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68% of Flight Attendants Endure Sexual Harassment, Survey Finds

Friday  20:52,   11 may 2018

More than two-thirds of flight attendants in the U.S. report experiencing verbal or physical sexual harassment during their careers, according to a study released Thursday by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.  About 35[...]

Disruptive Spirit airlines passenger refuses to leave, forces whole flight to deplane

Friday  20:52,   11 may 2018

She also filmed the entire ordeal for Facebook Live. Safira Allen, 25, recorded herself being asked to leave her flight on May 1, allegedly for arriving late to the gate, but boarding anyway. She also filmed herself telling the airline’s crew — as[...]

Record 72 million tourists came to Orlando last year

Friday  20:51,   11 may 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — Even though Hurricane Irma forced the closures of its theme parks and airports and filled its hotels with displaced evacuees, a record-setting 72 million tourists still flocked to the Orlando area last year, tourism officials said[...]

Fret not, Internet, United Airlines is bringing back tomato juice

Friday  20:10,   11 may 2018

<p>United Airlines learned the hard way just how much flyers love their in-flight tomato juice</p><p></p>After sending the Internet into a tizzy by confirming that they'd stopped serving tomato juice on board their flights, the airline[...]

This Southern City is the Most Hospitable, According to Airbnb

Friday  19:57,   11 may 2018

On Friday, Airbnb announced its list of the top 10 most hospitable towns in the United States. And surprise, surprise, the company’s number one pick is a Southern favorite.&nbsp;On Friday, Airbnb announced its list of the top 10 most hospitable[...]

Budget carrier Spirit Airlines to start offering in-flight Wi-Fi

Friday  18:50,   11 may 2018

Ultra-low cost carrier Spirit Airlines is planning to add Wi-Fi service to its fleet.Spirit AirlinesSAVE is joining the Wi-Fi[...]

Why You Should Never Order Coffee or Tea on an Airplane

Friday  15:26,   11 may 2018

One expert also gives tips on what to look out for while flying.If you need a pillow or a blanket, Laurie says to[...]

Frontier Flight Delayed Over 5 Hours After Pilot Is Accused Of Intoxication

Friday  15:02,   11 may 2018

Frontier flight 1194 which was supposed to take off from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at 6:45 p.m. local time (7:45 p.m. EDT) was still grounded as of midnight due to multiple reasons. A Frontier Airlines flight from Chicago, Illinois, to [...]

Will American Travelers Be Able to Return to North Korea?

Friday  01:30,   11 may 2018

Americans have been banned from visiting North Korea since last fall. Tour operators say they are hoping possible negotiations between President Trump and Kim Jong-un will change that.In September, the United States banned American travelers from[...]

American Airlines Apologizes After Breastfeeding Mother Says She Was 'Humiliated' for Carrying On Breast Pump

Friday  00:36,   11 may 2018

American Airlines is making amends after a breastfeeding mother says she was stopped from bringing her breast pump on board a flight , and berated by the gate attendants.Kelsey Myers was flying from Los Angeles back home to Chicago with a carry-on[...]

Discover the Best of Washington, D.C.

Friday  00:04,   11 may 2018

Make the most of your time in the capital with these top ten[...]

Watchdog probes FAA's oversight of aircraft maintenance at American Airlines and Allegiant Air

Thursday  20:31,   10 may 2018

The Department of Transportation watchdog is auditing the FAA's oversight of maintenance practices at American Airlines and Allegiant Air.A federal watchdog is auditing the U.S. airline-industry regulator over how it handles allegations of[...]

Peter Pan’s Neverland Found in Belize

Thursday  19:40,   10 may 2018

A fairytale ‘discovery’ has led to a contest and the chance to win a free trip to Belize.That is exactly what the Belize Tourism Board has done, capitalizing on a YouTube video from The Film Theorists that says the Turneffe Atoll is home to the[...]

Which nationalities travel the most?

Thursday  19:40,   10 may 2018

Which nationalities travel the most? Do you ever feel like you keep running into people from the same countries when you travel? Well, you probably do. The site Traveller made a list of the world's biggest travelers, and, as you can imagine,[...]

Maximize your vacation this summer with a stopover ticket

Thursday  19:10,   10 may 2018

Layovers get a bad rap. They’re either a panicked rush or a never-ending slog—and almost never preferable to flying direct. But what if there was… Layovers get a bad rap. They’re either a panicked rush or a never-ending slog—and almost never[...]