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'He was a cool guy,' says L.I. woman who cheated death at hands of suspected serial killer who admits killing seven

Tuesday  17:01,   31 july 2018

<p>He seemed nice — a good listener — who was interested in her work with the disabled.</p>He seemed nice — a good listener — who was interested in her work with the[...]
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'Fire purifies,' 'I can't control me': Serial killer Anthony Kirkland confesses to police

Tuesday  15:53,   31 july 2018

As week two of Anthony Kirkland's sentencing hearing got underway, jurors heard Kirkland confess to police.Load[...]

Timothy Piazza case: First sentencing set in hazing death of Penn State fraternity pledge

Tuesday  12:36,   31 july 2018

A former Penn State University fraternity brother faces sentencing Tuesday for his role in the alcohol-fueled death of Timothy Piazza, a pledge.Ryan Burke, 21, pleaded guilty last month to four counts of hazing and five counts related to unlawful[...]

Wrongfully jailed man wins $3.5 million: 'I kept saying, it's not me'

Tuesday  12:25,   31 july 2018

Wrongfully jailed Harper Woods man wins $3.5 million. He was jailed for 15 days in a case of mistaken identity involving Detroit police in 2012.But the police didn't[...]

Mollie Tibbetts case: Investigators conduct more than 200 interviews

Tuesday  08:10,   31 july 2018

More than a dozen FBI agents are part of the search for a missing University of Iowa student, Investigators are looking at her Fitbit and social media accounts.Tibbetts, 20, disappeared nearly two weeks ago near Brooklyn, a small community an hour[...]

4 people, including child, fatally shot in New York City, police say

Tuesday  06:30,   31 july 2018

<p>Dozens of NYPD officers swarmed an apartment building in the New York City borough of Queens after four people, including a child, were shot and killed, CBS New York reports Monday.</p>Police didn't immediately specify the age of the child[...]

Texas mall robbery suspects claim to be Mexican nationals, police say

Tuesday  04:40,   31 july 2018

Seven suspects who were arrested in connection with an attempted robbery at a jewelry store in Texas have identified themselves as Mexican nationals. The men were arraigned in court on Monday afternoon after they allegedly tried to rob the store at [...]

Thieves steal San Antonio Aquarium shark in a baby carriage

Tuesday  04:36,   31 july 2018

The sharknappers brought their own net, snagged the shark from a tide pool exhibit and escaped in a red pickup truck.Security video provided to NBC News on Monday shows the alleged sharknappers strolling through the aquarium's hallway pushing the[...]

Relatives of man accused of shooting police officers face charges

Monday  18:57,   30 july 2018

The relatives of a man accused of shooting two Falmouth, Mass. police officers appeared in court Monday.&nbsp;Officers Donald DeMiranda and Ryan Moore were responding to a disturbance when they were wounded during a shootout with 21-year-old[...]

Ohio governor spares record number of death row inmates

Monday  18:10,   30 july 2018

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has finished dealing with executions for the remainder of his time in office following a modern-era record of death penalty commutations. The Republican governor spared seven men from execution during his two terms in office,[...]

Mistrial declared for Alabama teen accused of murder

Monday  17:51,   30 july 2018

A mistrial has been declared in the case of an Alabama teen accused of slaying a man in 2017. reports the murder trial of 19-year-old Janorris Johnson ended Friday. Defense attorney Emory Anthony says Johnson is saddened by the death of[...]

Tiny jail still holds travelers' imagination

Monday  17:39,   30 july 2018

It hasn't held a prisoner in over 70 years, but a tiny jail in Union, Nebraska still captures the interest of occasional travelers.&nbsp;It hasn't held a prisoner in over 70 years, but a tiny jail in Union, Nebraska still captures the[...]

Punishment phase resumes in Houston ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial

Monday  17:39,   30 july 2018

The capital murder trial of a Jordanian immigrant in Houston is scheduled to continue Monday with investigators and family piecing together a lifetime of “bad acts” in an effort to get jurors to sentence him to death.&nbsp;Last week, it took a[...]

Ohio serial killer sentencing enters week 2: What's happened so far

Monday  15:12,   30 july 2018

Sentencing for convicted serial killer Anthony Kirkland enters week two. Here's what's happened so far.Kirkland killed three women and two teenagers, burning their bodies, then fleeing. First he killed Leona Douglas in 1989, resulting in a[...]

2 arrested for alleged looting during California wildfires

Monday  10:52,   30 july 2018

Two people were arrested Sunday on suspicion of looting homes that had been evacuated earlier due to an explosive wildfire. Jade Ball, 25, and Jack Fannin, 19, of Redding, were found with what police said was evidence tying them to several[...]