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American Airlines CEO warns that higher fares are coming

Thursday  19:10,   26 april 2018
Associated Press

Rising fuel costs are eating into airline profits, dampening expectations for the rest of 2018, and setting the stage for higher fares.Fuel is the airlines' second-biggest expense after labor, so when it rises — at American it was up 40 cents a[...]

New legislation seeks to penalize travelers flying with fake service animals

Thursday  19:01,   26 april 2018
FOX News

Better hang tight to Fluffy and Fido.It would require federal agencies to establish a standard of behavior for service animals who will be working on an[...]

Fliers Are Booking Fewer Tickets on Southwest After the Fatal Engine Explosion

Thursday  18:52,   26 april 2018

(DALLAS) — Southwest Airlines says bookings are down since the fatal accident on one of its planes last week. Southwest disclosed the weaker bookings as it reported a 22 percent increase in first-quarter profit, to $463 million. The results [...]

We're One Step Closer to a New World's Longest Flight

Thursday  18:41,   26 april 2018
Condé Nast Traveler

Singapore Airlines just tested a new plane that'll take you on an 19-hour trip.As for Singapore, a nearly six-hour test flight is one thing, but spending 19 hours aloft? We're pacing the aisles with cabin fever already. But the carrier says this [...]

JetBlue Adding New Routes, Expanding Service

Thursday  18:13,   26 april 2018

JetBlue is launching service in California, Colorado and Montana.After the successful launch of JetBlue’s Mint class in markets such as San Diego, Las Vegas and Seattle, the carrier has announced several network enhancements designed to provided[...]

Free Dining Returns to Walt Disney World

Thursday  18:13,   26 april 2018

Disney has announced the return of its much-anticipated Free Disney Dining packages.Although the offer, which includes two free meals and two free snacks per person per day, is never a guaranteed event, Disney has confirmed that it will return for[...]

Venice to separate tourists and locals

Thursday  17:51,   26 april 2018

Venice has come up with a new plan to cope with the huge numbers of visitors that continue to strain its infrastructure: segregating locals and tourists. Ahead of one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year, the Italian city is implementing new [...]

American Airlines passenger finds dead rat in her luggage, warned about ‘plague’

Thursday  13:21,   26 april 2018
FOX News

The putrid smell led the woman to the disgusting discovery.Hours later, the four of them were rebooked on a different flight to Chicago. However, that flight was also delayed for an hour on the[...]

Alaska Airlines is scrapping the Virgin America brand — here's what else is going to change (ALK)

Wednesday  21:36,   25 april 2018
Business Insider

The Virgin America brand is no more. Virgin America's branding and presence at airports around the country have been replaced with Alaska Airlines livery. Starting Wednesday, Virgin America and Alaska will have a unified reservation system,[...]

Chernobyl disaster zone lures tourists as visitor numbers boom

Wednesday  19:57,   25 april 2018

Camera? Check. Sunglasses? Check. And a Geiger counter? Check. The uninhabited exclusion zone, a 30-kilometre (19-mile) radius around the former nuclear power station, has seen a surge in tourists in the past few[...]

Johnny Jet's summer travel advice: airfare, baggage and more

Wednesday  18:45,   25 april 2018
Associated Press

Are you starting to think about summer vacation? John DiScala, better known as the air travel expert Johnny Jet, recently talked with The Associated Press travel podcast "Get Outta Here!" about strategiesHere are excerpts, edited for[...]

Woman Discovers Dead Rat Inside Luggage Lost And Returned By American Airlines

Wednesday  18:45,   25 april 2018
International Business Times

“The whole trip with American Airlines was a bit of a nightmare and the rat in the bag was, for lack of better words, the cherry on top!” said Merry Cannon.A passenger has claimed that American Airlines lost her luggage only to return it after five[...]

Sorry Folks, No More Emotional Support Goats on Alaska Airlines

Wednesday  18:36,   25 april 2018

If you’re planning to take a trip with your emotional support goat, salamander, or hedgehog on Alaska Airlines, you’re going to need to travel by May 1. 2 Bank Accounts That Pay 100x What Your Bank Pays Learn More Sponsored by MyFinance [...]

Hackers built a 'master key' for millions of hotel rooms

Wednesday  17:57,   25 april 2018

New research shows how hackers can manipulate hotel room key cards to gain access to an entire building.Security researchers have built a master key that exploits a design flaw in a popular and widely used hotel electronic lock system, allowing[...]

Passenger satisfaction in US air travel declined over last year: report

Wednesday  17:06,   25 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Between add-on airline fees, lost bags and increasingly cramped seating, a new report reveals that passenger satisfaction with US airlines has dipped over the last 12 months, reversing gains made in 2017. According to the American[...]