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How to Get Through TSA Quickly During Its Busiest Summer Ever

Monday  13:35,   09 july 2018

Record-breaking crowds have already passed through U.S. airports this summer—and we're barely into the season. Here’s how to get through airport security quickly with your sanity intact during this peak travel period.The Independence Day holiday [...]

Delta Just Made a Huge Announcement That Puts Other Airlines to Shame

Monday  13:16,   09 july 2018

This is a big surprise for passengers. I was sure my eyes were fibbing.Sometimes, they present sights that stun me into stupor so much that it takes me a while to ponder whether what I'm seeing can possibly be true.One of those moments happened last [...]

Amsterdam's bridge hotels: Stay above a canal

Saturday  01:16,   07 july 2018

SWEETs Hotel transforms tiny buildings that dot Amsterdam's bridges, known as bridge houses, into luxurious hotel suites, each with their own distinct character. First built along the city's viaducts in the 1600s to monitor boat traffic in and[...]

Bastille Day: France's party for the people

Saturday  01:00,   07 july 2018

For the ultimate summer party in France, visit during Bastille Day, the country's Independence Day. This July 14 holiday is celebrated with gusto, with all-night parties, picnics and fireworks. And the fun permeates the country, from tiny towns[...]

On a budget? Opt for London, Orlando, and August travel: Expedia

Friday  21:06,   06 july 2018

If you're hampered by budgetary constraints and still unsure where to book your summer vacation, there's still time. Lucky for you, August has been deemed the cheapest summer month to travel, and London the most affordable international[...]

Your Favorite Sunscreen May Become Illegal in Hawaii

Friday  20:01,   06 july 2018

Your sunscreen may soon be illegal in Hawaii. Governor David Ige is expected to sign a bill this week that will make Hawaii the first state to ban sunscreens containing harmful chemicals in an effort to protect marine life. TGovernor David Ige is[...]

Here's Why You'll Probably Never Fly on a Propeller Plane Ever Again

Friday  19:25,   06 july 2018

A chapter of U.S. air travel came to a quiet end on July 4 when the final turboprop flight at American Airlines Group Inc. landed on Maryland’s Eastern Shore at dusk. American regional carrier Piedmont Airlines was the final operator of[...]

How often do people fall overboard on cruise ships?

Friday  18:52,   06 july 2018

Reports described it as a “miracle” when a crew member on Norwegian Cruise Line fell overboard in the sea north of Cuba on Saturday (June…The crew member is reportedly in stable condition, but his dramatic rescue begs a question: How often do people [...]

France’s Green Volcanoes Just Received UNESCO World Heritage Status

Friday  18:38,   06 july 2018

There are some places in France that everyone knows are worth a visit: the city of Paris, the lavender fields of Provence, the cliffs of the Cote d'Azur. There are some places in France that everyone knows are worth a visit: the city of Paris,[...]

These Are the Busiest Travel Days in Every Major Airport in the United States

Friday  18:36,   06 july 2018

According to AAA, this Fourth of July a record-breaking 3.8 million Americans traveled by air, a nearly 8 percent increase from the year before, and the ninth year of consecutive air travel increases. And the Transportation Security Administration[...]

This Couple's Travel Horror Story Is a Reminder to Never Put Your Passport in the Airplane Seat Pocket

Friday  13:25,   06 july 2018

Next time you board an international flight, double — no, triple — check that your passport is with you. Otherwise, you may run the risk of ruining your vacation, just like 27-year-old couple Lewis Mundy and Kimberley Floyd did. You see,[...]

The 10 Safest Countries in the World

Friday  13:06,   06 july 2018

Start planning your travel to these peaceful places.Below you'll find the full top ten safest countries, along with each country's score (1=most peaceful, 5=least peaceful). Want to read the entire methodology and report in detail? You can find it[...]

The Best and Worst International Airlines to Fly with Your Pets

Friday  11:06,   06 july 2018

North America-based airlines are going through major changes in their pet policies. Anytime you fly with a pet, it is important to check your airline’s pet policy, even if you have flown with them before. These rules are constantly changing [...]

Did Allegiant Force Passengers to Stay on A Smoke-Filled Flight?

Friday  01:34,   06 july 2018

The airline denies that passengers were in danger following an emergency landing.A Wednesday flight from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Phoenix, Arizona was forced to return to the Midwest shortly after takeoff following reports of smoke in the[...]

Bolivia to build museum at bottom of 'sacred lake'

Friday  01:30,   06 july 2018

Bolivia is to build an underwater museum in its sacred Lake Titicaca, the culture minister said. The move comes after thousands of priceless artifacts were discovered at the bottom of the abyss. "It will be both a tourist complex and a centre[...]