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Offbeat If Obama had held this summit, we know how the GOP would’ve reacted

17:50  13 june  2018
17:50  13 june  2018 Source:

Trump says it's 'possible' he'll meet with Putin this summer

  Trump says it's 'possible' he'll meet with Putin this summer <p>President Donald Trump says "it's possible" he'll meet with Russian President Vladimir this summer.</p>And he again made the case that Russia should be allowed to re-join the Group of Seven industrialized nations during in an impromptu interview and gaggle on the White House driveway.

So “ Obama ” recited a few choice Trump quotes, from “I have a very good brain” to “I moved on her like a bitch.” And Maher said there’s no way the GOP and Fox News would have [image via screengrab]. — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac. Have a tip we should know ?

are very respected, my generals are the most respected that we ’ ve had in many decades, I believe. This Photo Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Presence at the G7 Summit . disinformation, we keep seeing examples of just how important this reporting will be.

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Let us ponder what the reaction among Republicans and conservatives would have been if President Barack Obama had done what President Trump did on Tuesday:

● Sat down with a dictator whose regime had killed hundreds of thousands of people and who tortures and enslaves as many as 130,000 political prisoners in gulags.

● Set no specific preconditions for the meeting and secured no commitment on human rights nor any firm promise to denuclearize.

Trump says it's 'possible' he'll meet with Putin this summer

  Trump says it's 'possible' he'll meet with Putin this summer <p>President Donald Trump says "it's possible" he'll meet with Russian President Vladimir this summer.</p>And he again made the case that Russia should be allowed to re-join the Group of Seven industrialized nations during in an impromptu interview and gaggle on the White House driveway.

6. How is the GOP reacting to Obama 's executive actions on immigration? 7. Do voters support Obama acting on his own on immigration? And even then, instead of asking the state or local jail to hold the immigrant after she would otherwise be released (so ICE agents can pick her up), federal

I’ ve been critical of Trump foreign policy missteps in past year: TPP, Paris, too many unnecessary missteps with allies to count. But the fact remains that just as wider media would be dunking on the GOP relentlessly for ideological reasons if Obama had pulled off the Korea summit , we ’d be dunking

● Blindsided allies by agreeing to the dictator’s request to cease “provocative” military exercises with those allies.

Praised the dictator in lavish terms: “very talented man . . . wants to do the right thing . . . very worthy, very smart negotiator . . . excellent relationship . . . funny guy . . . loves his people . . . great personality . . . a great honor . . . very special bond . . . I do trust him.”

But we don’t have to wonder what the reaction would have been to Obama doing such things, because we know what happened when he even floated the idea. In 2007, then-Sen. Obama answered in the affirmative when asked if he would be willing to meet without precondition the leaders of repressive regimes, including North Korea’s, “to bridge the gap that divides our countries.”

Trump warns Kim Jong Un on North Korea summit: 'It's a one-time shot'

  Trump warns Kim Jong Un on North Korea summit: 'It's a one-time shot' President Trump on Saturday expressed optimism about his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but warned that the opportunity for Kim won’t happen again, calling it a “one-time shot.” Trump made his remarks in Charlevoix, Canada, at the end of the G-7 summit in a press conference as he prepared to depart for Singapore where he will meet with Kim on Tuesday to discuss issues such as North Korea denuclearization and an end to the Korean War.Trump expressed hope that the summit would be good for world peace but also for the dictatorship.

Maher wonders how Republicans would react if Obama made some of President Trump's comments. So Brown recited these past Trump statements: “I’m speaking with myself, No. 1, because I have a very good brain, and I’ ve said a lot of things …

In other words, he backed Mitch McConnell early on saying holding hearings would be ludicrous Other Republicans have gotten nervous as you know about that, say what you will, but President Obama he Laura Ingraham echoes Trump's excuse for not preparing for North Korea summit : "He

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His presidential opponent John McCain and other Republicans hit Obama near daily for what they deemed “inexperience and reckless judgment.” (Hillary Clinton gave him grief, too.) Later, Sarah Palin, specifically mentioning North Korea, proclaimed the Obama doctrine was “coddling enemies and alienating allies.” Mitt Romney mocked Obama for saying he was going to “engage North Korea.”

Republican lawmakers criticized the Obama administration for having a ­“buddy-buddy” relationship with Iran, Sen. McCain (Ariz.) likened Obama’s handshake with Cuba’s Raúl Castro to Neville Chamberlain’s handshake with Adolf ­Hitler, and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) condemned Obama for meeting Castro while there were “political prisoners languishing.”

John Bolton, now Trump’s national security adviser, in 2013 mocked the “fanciful” idea “that we could talk North Korea out of its nuclear weapons program.”

Democratic congressman to Trudeau: Stop 'feuding' with Trump over trade

  Democratic congressman to Trudeau: Stop 'feuding' with Trump over trade A Democratic congressman chastised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday for "sabotaging" trade negotiations as the fallout from this weekend's tense G7 summit continues, lending President Trump some bipartisan support as the war of words between the two countries escalates. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., accused Trudeau of endangering the economies of both the U.S. and Canada.

Obama had the chance to have his deal for two years but didn’t do it because he preferred to have the issue to beat the GOP with. In 2014, the GOP was back with “if you give us the Senate we will stop ObamaCare.” And we know how that has worked out.

“ We know that Strzok and Page had an intense anti-Trump bias,” he said. “I don’t know how much damage they did. June Bride: Dennis Rodman May Save the World at North Korea Summit . Alex Parker.

The website NowThisNews made a video compilation of Fox News commentators’ thoughts on Obama meeting with repressive regimes. Among them: “Obama likes talking to dictators” (Mike Huckabee), “he would meet with some of these madmen without any preconditions” (Palin), “Obama is bowing and scraping before dictators” (Dana Loesch), Obama is “going to reach out to these crazy people around the world” (Steve Doocy).

This changed on a dime when Trump was the one proposing such action. Fox personalities dutifully praised a “stunning Donald Trump breakthrough” and a “stunning diplomatic triumph.” Sean Hannity, who said in 2008 that Obama’s inclination to meet with rogues was “one of the most disturbing displays” of inexperience, said this year that Trump’s willingness to meet Kim Jong Un “is a huge foreign policy win.”

As Trump and Kim shook hands for the first time Tuesday night, Hannity proclaimed it “officially” historic, compared Trump to Ronald Reagan, called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a “rock star” and hosted Trump loyalists proclaiming “peace and progress” and “peace and prosperity.” He dismissed “artificial unrealistic expectations” of Trump’s opponents — that is, the complete denuclearization Trump himself demanded.

Sean Hannity to Interview President Trump After North Korea Summit

  Sean Hannity to Interview President Trump After North Korea Summit Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity has landed an interview with President Donald Trump following his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, continuing a series of exclusive interviews the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet has secured with the U.S. President during his time in office. The interview is slated to take part at 9 p.m. eastern Tuesday night. Hannity was among the Fox News contingent that has traveled to Singapore, where the historic meeting is being held.Fox News said the interview will take place on location at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Of Mr. Trump, Mr. McConnell has said, “ We ’ll drop him like a hot rock,” according to his colleagues. I don’t know where to begin. But even if it were, how would an incumbent GOP senator whose seat is up benefit from alienating Trump fans by running attack ads against the party’s own nominee?

” . . . they and the party know how to react . One could have substituted Bill Clinton for Obama in the above quote and dated it to 2000 or 2001 and it would have been just as true, if for other reasons.

What Trump has gotten, at least so far, is far flimsier than the Iran nuclear deal he tore up. Trump, in his news conference after the talks, admitted that his joint statement with Kim does not deal with “verifiable or irreversible denuclearization,” said human rights were discussed only “relatively briefly,” and hemmed and hawed when asked what North Korea gave in return for his concession calling off “war games” with South Korea: “Well, we’ve got, you know, I’ve heard that, I mean, some of the people that — I don’t know . . . ”

Still, Republican lawmakers filled Twitter with applause emojis for Trump after he did the very thing they denounced Obama for even suggesting. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), like many colleagues, called the meeting a “major step” toward peace.

Democrats, were they inclined to be demagogic, could have attacked Trump for sitting down with a murderous dictator. Most didn’t. Though critical of Trump’s deference to Kim and the meeting’s lack of substance, they generally didn’t criticize the idea of meeting.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. ­Schumer (N.Y.) reflected the tone of many Democrats when he said “we remain supportive of American diplomatic efforts,” while noting that if a Democratic president did what Trump did, “the entire Republican Party would be shouting grave warnings about the end of American leadership and the belittling of our country.”

This points to the asymmetrical partisanship in our current politics: Republicans are blithely hypocritical in praising Trump for doing the same thing they blasted Obama for suggesting, but at least some Democrats retain enough integrity not to dismiss diplomacy just because it is being attempted by their opponent.

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Obama meets with possible 2020 presidential contenders: report .
Former President Obama has been privately meeting with possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, Politico reported Monday.Obama has reportedly held one-on-one sessions with at least nine candidates in his D.C. office over the past few months, including former Vice President Biden, Sens. Ber nie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D).Obama's office declined to comment to Politico."The president was generous with his time and advice, and he was excited to talk about the future," one individual with knowledge of the meetings told Politico.

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