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7 Famous People Who Crossed Paths with Charles Manson and His Cult

Tuesday  14:50,   24 january 2017

<p>Before Charles Manson and his murderous “family” of followers embarked on a plan to kill famous people in the ’60s, the group sought out celebrities as friends, roommates and professional connections.</p>Manson was drawn to the famous and[...]

Who is the Real Jeffrey MacDonald? Exclusive Interviews with His Friends and Family

Tuesday  14:50,   24 january 2017

For the past 47 years, Jeffrey MacDonald — the former Green Beret surgeon convicted of the 1970 murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters — has been the subject of thousands of news articles as well as multiple books and movies.&nbsp;For the [...]

Manhunt after shots fired at unmarked police car with deputy inside

Tuesday  09:05,   24 january 2017
CBS News

Authorities say two men approached the car, near Le Moyne College in central N.Y. state and started shooting for no apparent reason.DEWITT, N.Y. -- Two suspects are being sought after several shots were fired at an unmarked police cruiser near the[...]

Chicago man faces 9 months in prison for 'Celebgate' hacking scandal

Tuesday  07:50,   24 january 2017

<p>A Chicago man is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday for his role in the "Celebgate" hacking scandal that resulted in dozens of nude photos of celebrities being posted online, including actress Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton and[...]

Man convicted of 3 murders as teen kills himself in prison

Tuesday  07:36,   24 january 2017

<p>A man who broke into a classmate's home in 2007 and stabbed the teenager and his parents to death has killed himself in prison, authorities said Monday.</p>Cumberland County Deputy Coroner Jeff Miller said Alec Kreider, 25, was found[...]

Police: Man sought in city's 1st murder in almost 100 years

Tuesday  03:50,   24 january 2017

<p>A man has been shot dead outside an apartment complex in what police say is the first murder in the nation's smallest capital city in almost a century.</p>An arrest warrant was issued for Jayveon Caballero on a murder charge following[...]

Police responding to burglary kill homeowner, not intruder

Tuesday  01:50,   24 january 2017

<p>Police officers responding to a burglar alarm fatally shot a homeowner, who had grabbed a gun when he spotted an intruder, after shots were fired in their direction as they arrived at his house.</p>Police said Monday they weren't sure who[...]

His mother’s murder took away the only family he had known.

Monday  22:40,   23 january 2017

The loss crushed him before he regained his footing, and now he awaits the killer’s sentencing.Two years later, on a quiet suburban street in Germantown, Preeta Gabba’s dream was shattered. A 63-year-old woman walked up to her, according to[...]

8 things we know about the botched armed robbery at Rolling Oaks Mall

Monday  22:00,   23 january 2017
San Antonio Express-News

Two suspected armed robbers are in custody after they fatally shot one man and injured two other citizens in a botched robbery attempt at a diamond store in the Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio.&nbsp;Here's what we know so[...]

He was called a nicolero. He's going to jail as a slavemaster

Monday  21:35,   23 january 2017
Miami Herald

A Homestead labor subcontractor has been sentenced to federal prison after pleading guilty to slavery. The full legal term for the charge for which Agustin Mendez-Vazquez got six years is "conspiracy to provide and maintain forced labor."[...]

'New normal:' With crime rates down, Pa. set to close 2 prisons

Monday  21:06,   23 january 2017
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HARRISBURG — Not too long ago, Pennsylvania couldn't build prisons fast enough.&nbsp;HARRISBURG — Not too long ago, Pennsylvania couldn't build prisons fast enough. In one year in the 1990s, the commonwealth opened five new[...]

10 wounded in 3 multiple-victim shootings Sunday as violent weekend wears on

Monday  21:06,   23 january 2017

Tucked into the third row of a minivan, talking on FaceTime with a friend, Angela Wojcik wasn't paying much attention to the conversation of her boyfriend and his acquaintances in the front of the vehicle as it sat parked in West Town on Sunday[...]

Violent robbery started as scam drug buy on Facebook: Prosecutors

Monday  20:50,   23 january 2017

A Chicago man appeared in court Sunday in connection with a violent robbery that left another man permanently disabled and in a coma for more than a month.&nbsp;Kameron Dominic Alston, 24, arranged on Facebook to buy marijuana from the man, but[...]

When a Meme Inspires Murder

Monday  20:35,   23 january 2017
The Daily Beast

In 2014, two young girls stabbed a friend in the woods 19 times and left her to die. A new documentary examines how mental-health issues and an internet meme drove them to do it.Particularly online, the boundary between reality and fantasy can be[...]

Texas man pleads guilty in 2015 murder-for-hire plot

Monday  20:35,   23 january 2017
New York Daily News

A Texas man has pleaded guilty to exchanging money for the death of his daughter’s boyfriend.&nbsp;According to the Times Record News, Jeffrey Peyton, 59, of Wichita Falls, Texas, was involved in a murder-for-hire plot foiled by police in Texas[...]