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Panicked Flight Crew Terrifies Passengers

Monday  20:20,   16 october 2017

The AirAsia flight plummeted more than 20,000 feet in a matter of minutes after experiencing a cabin pressurization issue.Video provided by Travel +[...]

A Women's March Leader Was Kicked Off An American Airlines Flight — & Now She's Fighting Back

Monday  20:14,   16 october 2017

Tamika Mallory, a co-chair of the Women's March on Washington, said a pilot kicked her off an American Airlines plane in Miami after observing her conversation with a gate agent. When she arrived at Miami International Airport, she used an[...]

The Three Reasons Big Airlines’ Service Is Awful

Monday  20:14,   16 october 2017

Frequent flyers know airline service is a shell of its former glory. From damaged and lost luggage to extra fees to physical removal from paid seats, airlines no longer seem to care whether anyone likes them. Not even post-9/11 increases in security [...]

If You're Bumped From a Flight Involuntarily, Here's What the Airline Must Do

Monday  20:13,   16 october 2017

Lost baggage, long security lines, and annoying fellow passengers - traveling isn't always as glamorous as we make it out to be in our heads, and unexpected inconveniences are pretty common, especially with air travel. Lost baggage,[...]

Attention Dog Owners! You Can Now Bring Your Pup on Your Disney Vacation

Monday  19:31,   16 october 2017

Pluto and Goofy will no longer be the only dogs you get to hang out with on your Disney vacation! You're allowed a maximum of two well-behaved and properly vaccinated dogs per guest[...]

Real Hogwarts Train Saved This Stranded Family

Monday  15:31,   16 october 2017

A family in Scotland got a big surprise when the actual Hogwarts Express came to the rescue. According to Time, a storm stranded the Cluett family while they were out camping on Loch Eilt. After the canoe washed away during the night, the family of[...]

8 of the world's best new penthouse suites

Friday  21:06,   13 october 2017

Costing up to $20,000 a night, here are eight of the world's best new penthouse suites. Check out what you get for your hotel dollar.Naturally, New York City is chock full of them. But there are also luxurious new penthouses in other, less[...]

World's 'unluckiest' flight 666 makes final flight to HEL on Friday the 13th

Friday  21:05,   13 october 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Passengers boarded the world's 'unluckiest' flight, numbered 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th, for the last time. In an unfortunate and sinister series of coincidences, travelers flying between Copenhagen and Helsinki, Finland boarded a[...]

This Family Got Kicked Off a Southwest Flight. Then the Father Was Arrested

Friday  20:41,   13 october 2017

A family is claiming it was kicked off a Southwest Flight because the kids “were noisy on a flight.” In a Facebook Live posted from Chicago’s Midway International Airport—where the family was supposed to catch a connecting flight back to their Los[...]

Airline Passenger Grabs Intercom and Breaks Out Into Song After Delay at Airport

Friday  20:33,   13 october 2017
Inside Edition

The incident has been viewed more than 15 million times on Facebook.The unidentified man was among passengers waiting for their flight at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans on Sept. 24 when he decided to ease the frustration by belting out a[...]

Delta's app will automatically check you in to flights

Friday  01:55,   13 october 2017

Delta's latest app update automatically checks in passengers 24 hours before their scheduled departure time. "We'll automatically check you in when you open the Fly Delta app," the update notes. It's unclear how users will be able to[...]

This Kentucky Hotel Will Let Your Horse Stay With You

Friday  01:54,   13 october 2017
Travel + Leisure

Many hotels have policies to include your furry family members, but often establishments only allow dogs and cats — sometimes with strict limitations. Pet policies can include weight and breed restrictions — like no dogs over 25 lbs. — and can[...]

Hyatt Hotels discovers card data breach at 41 properties

Friday  01:11,   13 october 2017

<p>Hyatt Hotels said Thursday it discovered unauthorized access to payment card information at certain Hyatt-managed locations worldwide between March 18 and July[...]

Family booted from Southwest flight over 'rowdy' kids, parents say

Friday  00:40,   13 october 2017
FOX News

“We don’t even know what we did wrong,” the father says.That evening, Erin Gatling and Craig Schilling took to Facebook Live to share the details of the traveling nightmare. Situated in Chicago’s Midway International Airport, with their 3-year-old[...]

Latest gee-whiz cruise ship feature: A suite with a slide between floors

Thursday  22:26,   12 october 2017

The biggest cruise ship in the world will have what just might be the most spectacular family suite at sea. Royal Caribbean on Wednesday said its soon-to-debut Symphony of the Seas will boast an "ultimate family suite" that spreads over[...]