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Tourists Detained in South Korea After Plastic Surgery

Wednesday  22:40,   11 october 2017

A trio of Chinese women were questioned by airport authorities in South Korea after their passport photos didn't match up.According to Shanghaiist, at least three Chinese women were left stranded at an airport in South Korea over the weekend[...]

Do You Know Where the Hidden Handrail Is on Airplanes?

Wednesday  21:30,   11 october 2017
Southern Living

Picture this: You’re mid-flight cruising at 30,000-feet and thoroughly enjoying a lovely little "Fixer Upper" marathon. GALLERY: One of the most famous airport terminals in the world is about to become a swanky hotel (Provided by[...]

The Best Luxury Cruises Get Better With Amazing Adventures

Wednesday  20:06,   11 october 2017

Experiential travel is the hottest trend in travel, and now luxury cruise lines are getting on the bandwagon.I’m not a cruise guy, but if these kinds of unique hybrid land and sea adventure offerings continue to grow in popularity, I might just have [...]

You Need to Visit This Country Before It Literally Sinks Into the Ocean

Wednesday  18:02,   11 october 2017
The Daily Meal

Climate change has caused a lot of chaos in recent years, from maple syrup and coffee shortages to vegetarian grizzly bears to changes in Britain’s beloved fish and chips as well as its standing in the wine-making industry. GALLERY: These[...]

Traffic Banned From Game of Thrones’ Kingsroad

Wednesday  16:06,   11 october 2017

The famous Dark Hedges will be closed to vehicular traffic, but you can still travel on foot.The trees were planted more than 200 years ago by the Stuart family and lead to Gracehill House[...]

Southwest Offers One-Way Fares From $49

Wednesday  15:01,   11 october 2017

The low-cost carrier's 72-hour sale includes both domestic and international fares.Now is the perfect time to book a fall or winter getaway with Southwest[...]

If You’re Not Flying These Seven Major Airlines, You’re Missing These Awesome Perks

Wednesday  14:21,   11 october 2017
Reader's Digest

The amenities of early commercial flying are peanuts in comparison to modern travel. Sure, you can appreciate your impressive cruising speed and the fact that you’re not flying in a glorified tin can like your airborne predecessors, but also…[...]

Carnival to resume sailings from San Juan on Sunday

Wednesday  01:30,   11 october 2017

Cruise giant Carnival plans to resume sailings from Puerto Rico on Sunday, just three-and-a-half weeks after Hurricane Maria slammed the island. Cruise giant Carnival plans to resume sailings from Puerto Rico on Sunday, just[...]

As the 747 Begins Its Final Approach, a Pilot Takes a Flight Down Memory Lane

Wednesday  00:00,   11 october 2017
The New York Times

The iconic plane revolutionized air travel. Now it is being retired. Here’s why I’ll miss flying them.To share with you the jumbo dimensions of my 747 obsession, I could describe my wedding cake (hint: it had wings of marzipan, and four chocolate[...]

Visiting Rome's Pantheon Will Soon Cost Money

Tuesday  21:31,   10 october 2017
Travel + Leisure

Next time you visit Rome, be prepared to spend more euros than you’re used to.  Next time you visit  Rome, be prepared to spend more euros than you’re used[...]

The lowdown on your 'fly rights'

Tuesday  20:26,   10 october 2017
Los Angeles Times

What recourse do you have when a flight is canceled or delayed, or the airline changes its schedule or loses or delays a checked bag or bumps you from a flight? .Delta's contract of carriage, which you agree to when you purchase a ticket, is[...]

Southwest will sell you round-trip tickets for less than $100 for the next 72 hours

Tuesday  20:06,   10 october 2017
Business Insider Australia

From now until Thursday, October 12, Southwest Airlines will sell you tickets for as low as $49 one-way. As a result, travelers can even get their hands on round-trip tickets for less than $100. The $49 tickets are for the airline's shorter[...]

Disneyland Looks Terrifying As Wildfires Tear Through California

Tuesday  19:45,   10 october 2017

Visitors at California’s Disneyland are sharing shocking photos of the theme park under an ominous orange sky as deadly wildfires rage across the state .Wildfires in northern California started Sunday and have killed at least 10 people, injured[...]

Stroll to the top: England’s 5 best small hills

Tuesday  19:36,   10 october 2017

Wanderlust editor Phoebe Smith's new book reveals England's best pint-sized peaks. From mystical mounds in Dartmoor to craggy outcrops in Yorkshire, getting to the top has never been easierFinding it, hidden among the other granite shards[...]

Southwest Airlines unveils Disney's 'Coco'-themed aircraft

Tuesday  17:38,   10 october 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Southwest Airlines has emblazoned one of their aircrafts with artwork from Disney/Pixar's newest animated film "Coco." Until the end of the year, the specially chosen Boeing 737-700 will fly throughout the US,[...]