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This budget airline giant wants to stop passengers drinking at airports!

Wednesday  17:48,   16 august 2017

This budget airline giant wants to stop passengers drinking at airports!The carrier wants to see a ban on all sales of alcohol before 10am and a limit of two drinks per boarding pass in airports. This would be in addition to current rules which ban[...]

How to play the airline bumping game to your advantage

Wednesday  00:05,   16 august 2017

Passengers shouldn't be so scared of getting bumped from their flights. It could earn them some cash.Ten thousand dollars could buy a diamond ring. Renovate a[...]

Florence Launches Campaign Telling Tourists How to Behave

Tuesday  22:10,   15 august 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Dubbed #EnjoyRespectFirenze, the initiative looks to crack down on disrespectful visitors.Today, tourism chief Anna Paola Concia unveiled new campaign #EnjoyRespectFirenze, with a stern warning to tourists that visitors to the city must not only[...]

Iconic Yosemite National Park is seeing more vehicles than ever clogging its roads

Tuesday  21:37,   15 august 2017
Tribune News Service

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. _ Pierre Celotto and Aurene Humbert had a definite vision in mind when they booked a summer vacation that included a day in Yosemite Valley. Urged on by breathtaking photographs and nature documentaries, the Parisians[...]

As anti-tourism marches spread across Europe, how not to be an ‘ugly American’ on vacation

Tuesday  21:37,   15 august 2017

Some friendly advice for travelers.Anti-tourism protests are taking place in cities and towns across Europe, including Mallorca and San Sebastian and Semana Grande in Spain. Locals also marched in Venice, The Guardian reported this week, protesting[...]

London's Big Ben Is Set to Fall Silent Until 2021

Tuesday  20:26,   15 august 2017
Architectural Digest

The familiar bongs of Big Ben, one of London’s most beloved landmarks, are set to fall silent next Monday. After 157 years of mostly uninterrupted service, Big Ben’s hammers will be disconnected after the clock's final tolls, at noon on August[...]

Southwest Airlines computer glitch hits frequent fliers

Tuesday  19:51,   15 august 2017

Southwest Airlines' elite frequent fliers are fuming because a computer glitch is taking away a treasured perk: early boarding. Southwest Airlines' elite frequent fliers are fuming because a computer glitch is taking away a treasured[...]

Flight attendants don't really want you to stop ordering Diet Coke

Tuesday  15:36,   15 august 2017
Business Insider

Jet.Attendant/YouTube The whole "flight attendants hate when you order Diet Coke" discussion has been blown way out of proportion. If many of the headlines on the topic are to be believed, you must stop ordering Diet Coke on flights[...]

15 Affordable Labor Day Destinations

Tuesday  13:25,   15 august 2017

TripAdvisor Rentals reveals the cheapest end-of-summer hot spots for families and small groups."Even on peak weekends like Labor Day, luxury homes can be affordable when you fill up the bedrooms share the cost across the group," said TripAdvisor[...]

Cracking the Airlines’ Dress Code

Tuesday  00:41,   15 august 2017
The New York Times

The carriers have a dress code, of sorts. And if you do dress up, will that help your chances of getting an upgrade? Maybe.That’s not just the case for the legging-wearing teenage girls denied boarding on a United Airlines flight this spring. The[...]

Air France Flights May Soon Have VR Entertainment

Tuesday  00:36,   15 august 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

While only available on one route for now, the airline could expand its availability if the trial is deemed a success.The headsets, designed by SkyLights (a start-up that Air France invested in back in June), work as personal movie theaters,[...]

Limit booze sales at UK airports, airline warns after rise in drunken passengers

Tuesday  00:36,   15 august 2017

Ryanair has called on U.K. airports to restrict the sale of alcohol after it was reported that arrests of drunken passengers rose by 50 percent in a year. Europe's biggest airline said on Monday that it has already taken a number of measures to[...]

New cruise ship to have deck-top race track

Monday  22:20,   14 august 2017

Your next cruise to Alaska could be on a ship with a race track on its top deck. Norwegian Cruise Line on Sunday revealed that its soon-to-debut, Alaska-bound Norwegian Bliss would feature a two-deck-high racing course where passengers compete[...]

Thinking like an economist can make your next trip abroad cheaper

Monday  22:20,   14 august 2017

(Credit: Kamenetskiy Konstantin via Shutterstock) A record number of tourists and business travelers visited another country in 2016, and this year is already on pace to exceed that tally. One thing you definitely need when traveling abroad besides [...]

Here’s the proof you need that flying is the safest way to travel

Monday  21:49,   14 august 2017
Hello Giggles

Catastrophic events in air travel, like the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (which disappeared along with its 239 passengers and crew)…Flight phobics are sometimes so afraid of air travel, they’ll even find alternative routes to their chosen [...]