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Offbeat "Live like it's 1993": Bookstore bans Wi-Fi, smartphones

07:10  17 november  2016
07:10  17 november  2016 Source:

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screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-3-54-44-pm.png © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-3-54-44-pm.png

People walking along the bustling city streets of Casper, Wyoming, can’t help but stop and stare at a makeshift sign sitting outside a nearly decade-old independent bookstore that reads: “Nope, No Wi-Fi.”

For years, the small store, Wind City Books, has requested that their customers put away their cellphones and laptops and focus solely on the books.

“Books have two purposes: To inform and educate, and to provide recreation and relaxation,” co-owner of Wind City Books Vicki Burger told CBS News. “That’s what their purpose is. We stay so connected we have a hard time to disengage and relax.”

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The tongue-in-cheek sign encourages people to “live like it’s 1993,” because “emails can wait!”

And the internet is loving the store’s message.

“Let’s get back to talking to each other,” one Facebook user commented on the sign. “I totally agree with this.”

“Love it! You can take an hour out of your day to drop your electronic brain,” another agreed.

Loyal customers are embracing the unique rules, and Burger says people have even called just to tell her they appreciate the sign.

“All of us are connected,” Burger said. “Now you can expect one place -- for a little bit -- where you can disconnect and just have some time to yourself.”

A young Wind City Books employee in his 20s actually wrote a similar sign on a chalkboard years ago. Since it was such a big hit, Burger decided to make it more permanent.

Though she’s happy people are getting a good chuckle, she wants to assure customers that the sign is meant to be fun. 

Customers won’t be turned away for taking out phones or laptops inside, but she encourages people to try it out -- at least for a day.

“I mean, all of us do it. Really, we just encourage you to not feel like you have to stay connected,” Burger said. “You don’t have to answer every cell phone call, give yourself a break.”

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