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United ‘back on offense,’ unveils 22 new routes

Monday  22:51,   27 february 2017

United Airlines announced a major expansion from this summer, the latest step in a turn-around effort by the USA’s No. 3 airline. United Airlines announced a major expansion from this summer, the latest step in a turn-around effort by the USA’s No.[...]

Does adding airplane seats compromise safety?

Monday  22:35,   27 february 2017

Question: The airlines are adding more seats to their planes. Are they jeopardizing passenger safety? — — Steve[...]

Why Spirit Ranks Last in Airline Quality

Monday  22:35,   27 february 2017
24/7 Wall St.

Whenever anyone flies there’s usually a preference for one airline over another, or at least a question of how much quality or convenience is worth in terms of sacrificing for price. This is not a process that anyone really enjoys, and surveys over [...]

Italy's Pisa plans to test appeal of towering Ferris wheel

Monday  22:20,   27 february 2017
Associated Press

The Italian city of Pisa has decided to add a towering Ferris wheel to its roster of tourist attractions.The Tuscan city's culture commissioner, Andrea Ferrante, told state TV on Sunday that the big wheel will be roughly the height of Pisa's [...]

There's an Abandoned Wine Cellar Underneath the Brooklyn Bridge

Monday  20:50,   27 february 2017
Travel + Leisure

Surprise: The Brooklyn Bridge was once a hopping party spot for socialites in the 1930s. We're not talking about big soirées held on the bridge itself, but underneath it in a 50-foot wine cellar that's no longer open to the public.Shut down during[...]

One of the Nation’s Most Popular National Parks Gets a New Visitor Center

Monday  20:10,   27 february 2017

It’s set to open in late February. The heart of the most popular national park in the west is about to reach a major milestone in a multiyear[...]

11 insider facts most flight attendants know — and you probably don't

Monday  20:06,   27 february 2017
Tech Insider

No one has more insider knowledge about flying than flight attendants. But by talking to these veteran globetrotters, as well as scouring Reddit and various articles, we were able to unearth 12 lesser-known facts about flying. Whether you want No [...]

How to avoid the worst flight ever

Monday  18:20,   27 february 2017

Think air travel is a nightmare? Wake up. These are not unusual stories, but they're making the rounds with greater frequency now, as spring break approaches. It's a time of year when more infrequent air travelers take to the skies — often, [...]

Southwest Donates 10,000 Medical Transport Flights

Monday  15:35,   27 february 2017

Airline celebrates 10th anniversary of its grant programThe airline has announced it will donate 10,000 roundtrip flights in 2017 to benefit families who need to travel for specialized medical care. The travel is donated in an effort to reduce the[...]

'The Points Guy' Names Alaska Air the Best U.S. Airline

Monday  15:05,   27 february 2017
Food & Wine

In an age of extra fees and “basic economy,” not all airlines are created equally. On Monday, air travel website The Points Guy released its first comprehensive rankings of U.S. airlines. On top: Alaska Airlines. For its rankings, The Points Guy[...]

United, Aeromexico To Introduce New U.S. Routes

Monday  14:35,   27 february 2017

Separate announcements increase flights starting in April and JuneStarting in June, United will[...]

Why Commercial Airlines Don't Have Parachutes for Passengers

Friday  21:20,   24 february 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Don't they care about[...]

Why Your Flight Attire Matters

Friday  21:05,   24 february 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler editor in chief Pilar Guzmán on dressing up for the journey.Whether your fashion sensibility skews traditional, street, or ladylike (I do envy the dame of another era, boarding a flight in a shift dress, carrying only a small[...]

How to Visit the Crazy Places in BBC America's 'Planet Earth II'

Friday  20:20,   24 february 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

It's easy to forget that many of the locations in BBC America's 'Planet Earth II' are just a trip away. Planet Earth II, the follow-up to the award-winning BBC nature documentary series we waited ten long years to see, opens with[...]

Is Your Pet Safe Flying In Cargo?

Friday  20:10,   24 february 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Dozens of animals died flying in cargo on U.S. airlines in 2016. Do we know what's going on when our pets are checked in?Before the trip, she confirmed that “Sedona and Alika would be taken in an air-conditioned van to the plane, where they[...]