so that only the real VIPs can get in.(Bloomberg) -- The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon—a low-slung, 62-suite escape that lurks half-hidden in the rugged landscape just outside Reykjavik—has only been open for three months,[...]

You Can Book a Round-Trip Flight to Europe for Under $300 Right Now. Here's How

Friday  18:22,   20 july 2018

Right now is looking like the perfect time to plan a fall getaway to Europe: There are some incredibly cheap flight deals available from low-cost airlines. Here are all the key details for booking the best airfare deals to Europe this fall, [...]

Hate the Airport? AI Wants to Help

Friday  18:06,   20 july 2018

Despite all of today’s digital advances, when it comes to the air travel experience, we’re still flying blind. Despite all of today’s digital advances, when it comes to the air travel experience, we’re still flying[...]

Traveling With Food Might Make You Miss Your Next Flight

Friday  15:56,   20 july 2018

The next time you fly, be prepared for travel delays. As you can imagine, flyers are not pleased about adding time to their security routine. And because many aren’t aware of this rule, they’re unprepared, meaning you’re likely to hear lots [...]

As some airline seats get bigger, experts caution against 'fat shaming and bias'

Friday  14:00,   20 july 2018

With passengers on some United Airlines flights poised to get more seating room, health experts caution against shaming people for their size, as obesity continues to be chronic health condition for much of the U.S. population. "While we're [...]

Delta Brings Biometric Boarding to Detroit Airport

Friday  00:30,   20 july 2018

But will passengers use[...]

Cathay Pacific: Seattle to become eighth U.S. destination

Friday  00:30,   20 july 2018

Cathay Pacific will become only carrier to fly non-stop between Seattle and Hong Kong. Delta currently flies the route, but will discontinue that in October.The carrier’s non-stop flights to Hong Kong will begin April 1. Cathay Pacific will fly four [...]

Airbus ‘Beluga Whale’ takes flight for the first time

Thursday  18:37,   19 july 2018

The BelugaXL is a highly-modified version of the A330-200 jetliner.Airbus’ BelugaXL made its first flight on Thursday, circling the skies over southwest[...]

Grand Teton Sights Closed After Fissure Opens

Thursday  17:22,   19 july 2018

Park officials have restricted access to areas near the Yellowstone super volcano.The National Park Service has issued an emergency closure in the Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point areas on the west side of the park due to safety concerns after a[...]

Malaysia Airlines plane makes emergency landing at Brisbane airport after systems failure meant pilots had no idea how fast they were flying

Thursday  15:45,   19 july 2018

A Malaysian Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Brisbane airport after it was found that the aircraft still had a cover on its air speed indicator. This means that the pilots had no idea how fast they were going during the flight. They[...]

Low-fare airline pioneer chooses fleet for a new U.S. carrier

Thursday  14:41,   19 july 2018

It looks like JetBlue founder David Neeleman’s plan to start a new U.S. airline is moving beyond the concept stage, because he just picked out the Airbus jets he intends to use. About a month ago, we reported on a story in Airline Weekly that said[...]

Plane passenger who wanted bacon sandwich fined $300 for harassing crew members

Thursday  09:57,   19 july 2018

He poked them with his finger and made one flight attendant cry.Ronald James, 68, allegedly shouted at the employees on board, “poked them with his finger” and left a flight attendant in tears when he was told he couldn’t have the breakfast item[...]

Emirates Is Creating a Massive New Farm for Fresh Airplane Food

Thursday  09:57,   19 july 2018

Dubai is certainly well-known for being an over-the-top travel destination, and with some of the most luxurious hotels, designer clothing stores, and world-class restaurants, it’s more than earned that descriptor. Emirates Flight Catering,[...]

The One Question You Should Always Ask Your Hotel Before You Arrive

Thursday  01:45,   19 july 2018

You've booked your hotel room. You've booked your airfare. You've spent hours carefully crafting an itinerary for your week's adventures. Now what? Ask your hotel (or vacation rental or airbnb host) this important, yet oft[...]