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2016's best actress race is highly competitive

Saturday  06:28,   05 november 2016

The best actress race is already shaping up to be a beauty. In year's past, the Oscar best actress competition has been criticized for its lack of competition, due to a dearth of strong female leading parts in Hollywood. But the positive[...]

17 Things You Never Knew About Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo + Juliet'

Wednesday  15:21,   02 november 2016

Every generation seems to get the Shakespeare adaptations it deserves, and in the mid-'90s, that meant Baz Luhrmann's music-video-style, visually extravagant "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet." The hit film helped make a[...]

TV's diversity report card

Wednesday  15:21,   02 november 2016

USA TODAY grades the major broadcast networks on their onscreen diversity progress. USA TODAY grades the major broadcast networks on their onscreen diversity[...]

Celebrity Feuds October 2016

Wednesday  15:21,   02 november 2016
Gossip Cop

Some big celebrity feuds went down in October! Flip through this list to see just a few of the stars who got into fights with other famous people last month. © (Getty Images) 1. Russell Crowe vs. Azealia Banks: The[...]

CMA Awards: Who should win, who will win

Tuesday  19:56,   01 november 2016

The competition is friendly but fierce at Wednesday's Country Music Association Awards, which air live on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. Here are our picks for who will take home the night's top prizes — and the performers who also deserve the[...]