Crime "Survive or be killed": Inside Chicago's gun violence epidemic

17:11  04 august  2017
17:11  04 august  2017 Source:   CBS News

Radio Host Arrested for Committing Domestic Violence over the Phone

  Radio Host Arrested for Committing Domestic Violence over the Phone Radio show host Steffan Tubbs, 48, was arrested Sunday on a domestic violence charge, said the Denver Police Department. Cops claim he harassed a woman using foul language via voice messages, videos, and texts. The probable cause statement obtained by said the suspect and alleged victim were in a relationship for two years.He was charged with disturbing the peace under a municipal ordinance. Domestic violence, a sentencing enhancer under Colorado law, doesn’t necessarily involve physical contact–offenders merely need to threaten violence.

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tyshawn-gun-wound.png © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. tyshawn-gun-wound.png Chicago faces an epidemic of gun violence. This year alone, more than 2,100 people have been shot, more than 400 killed.

The Fourth of July weekend was especially violent. Around 100 people were shot in just over four days.

Adriana Diaz gained unique access to some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods and crews that weekend for "CBSN: On Assignment."

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Chicago police have already seized more than 5,000 guns from the streets this year.

Young men on the city's south and west sides told CBS News how easy it is to get illegal guns, and why many never leave their homes without one.

July violence pushes Chicago's 2017 homicide total past 400

  July violence pushes Chicago's 2017 homicide total past 400 July was another dangerous month in Chicago, with 74 homicides reported. Police say that drove the total for the year past the 400 mark and put the city on pace to eclipse last year's total.The Chicago Police Department says there have been 402 homicides — 10 more than during the same period last year. If the pace holds, 2017 will end with more than the 762 homicides that last year marked highest yearly total in two decades.But the department says the number of shooting victims and shooting incidents for the year is more than 11 percent lower than during the same period last year.

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Chicago faces an epidemic of gun violence . This year alone, more than 2,100 people have been shot, more than 400 killed. The Fourth of July weekend was especially violent . But it' s survive or be killed ."

"I know people who can't walk from they house to the store without a gun," said Aaron Murph. "Because people getting killed left and right. It's sad."

"I got shot twice and I could have been gone but I'm still here so, that scar, that's with me, so," said Tyshaun Grant. "It's hell on earth."

Tyshaun Grant's scar from a gun wound.  CloseCBS News

The problem we heard – and saw – over and over again, was guns. CBS News gained access to several crews on Chicago's south side. The MAC-10 is a semi-automatic weapon originally designed for military use. It is illegal in Chicago.

Asked why anyone would need a gun with that much firepower, one man said, "Protection. It dangerous out here." One South Side crew affiliated with the Titanic Stones told CBS News they actually hate guns. They obstructed their faces to conceal their identities on camera.

Security tight ahead of burial for Afghan mosque victims

  Security tight ahead of burial for Afghan mosque victims Afghan authorities have tightened security ahead of a mass funeral for the victims of last night's suicide attack at a Shiite mosque that killed 29 people.A suicide attacker opened fire inside a mosque packed with worshippers at evening prayers, before detonating his explosives. A second explosion came 10 minutes later.No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing in western Herat province but it came a day after the Islamic State group warned it would attack Shiites.

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basement-guns.png © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. basement-guns.png "I'm just doin' this s*** for survival, bro, until I can pull my family and myself in a better predicament to what I need to do," one member said. "We just trying to keep ourselves protected." Many crews told us they would rather risk the police catching them with a gun than have their rival find them without one.

Asked where he got his .40-caliber gun, he said, "Off the streets, people sell 'em."

"Just like that, that's how easy it is," another man said. "It's worth it for you to keep these guns?" Diaz asked. "We felons. You know what I'm saying? Ain't nobody gonna give us no jobs. The cops don't give a f*** about us."

But when asked if innocent people dying by those bullets is worth it, they both said, "No." "At the end of the day, it ain't worth it. But you got 'em motherf*****s wanna go through a drive by, you know what I'm saying? And some innocent, little sister get shot. Guess what? Them and them guys coming back in. That's how the confrontation is going to keep going." "So why not just put the guns down?" Diaz asked. "Put the guns down? Probably would happen. Maybe in the near future. No time right now. I don't want to put my gun down. Nine times out of ten the innocent ones get hurt, you know what I'm saying? If they come do a shooting right now we probably won't even get shot. And we got guns. You might get shot. That's how f****** up it is, you know? But it's survive or be killed."

Yemen cholera cases exceed half a million .
<p>The number of suspected cases of cholera resulting from an epidemic in war-torn Yemen has reached 500,000, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says.</p>At least 1,975 people have died since the waterborne disease began to spread rapidly at the end of April.

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