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REVEALED: THESE are the world’s best places to spot an ALIEN. 4. Roswell, New Mexico, USA . For alien enthusiasts, there is no better place than Roswell for UFO spotting . The site is where an alien spaceship allegedly crashed in 1947 (before being secretly transported to Area 51 by shady

Here are the 10 best places to spot a UFO . Where aliens go when they want to relax by the beach (source: Alexander king). 9. Texas, United States – Many UFO sightings come from the state of Texas.

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"The X-Files" may have come and gone, but if viewers want to spot a UFO, perhaps they should trek across the U.S. instead of turning on their TV., an independent provider of online casino reviews and information, found that states like Wyoming and Vermont offer the best odds of seeing a UFO, at 205-to-1 and 250-to-1, respectively, based off population data.

There have been 2,854 and 2,493 sightings, in Wyoming and Vermont, respectively, since 1940, according to

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All we do know is that twinkling lights, spinning objects , illuminated orbs, and black dots continue to appear in the skies above us . The following places are areas where UFO activity has been recorded.

In the United States there are a few places where reports are heavier than others. Here are 5 of the Best Places to spot UFOs . Whether you have spotted unidentified flying objects in the sky or not, UFO Day reminds us the Universe is much bigger than the world we live in and we are not alone.

States with the lowest odds are Florida, Texas and New York at 3485-to-1, 3395-to-1 and 2584-to-1, respectively.

California has seen the highest number of UFO sightings, at 23,419. Other states that have a high number of UFO sightings include Texas, at 8,334 sightings, New York at 7,641 sightings and Missouri, ironically nicknamed "The Show-Me State," at 7,467.

New Mexico, where 6,273 UFO sightings have been reported, is home to the famous Roswell incident. In 1947 a UFO purportedly crash landed, alien bodies were recovered and the U.S. government engaged in a cover-up, according to countless conspiracy theories.

Lisa Bennett, marketing executive, said the company started looking into Area 51 for its blog "and we thought it would be interesting to calculate the odds of sighting a UFO within each state of the U.S."

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Nevertheless, for those who haven’t witnessed a UFO , the phenomenon seems questionable at the very least. So if you’re eager to get a glimpse with your own two eyes, here’s where you should go for the best There isn’t much surprise in finding Las Vegas at the number two spot for UFO sightings.

People all over the world can flock to UFO 'hotspots' but where exactly are the best places to go ? These days UFO stories, reports and TV shows are everywhere and visitors are flocking to locations alleged to be prime viewing spots , this MSN article US Navy pilots encounter UFO in new footage.

Bennett highlighted other interesting findings based off the data:

- Our calculations show that Arizona is one of the states where you’re least likely to encounter a UFO, yet in recent news two pilots reported identifying a UFO flying over the state.

- For those worried about alien abduction, Florida was found to have the lowest odds of encountering a UFO.

In total, there have been 259,691 UFO sightings in the U.S. over the past 78 years, noted. The site also noted that "more than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against being abducted by aliens."

The entire list of odds and total number of sightings can be found here.

The data follows a report last year that the Fourth of July is the most popular day to spot a UFO.

According to data compiled by "UFO Sightings Desk Reference" co-author Cheryl Costa, July 4 represents 2.11 percent of the 121,000 UFO sightings from 2001 through 2015, more than any other specific date in the calendar.

Costa theorized this might be due to association with the movie "Independence Day," or more likely, a great number of people being outside looking at fireworks.

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