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Why You Should Get a Millennial to Plan Your Next Vacation

Monday  21:36,   19 march 2018
Condé Nast Traveler

They may help you break out of that Disney-every-spring routine.Thankfully, we're making progress on becoming fun again. The number of annual vacation days we take is inching back up, and according to a study released last week by AAA Travel, we may [...]

For Centuries, Europeans Thought California Was an Island

Monday  21:26,   19 march 2018
Condé Nast Traveler

In this week's Maphead, Ken Jennings explores the "Island of California" that once stretched from Mexico to Oregon on maps.The original "California" had no raisins or freeways or In-n-Out Burgers. It appears in a 1500 Spanish novel[...]

This Airline Has $99 Flights to Europe for Your Summer Vacation

Monday  20:20,   19 march 2018

Cheap Flights to Europe: $99 Fares to Iceland and[...]

What to do about a screaming child on board, according to flight attendants

Monday  20:07,   19 march 2018
Business Insider

Shutterstock Kids on airplanes has become a controversial topic of late. With each new report surrounding a disruptive child on an airplane, the debate continues: How should airlines, parents, and flight attendants deal with the situation? We[...]

Hawaii DOT Grants Southwest Landing Permit

Monday  19:32,   19 march 2018

Southwest Airlines has been granted a month-to-month permit to operate at Honolulu Airport.The Dallas-based airline, which first announced its intent to serve Hawaii back in October, received the month-to-month permit from the Hawaii Department of[...]

United Airlines Re-Routes Plane After Third Dog-Related Mishap of the Week

Monday  19:31,   19 march 2018

United Airlines had its third dog-related mishap this week, following up on the death of a puppy its flight attendants allegedly insisted be stuffed in an overhead bin and the accidental shipment of another dog to Japan by putting a third dog in the [...]

This Luxury Hotel Sends Guests to Jail for Dinner

Monday  18:21,   19 march 2018

A new luxury hotel in Colombia offers guests fine dining reservations in an unusual setting: a women's' prison.Perhaps unique to Cartagena among any suite of hotel activities is the opportunity for guests to dine inside a women's[...]

Meet the latest tourist attractions: Abandoned factories

Monday  05:10,   19 march 2018
The Washington Post

As visitors discover relics from America’s industrial past, ‘ruin porn’ is having a moment.a) Mountains b) Sand c) Surf [...]

Now is one of the best times to book a cruise — here's how to get a great deal

Thursday  18:41,   15 march 2018

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you're getting the best deal possible, and standout deals and promotions to take advantage of. Know what the deals areWhen it comes to booking a cruise, there are two types of deals, Gray Faust[...]

Whatever You Do, Don't Sit in This Row on Your Next Flight

Thursday  17:48,   15 march 2018

I recently survived a six-hour flight without being able to recline my seat. I thought to myself, Seriously? What are the chances of this happening again?, referring to another lengthy trip I had flown just months before. And then as I continued to [...]

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Breaks Ground in Los Angeles

Thursday  17:40,   15 march 2018

The approximately $1.5 billion facility is expected to take about four years to build.Famed Star Wars creator George Lucas broke ground on Wednesday on his long-awaited $1.5 billion museum in Los Angeles, which is being built in Exposition Park near [...]

Three European tourists expelled from Machu Picchu over nude photos

Thursday  17:07,   15 march 2018

Three European tourists were banished from the Incan citadel Machu Picchu in Peru after taking photos of themselves exposing their backsides, police said Wednesday. The visitors -- a 21-year-old from Germany, a 24-year-old from Switzerland and a[...]

United to issue special pet carrier tags after dog's death

Thursday  16:17,   15 march 2018
Associated Press

United Airlines has announced it will issue special bag tags for animal carriers and prosecutors have launched an investigation to determine if criminal charges are warranted following the death of a French bulldog puppy that was forced into an[...]

New Time Traveler Roller Coaster Sets Several World Records

Thursday  14:32,   15 march 2018

Silver Dollar City has made a major splash in the theme park industry with its new roller coaster.Say hello to Time[...]

American Tourist Caught Peeing Next to 16-Century Statue in Florence Could Face $12,000 Fine

Thursday  01:00,   15 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

A 21-year-old man from New Jersey was caught peeing on the steps of Florence’s historic Loggia dei Lanzi around 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  A 21-year-old man from New Jersey was caught peeing on the steps of Florence’s historic Loggia[...]