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These Are the Actual Cheapest Airlines in the World

Friday  22:30,   18 may 2018

Once you factor in distance, a low-cost airline isn't always the cheapest.Rome2rio, an Australia-based travel planning site, released a Global Flight Price Ranking, which breaks down the cost per kilometer for domestic and international airlines [...]

New attractions in Orlando power jump in park attendance

Friday  21:40,   18 may 2018

The arms race to build new theme park attractions in Orlando is paying dividends. A new report shows that theme park attendance in North America was up 2.3 percent, powered by new attractions in Orlando. The Orlando market represents about a third[...]

German museum returns looted art to indigenous Alaskans

Friday  16:10,   18 may 2018

A Berlin museum has returned ancient wooden masks, an idol and other spiritually significant artifacts plundered from the graves of indigenous Alaskans by a Norwegian explorer. Wednesday's handover to a representative of the Chugach Alaska[...]

This museums lets see you see what it's like to be a spy. Hint: it's not easy

Friday  16:06,   18 may 2018

Do you have what it takes to be like James Bond? Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the secret[...]

Here’s How to Board a Plane if Your ID Is Lost or Stolen

Friday  15:50,   18 may 2018

Contrary to what most believe, it is possible to board a plane without an ID, says Valerie Wilson, a travel expert, writer and founder of the travel site, Understand that it may be harder (or impossible) for international[...]

Virgin Voyages Hopes to Appeal to Virgin Cruisers With Its New Line

Friday  14:41,   18 may 2018

Race you to the "catamaran net."© Courtesy Virgin Voyages The designers hope to achieve “a mildly hallucinogenic, cinematic, dreamy kind of experience" for guests. The answer to that question includes a dual-level nightclub that[...]

United accidentally sent an unfinished draft of an email scolding flight attendants for not dressing properly (UAL)

Friday  14:36,   18 may 2018

United Airlines United Airlines criticized the attire and personal grooming decisions made by flight attendants in an email it mistakenly sent to employees, Skift reports. United told Business Insider the email was a "preliminary version" of a[...]

TSA prepares for busy summer, but changing expedited Precheck remains contentious

Friday  08:15,   18 may 2018

The Transportation Security Administration is preparing for a busy summer by hiring 1,600 more officers, 50 dogs and buying 35 3D scanners.TSA expects to screen 243 million travelers from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with the busiest days approaching[...]

'Ego travel' is the newest millennial fad agitating the travel industry

Friday  00:50,   18 may 2018

Love it or loathe it, it's taking over.On May 14, The Independent reported that British agency Thomas Cook is “exploring options” for the possible sale of its sinking franchise geared toward 18 to 30-year-olds, as millennials would rather visit[...]

6 things to know the next time you go through airport security

Friday  00:50,   18 may 2018

Time to brush up on those ever-changing airport security rules. Failure to stay informed about TSA changes can cost travelers time and even money.Watch the powdersThis has to do with food supplement powders and/or make-up powder. The TSA now says[...]

As city waits for ex-president's library, luster of Obama tourist sites fades

Thursday  17:56,   17 may 2018

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, there were no tourists walking through the doors of the Hyde Park Hair Salon, where Barack Obama regularly got his signature cut before he became president. No one in the neighborhood seemed to know Obama was [...]

Why Do Airplane Windows Keep Breaking?

Thursday  17:26,   17 may 2018

Despite recent scares, safety experts say we shouldn't be worried.But a string of recent inflight incidents involving broken windows have caused alarm among many travelers, to the point where at least one consumer survey shows that a few fliers[...]

Southwest Airlines pays off PreCheck delays with points

Thursday  15:36,   17 may 2018

Starting this week, Southwest Airlines will offer PreCheck members a 2,500-point bonus if they wait in line at Oakland International Airport security longer than 10 minutes. The pilot program will last through June 29th, and if successful, could[...]

Want to visit a 747 boneyard? How many United miles do you have ... ?

Thursday  15:15,   17 may 2018

United is auctioning off a chance to travel to an aviation scrapyard for a final toast onboard its last 747, which is awaiting “disassembly” there. United flew its last passenger flight on the 747 in November, retiring the model with a splashy[...]

Miniature horses are welcome as service animals, but monkeys are a maybe, according to U.S. airline regulators

Thursday  13:56,   17 may 2018

The Department of Transportation said it will make sure the most commonly used service animals such as dogs, cats and miniature horses are still allowed on flights, despite increased efforts by airlines to crack down on fraudulent assistance[...]