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Upcoming TV and Film Anniversaries That Will Make You Feel Old in 2017

Thursday  06:05,   05 january 2017

Here's a look ahead at all those moments that will have you saying, 'I remember when…' Here at ET, we love an anniversary -- whether it's the 20th anniversary of Scream or Clueless, 10 years in the life of The Hills or the[...]

8 Shows That Need Your Help to Survive 2017

Monday  07:20,   02 january 2017

You can help several series avoid cancellation2017 can't come fast enough, because a new year means a new beginning. Well, except for many TV shows, because a new year can mean the beginning of the end for them! Suits inside network HQs will have[...]

14 of the Biggest Celebrity Heroes of 2016

Sunday  07:35,   01 january 2017

This past year was rough for a lot of people, but it's in our lowest moments where we get to see who the real heroes are among us. © Provided by ETOnline For better or worse, 2016 gave many opportunities for heroic acts and we're[...]

The Songs that Saved 2016

Tuesday  20:50,   27 december 2016

<p>Here are some of the songs that saved 2016. (WARNING: NSFW lyrics in some of the songs).</p>It’s not like nothing good happened this year (especially if you’re a Cubs fan), but after twelve months of tough times, heartbreaking losses, and a [...]

10 essential George Michael songs

Monday  10:35,   26 december 2016
Entertainment Weekly

George Michael may not have had a discography to rival his fellow peers like Madonna and Prince - he released only five studio albums as a solo artist; three with Wham! - but his influence on pop music is undeniable. He scored two Grammys, eight No. [...]

‘Passengers’ Review: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Are Lost in Space

Friday  07:51,   23 december 2016

A morally dubious set-up to this glittering starship romance makes for queasy viewing and empty action thrills That leaves the rest of the movie with an unwelcome thematic stain regarding issues of male captivity fantasy and victimization, and it[...]

10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Performances of 2016: Critic's Picks

Friday  05:45,   23 december 2016

10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Performances of 2016: Critic's PicksIt's been a notable year for Saturday Night Live, mostly marked by the political sketches leading up to November's presidential[...]

10 Best Awards Show Moments of 2016: Critic's Picks

Friday  05:45,   23 december 2016

Remember Kendrick Lamar's incredible Grammys performance? And what about Beyonce rocking with the Dixie Chicks at the CMAs? From the Emmys to the Grammys to the BET Awards and the BRITs, here are the most memorable award show moments of[...]

The Year in R&B/Hip-Hop Charts: Beyonce & Drake Reign

Friday  05:41,   23 december 2016

2016 saw continued success for R&amp;B/hop-hop stars like Drake, The Weeknd, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, while sharing the chart spotlight with new faces including Desiigner and Bryson Tiller. Meanwhile, Prince’s death in April prompted sales gains[...]

The Year in Country Charts: Chris Stapleton, Carrie Underwood, FGL, Maren Morris & More

Friday  05:40,   23 december 2016

Chris Stapleton is Billboard's top Country artist of 2016, as well as the top male Country artist, while his LP Traveller is the year's No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart. Carrie Underwood, as she was in 2015, is the top female Country[...]

The Year in Pop Charts 2016: Adele Rules as Top Artist (Again!), Justin Bieber Leads Hot 100

Friday  05:40,   23 december 2016

Adele finishes 2016 in a familiar place: on top. Nearly five years after her last blockbuster album — 2011’s "21," which spent 24 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 — the 28-year-old British pop powerhouse returned as if she had never[...]

13 power players who gave us the best live TV moments of 2016

Friday  05:35,   23 december 2016
New York Daily News

Here we rank the 13 power players who brought us the most bizarre, brilliant, surreal or entertaining live moments of the year. Spoiler: Donald Trump definitely pulled his weight. Witnessing 2016 unfold could sometimes feel like watching live[...]

The Best Carpool Karaokes of 2016

Tuesday  07:21,   20 december 2016

The Best Carpool Karaokes of 2016James Corden has become a late-night talk show mainstay thanks to his simple yet ingenious sketch Carpool Karaoke. The host has landed countless names for his sing-alongs after landing pop diva Mariah Carey for the[...]

18 Non-Famous People Reveal the Nicest Celebrities They’ve Ever Met

Monday  07:36,   19 december 2016

While the general wisdom is to never meet your heroes … sometimes it works out. These 18 people took to Reddit to share the completely lovely (and unexpected) encounters they had with their favorite celebrities. 1. “Lady Gaga. I worked room service[...]

5 Things You Need to Know Before You See 'Rogue One'

Friday  08:05,   16 december 2016

We now live in a world where there's a new Star Wars movie coming out every single year. What a time to be alive. But this year's movie, which hits theaters December 16, isn't like the ones that have come before. To help prepare you for[...]