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20:05  10 april  2018
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Is Airbus About to Kill its Biggest Plane?

  Is Airbus About to Kill its Biggest Plane? The company needs a new deal with Emirates to continue the A380 program.According to the Associated Press, Airbus chief salesman John Leahy revealed that if the airplane manufacturer can’t work out a new deal with Emirates, the company would be forced to stop producing the A380 planes.

I can only speak for sure for the Airbus A330 and A340. Cargo only aircraft of course have cargo holds where passengers are sitting on their non cargo versions, so (The Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest area: basically a cargo container with bunk beds that is installed in the A340 in a fixed location.

an audience in London that the airline is thinking about using the cargo hold for rest and exercise. Qantas has apparently put the ideas to Boeing and Airbus , as it works with the aerospace In 2007, Lufthansa envisaged an economy “sleeper” class, consisting of triple-decker bunk beds that

a close up of a box© Courtesy Airbus

Plane maker Airbus and aerospace design firm Zodiac have teamed up to develop flying bunk beds that airlines can install in the cargo holds of planes, putting a new spin on the idea of first-class travel.

Now, rather than a lay-flat seat at the front of the plane, passengers may have the option to pick a bunk bed downstairs. Zodiac says the seats could be ready as early as 2020 for the Airbus A330 plane, a long-haul jet operated by airlines including Delta, Etihad, Qatar, and Turkish Airlines. A mock up from Airbus shows a pod hotel-like atmosphere, with two levels of bunks, fluffy white duvets, bookshelves, three-legged stools in seating areas, and both floor and ceiling ambient lighting.

Qatar Airways to comply with TSA's tougher cargo screening

  Qatar Airways to comply with TSA's tougher cargo screening Qatar Airways said on Wednesday it is in talks with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to comply with their request for their cargo to undergo enhanced screening. The TSA announced on Monday it would require six Middle East airlines, including Qatar Airways, to toughen cargo security at their hub airports in the region."Qatar Airways is aware of the new Air Cargo Advance Screening requirements and is liaising with TSA and ... U.S. regulators to ensure regulatory compliance," an airline spokeswoman said in an email.

Qantas announces radical new plans. Wed, Mar 28. share. Source: Qantas has challenged Airbus and Boeing to produce an aircraft capable of flying direct from Aussie carrier looking to use transform part of a plane's cargo hold into an area that can be used to house a gym, dining area and flat beds .

Under the tenure of CEO Alan Joyce, the carrier may look to the cargo hold areas of its craft in order to bring about a new innovation in ultra-long haul travel. The carrier has confirmed that it has taken this idea to both Airbus and Boeing, who will work to And I really don’t care where that bed is located.

It’s not clear whether passengers will be able to upgrade to a bunk mid-flight or if they’d have to pre-reserve a space as you would a typical seat assignment. And since no airlines have yet announced that they’ll install the bunks, it’s hard to say how much they might cost. The CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, has hinted that his carrier is exploring the idea, Bloomberg reports, by introducing “a new four-class structure, with part of the cargo hold utilized for beds.”

What is clear is that airlines may swap the modules in and out depending on where a particular plane is headed. “The new passenger modules will be easily interchangeable with regular cargo containers during a typical turnaround,” Zodiac said in a statement, meaning the beds could be removed for short trips and installed for longer flights. With planes flying further and longer than ever before, this is one idea that seems right on time.

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