Offbeat Why are conservatives forcing mothers from their kids?

18:31  17 may  2018
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'Silent protest' over plan to separate migrant families

  'Silent protest' over plan to separate migrant families "It's a policy that's really so cruel and so harmful in its immediate impact that it felt like it called for an unusual response."About two dozen mothers affiliated with women's rights or immigrants' rights groups walked out in "silent protest" during a Senate subcommittee hearing where Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was set to testify,Heidi Altman, director of policy at the National Immigrant Justice Center, told NBC News.

In what seems like a single step away from advocating that we take kids away from their single moms by force , a As if conservatives haven’t attacked single mothers enough, this guy is openly claiming that they don’t raise their children right and that the only way they can do so is to have a husband.

Why Conservatives Want Kanye to Be One of Them. The Gentrification Trade-Off in Buffalo. They don’t want to face the reality because if they did, they would have to institute radical changes in their family’s life, including forcing their kids to be weirdos in their peer group.

President Donald Trump and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. © AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster President Donald Trump and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

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What would happen, I wonder, if all the Republican state senators in the country woke up to find that all their wildest dreams had come true? What if one day all the scroungers, the drug addicts, the unwed, unfit, lazy, entitled, stupid, backward, ineducable, non-adapting, unwilling-to-move, non-contracepting poor people were denied food and medicine and housing because they decided that they had better things to do than contribute to the continued flourishing of the Safeway Gas Rewards program in exchange for the hourly sum of $7.25 (minus payroll taxes)? Would the destitute disappear into a sewer, leaving only the fungal detritus of their sloth behind them to be disposed of by qualified, i.e., free-market, medical waste professionals? Or just die? Who knows.

Trump heralds capture of five Islamic State commanders

  Trump heralds capture of five Islamic State commanders U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that five "most wanted" leaders of the Islamic State militant group had been captured, an apparent reference to the capture of five commanders of the militant group by Iraq. "Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!" Trump wrote in a post on Twitter, providing no further details.Iraq had described the capture of the Islamic State commanders as "some of the most wanted" leaders of the group. The list did not include Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Conservatives have a 'follow the pack' mentality. This is why they are all a bunch of followers What you don't understand is that pro life is just that, pro life. That includes the mothers life. 8 So they can't teach their kids to be conservatives . Sorry, but I'm a conservative , and so are many people my age.

Why Conservatives Want Kanye to Be One of Them. The Gentrification Trade-Off in Buffalo. that could predict if a kid was being sexually abused or not, the answer to the question “Does their mother cohabit Public shunning was #5. Shunning has been a powerful societal force in all of human history.

Until then, thanks to a decision made in January by the Trump administration allowing states to authorize work requirements for men and women who receive Medicaid benefits, we are going to continue having a very boring conversation about so-called "welfare reform." GOP legislators in a number of states are taking the president — who in 2016 had campaigned, as one is never tired of pointing out, very explicitly on leaving alone entitlements and the social safety net — up on his offer and considering various schemes for what amounts to phasing out President Obama's expansion of Medicaid. In my glorious home state, they are even thinking of applying a version of the get-a-job-or-die-loser rule only to residents of urban counties like Wayne (Detroit) and Genesee (Flint) — though some analysts believe that, whatever the intentions of the theorists, in practice the misery engendered by the bill will be of equal-opportunity variety. Bravo.

Mom's 'wages' aren't keeping up with the job market

  Mom's 'wages' aren't keeping up with the job market If compensated for unpaid work, they'd see a 1.9 percent raise, trailing the forecast of 3 percent for paid workersThat's according to an analysis from insurance website, which calculated the pay ahead of Mother's Day. Its estimate is based on occupational wages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and data about how mothers spend their time. That figure would represent a wage increase of 1.9 percent, which trails the forecast for U.S. wages this year to grow by 3 percent.

Why we fall for propaganda. Teaching our kids how to make their own, informed decisions is not a new concept. More interestingly, my mother is a far-right conservative and my father is a registered Democrat.

Most of the parents of the kids involved in the incident were conservative , though admittedly some came from very liberal and Asking him why Jews get kicked out of countries. Child Brides were Forced to Traffick Drugs and Blackmailed with Explicit Videos by their Pakistani-British Husbands.

It's not like we haven't been here before. The absurdly named Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA for wonks) pushed relentlessly by House Republicans and signed into law by President Clinton, who had promised during his first campaign to "end welfare as we have come to know it," is the ur-text. Conceived by fanatics operating under a series of false assumptions, hashed out in a series of secret meetings, publicly promoted with bad faith arguments and crudely racist tropes ("welfare queens," i.e., people's moms), it was also disastrous in its consequences, especially for women and children.

It is grimly amusing to point out that its proponents readily admit this. They got nearly everything they could have hoped for from the legislation and are only too happy to observe that after 1996 a staggeringly large number of mothers who had once been able to look after their children with the assistance of the government were forced into the workplace. By the year 2000, 75 percent of single mothers were employed. As Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution testified in 2006, "The pattern is clear: earnings up, welfare down. This is the very definition of reducing welfare dependency."

For moms who've lost children to gun violence, hand-delivered flowers for Mother's Day

  For moms who've lost children to gun violence, hand-delivered flowers for Mother's Day The Saturday before Mother's Day, for three years running, Tamar Manasseh has thrown a party. There's a band. There's a DJ. There's a photo booth. It's on the corner of 75th Street and Stewart Avenue in Englewood. There's a band. There's a DJ. There's a photo booth. There's a whole lot of food.

“She has told her kids that they are married but she won’t marry him because she has had 2 husbands already.” In addition, Republicans blame single mothers for the ills of society and see them as a threat to their power. The true reason why conservatives want to force women to get married is

Why do they want to force women to be mothers ? Many conservatives are pretty well off, financially, so they don't have their kids get jobs until they're well in to high school. Why not take your kids to church?

No doubt he is right about the pattern and the definition. The question is why in and of itself reducing welfare "dependency" is a good thing. This is an especially important question for social conservatives. In what universe is it a better thing for a woman to leave her children in the care of strangers in order to fulfill an abstract obligation to stock shelves at a pharmaceutical retail chain or flip burgers at a fast-food restaurant? Is the idea that mothers who are not married have less of a duty, or do we just assume that they won't mind having their kids taken away because they in fact love them less?

It is worth pointing out that opportunistic liberal critics of welfare reform tend to miss this point as well. "Young children did no worse when their mothers got jobs in terms of either cognitive abilities or socialization skills. But unless the mothers' incomes rose, they did no better either," Eduardo Porter writes in The New York Times of the Clinton-era welfare reform. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your brain on the dismal science. Could there be a better example of missing the point? Suppose that some graph showed that elementary school students who in early childhood had been forced into day-care centers in order to allow their mothers to work meaningless nine-to-fives had done 5 percent better on some nonsensical state-administered examination. Would that justify such a cruel and capricious policy? Is "the economy" really more important than the family to both sides here?

It is not the business of politicians in Washington or journalists in New York to decide on the basis of one or more statistical metrics whether the time women have with their children at home is being valuably spent. The right to raise one's children without being pressed into the service of GDP should be considered absolute.

Families outraged when cemetery throws out flowers the day after Mother's Day .
Some families with loved ones laid to rest in an Indiana cemetery were dismayed by what happened to the flowers they broughtSome families with loved ones laid to rest in a Boone County, Indiana, cemetery are outraged. Those who visited Maple Lawn Cemetery to honor their deceased moms on Mother's Day recently found out the flowers they left there were thrown in the garbage the next day.

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