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The World’s Largest Underwater Cave Has Been Discovered — and May Hold Ancient Mayan Secrets

Thursday  19:06,   18 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

Divers in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula say they have discovered the world’s largest underwater cave. Underwater archaeologists discovered last week that the cave system known as Sac Actun, located near the beach town of Tulum, completely[...]

This Ritz-Carlton Is a Hotel Again—After Spending Months as a Prison

Thursday  18:07,   18 january 2018
Architectural Digest

For months, the luxurious hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, had been housing prisoners of the governmentWhile the Saudi prisoners have spent months at the Ritz-Carlton, many outside the country are unclear as to what the exact charges are. Since[...]

More Fun Adventures by Disney Than Ever

Thursday  18:06,   18 january 2018

A new river cruise and Disney Cruise Line add-ons are in the mix.With the addition of a new sailing on the Seine in France, Adventures by Disney announced new options for multigenerational[...]

Emirates hands A380 superjumbo lifeline with $16 billion order

Thursday  15:21,   18 january 2018

By Tim[...]

Why Your Bags Can Stay Stuck for Days

Wednesday  20:45,   17 january 2018
The Wall Street Journal

The recent fiasco at JFK Airport reveals how airlines have little incentive to deliver your delayed luggage as quickly as possible.They weren’t. Instead, Mr. Modlin’s luggage joined the tens of thousands of bags from dozens of airlines piled up at[...]

You Can Fly to Europe For $69 With This Amazing Deal

Wednesday  20:42,   17 january 2018
Best Life

Thanks to January sales, Icelandic airline WOW air just released fares as low as $69 for select flights from America to Europe from now through May 2018. Just get a look at these prices! It’s cheaper than a night out at Olive Garden. Though WOW air[...]

Tips for Booking Last-Minute Travel

Wednesday  16:07,   17 january 2018

Which search engines to use, as well as the days and times to fly can save money on short-notice travel.But there are ways to avoid paying hefty last minute booking fees and sky-high prices, according to Forbes, which just released a list of tips[...]

Qantas has been named the most polluting transpacific airline

Wednesday  16:06,   17 january 2018

The offending carrier is almost two thirds less fuel efficient than the best performers.A report by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) analyzed 20 carriers and concluded that the Australian airline was 64 percent less fuel[...]

Hotel guest requests 'drawings of Godzilla' before arrival, gets them

Tuesday  22:04,   16 january 2018
FOX News

Never feel bad about asking for extra towels or late check-outs ever again.Patrick Feary, who often travels for his job at a consultancy service called Hotelchamp, says the idea started out as a joke and a way to entertain his finance department, as [...]

Airbnb's new 'Pay Less Up Front' option allows you to spread out the cost of your booking — here's how it works

Tuesday  14:51,   16 january 2018
Business Insider

By Mr.Whiskey Airbnb has introduced a new payment option called "Pay Less Up Front." It allows guests to pay for part of their trip at the time of booking and the rest closer to the check-in date. To qualify, By[...]

This New Airline Has $99 Flights to Europe in the Summer

Tuesday  12:01,   16 january 2018

Cheap Flights to Europe: New Budget Airline Has Low FaresCheap flights to Europe have become a strangely familiar sight over the last year plus. Part of that is due to price wars ignited by low-cost carriers like Norwegian. A European budget airline [...]

Airlines are getting rid of reclining seats — and that might be a good thing

Tuesday  02:36,   16 january 2018

Your next flight could look a lot different after news that British Airways and others will nix reclining seats on many flights. The airline recently announced that 35 of its newly-introduced short haul aircrafts will roll out over the next five[...]

Tourism Execs Respond After Hawaii Missile Alert

Monday  20:36,   15 january 2018

'Hawaii continues to be the safest, cleanest and most welcoming travel destination in the world'“This morning’s false alert was regrettable and completely avoidable,” said George D. Szigeti, president and CEO of the Hawai’i Tourism Authority [...]

Travel dilemmas: Those four-digit flight designations? Their days may be numbered

Monday  20:36,   15 january 2018
Los Angeles Times

American's Flight 1776 to Philadelphia? Hilarious. Southwest's Flight 1492 to Columbus, Ohio? Clever. Alaska's Flight 2738 to Portland? Not exactly a side-splitter, but I don't blame Alaska. But I do worry about all three of them[...]

Is Airbus About to Kill its Biggest Plane?

Monday  20:35,   15 january 2018

The company needs a new deal with Emirates to continue the A380 program.According to the Associated Press, Airbus chief salesman John Leahy revealed that if the airplane manufacturer can’t work out a new deal with Emirates, the company would be[...]