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NFL Star Calls Out TSA for Spilling Mother's Ashes

Tuesday  19:52,   10 july 2018

AJ Francis of the New York Giants accused officers of being careless and wouldn't accept the agency's apology.WARNING: The following tweets contain strong[...]

Hyatt Hotels latest major travel player to ban use of straws

Tuesday  19:52,   10 july 2018

Hyatt Hotels has joined the global crusade against the use of plastic straws and announced plans to impose a blanket ban across its properties around the world. ..Single-use plastic straws and drink picks will no longer spike cocktails and soft[...]

Southwest Airlines bids 'bubye' to in-flight peanuts

Tuesday  19:52,   10 july 2018

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines has announced plans to ban peanuts from their in-flight service. As of August 1, the budget airline will no longer serve courtesy bags of peanuts which had long been the standard in-flight snack, reported [...]

Here’s Visual Evidence That Airplane Bathrooms Are Shrinking

Tuesday  19:27,   10 july 2018

US carriers are increasingly making airplane bathrooms smaller in order to increase revenue, and crew members are worried this will lead to a surge in passenger air rage.While airlines claim the new bathrooms are only a few inches smaller, they were [...]

You Could Be Denied a Passport If You Have Unpaid Taxes

Tuesday  14:52,   10 july 2018

More than 360,000 Americans won’t be able to renew or obtain a new passport if they have “seriously delinquent” tax debts of more than $51,000. Here’s how the new law works.The 2015 law says that the IRS and State Department must deny or revoke[...]

On a United Airlines Flight, a Passenger Gets a Dangerous Surprise (and a Stroke of Luck)

Tuesday  13:51,   10 july 2018

The video may make some wonder whether planes are properly maintained. Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. I've experienced quite a few painful flights.5 hours of non-stop[...]

In a Surprising Move, American Airlines Might Change Something That's Really Annoying Passengers (and its Own Employees)

Tuesday  13:46,   10 july 2018

Sometimes, your best ideas really aren't your best ideas.Sometimes, your best ideas really aren't your best[...]

Passengers Just Rated 1 Million Flights and an Airline That Came Top Is One You'd Never, Ever Expect

Tuesday  13:30,   10 july 2018

Of all the airlines in all the world, I'd bet you never imagined this one would be admired. Too often, the airlines that win awards tend always to be the same.Yes, Singapore Airlines is very good. Qatar, too.Virgin America was loved by many[...]

United Airlines flight delayed after fuel truck crashes into plane at Washington Dulles airport

Tuesday  13:25,   10 july 2018

A fuel truck crashed into a United Airlines plane at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, delaying the scheduled flight. The truck slammed into the Boeing 777 Monday evening while it was parked at Gate D5.According to reports, no[...]

Pixar Pier tells a whole new story

Monday  22:01,   09 july 2018

The early days of Disney's California Adventure theme park next door to Disneyland boasted a number of peculiar design choices: a paparazzi-themed family ride, a coaster alluding to reckless drivers on Mulholland Drive and an extreme sports[...]

What It’s Like to Sleep on a Glacier in Denali’s New (and Only) Luxury Lodge

Monday  21:00,   09 july 2018

At Sheldon Chalet, you’ll wake up surrounded by Denali National Park.At 10:52 p.m. in late May, the Great Gorge is silent. The sky still has a faint bluish glow, and even though the sun has retreated behind Denali, it won’t properly set. The[...]

How Your Credit Card Can Help You Save on Summer Travel

Monday  20:30,   09 july 2018

What if you could subsidize or even completely pay for your summer vacation through normal, everyday spending that you do anyway? Thanks to credit card rewards, that’s exactly what you…According to NerdWallet’s 2018 Travel Credit Card Study, the[...]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers detained at LAX after alleged argument with wife

Monday  19:54,   09 july 2018

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was briefly detained by police at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday night after both an argument with his wife and a quick smoke break on board an American Airlines flight. The “Bend It Like Beckham” star, 40, was[...]

JetBlue crew saves French bulldog with oxygen mask during flight

Monday  18:10,   09 july 2018

A French bulldog was rescued on a JetBlue flight by a quick-thinking airline crew. A French bulldog was rescued on a JetBlue flight by a quick-thinking airline crew -- and the owners could not be more pleased. On Thursday night, 3-year-old French[...]

Go Inside Jordan's Stunning City of Stone

Monday  17:35,   09 july 2018

The caves, temples, and tombs of Petra reveal an impressive civilization.Raqmu, or Petra (as the Greeks knew it), grew into the Nabateans’ most prominent city, linking camel caravans between the Mediterranean and Arabian Seas, from Egypt to Syria[...]