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British Airways flight makes emergency landing in Azerbaijan

Thursday  19:17,   12 july 2018

Azerbaijani officials say a British Airways flight carrying 214 people from London to Mumbai has made an emergency landing at a Baku airport. No one was hurt. The captain of flight BAW199 requested an emergency landing at Baku's Heydar Aliyev[...]

Delta Just Made Its Economy Seats Bigger

Thursday  10:28,   12 july 2018

Yes, you read that correctly. Delta is giving passengers more room, not taking it away.As part of the fleet-wide interior renovation of its wide-body Boeing 777 aircraft that fly to mostly international destinations, Delta will only have nine seats[...]

How Anthony Bourdain Left His Frequent Flier Miles in His Will

Thursday  10:28,   12 july 2018

Anthony Bourdain encouraged people to travel. According to Page Six, he bequeathed his frequent flier miles to his second wife, Ottavia Busia-Bourdain. In his will, he asked that she “dispose of [them] in accordance with what [she] believes [...]

San Miguel de Allende Was Voted the Best in the World for the 2nd Year in a Row

Thursday  01:31,   12 july 2018

For the second year in a row, Travel + Leisure readers chose Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende as their favorite city in the world , as part of the annual World’s Best Awards. That, of course, meant it was also voted the top city in Mexico, besting[...]

At Marriott, You Can Now Check In With Your Face

Wednesday  21:19,   11 july 2018

It'll cut time at the front desk by a third, says the hotel company.Face it: Human interaction in hospitality is so 2017, now that Marriott International, the world's largest hotel chain, announced they'd be introducing facial recognition at the [...]

Headed to Europe? Beware new breed of pickpockets and scammers: the 'hotel rat'

Wednesday  21:19,   11 july 2018

Visitors to Paris beware: Scam artists dubbed "hotel rats" by local police have devised another strategy for ripping off hapless tourists. The premise is simple. A network of professional con artists don skirts, suits and ties to try and[...]

This Is the Number One Reason Why People Don't Unplug From Work While on Vacation

Wednesday  19:26,   11 july 2018

Summer is well underway, and it is prime time for travel and vacations. According to a new study from LinkedIn msft , most employees said that success in their careers really means being able to spend time with their families[...]

Singapore Airlines to Launch Non-Stop Flights from LAX to Singapore

Wednesday  18:55,   11 july 2018

Take off from L.A., wake up in Singapore.If you don’t mind sitting on a plane for 17 and a half hours (trust us, you'll feel that last half hour), getting from the West Coast to Singapore is set to get a whole lot easier—and ironically, faster,[...]

Experiencing the 49th State by Rail

Wednesday  16:07,   11 july 2018

Alaska Railroad will transport your clients alongside rushing rivers, through canyons and across majestic landscapes. The Denali Star operates on the most popular route, heading north from Anchorage to Denali and Fairbanks; the next most popular is [...]

Spirit Airlines Passengers Stranded For Hours After Diversion

Wednesday  15:26,   11 july 2018

The plane, which was traveling from Oakland, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, diverted to Los Angeles on Monday due to bad weather. Passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight shared their ordeal after being stranded for hours when their flight[...]

Why Milwaukee Is the Midwest’s Coolest (and Most Underrated) City

Wednesday  02:25,   11 july 2018

Thanks to a downtown building boom and an influx of new restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops, the city’s diverse and highly walkable neighborhoods are experiencing a revival that’s drawing visitors like never before. © Photo: Alamy Historic Third[...]

Warner Bros. proposes solution to Hollywood sign tourist traffic with $100 million aerial tramway

Tuesday  21:35,   10 july 2018

Warner Bros. studios has offered to fund an $100 million aerial tramway that would take tourists to and from the Hollywood sign in an effort to combat traffic.The proposed tramway, tentatively named the Hollywood Skyway, would take six minutes and[...]

Forget legroom—air travelers are fed up with seat width

Tuesday  21:01,   10 july 2018

Complaining about declining legroom in an airplane is more or less an expected part of flying economy these days. With seat pitch—the distance from seat…But a new survey from The Points Guy (TPG) pointed to a strong aversion to another element of[...]

Reminder: You Still Can't Make Phone Calls on a Flight

Tuesday  20:25,   10 july 2018

New Zealand's transport minister, erm, forgot—and paid the price.On planes, most of us keep our phones on long after we're supposed to—but we wouldn't dare make a call for fear of getting reprimanded. Not everyone cares as much, apparently: New[...]

A woman claims she was accused of human trafficking by customs officials because she and her daughter have different last names

Tuesday  20:10,   10 july 2018

After a 10-day educational trip through Europe, Sylvia Acosta was looking forward to returning home to Texas. But when she arrived at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Texas on Saturday, things didn't exactly go as planned, she told INSIDER.After [...]