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Here is a very good dog performing a very good Mannequin Challenge

Thursday  09:35,   17 november 2016
SB Nation

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest craze to sweep social media. If you have somehow avoided it until now, it consists of groups of people holding poses while being filmed. There have been some good versions and some less good versions.[...]

This jaw-dropping 'Beauty and the Beast' castle is made from 500,000 Lego bricks

Thursday  09:35,   17 november 2016
The Daily Dot

The live-action Beauty and the Beast reboot is slated for March, and based on Disney's 1991 animated classic. Built by professional Lego artist Kevin Hall, the castle has half a million Lego pieces, including 40,000 tiles that form a[...]

Guest fails to show up to wedding: so bride sends a bill

Thursday  09:35,   17 november 2016
AOL Money UK

Jessica Baker, a mum from Minnesota in the US, had accepted an invitation to her friend's wedding, but had to cancel at the last minute when her childcare arrangements fell through. The bride was so angry that she sent her a bill for $75 (£61)[...]

"Live like it's 1993": Bookstore bans Wi-Fi, smartphones

Thursday  07:10,   17 november 2016
CBS News

Wyoming bookstore's tongue-in-cheek sign goes viral.For years, the small store, Wind City Books, has requested that their customers put away their cellphones and laptops and focus solely on the[...]

Potential world-record deer antlers could be worth $100,000

Wednesday  19:50,   16 november 2016

NASHVILLE — There have been some staggering numbers connected to the potential world-record whitetail deer killed last week in Tennessee. Twitter: @MikeOrganWriterNASHVILLE — There have been some staggering numbers connected to the potential[...]

China websites block searches for 'Fatty Kim the Third'

Wednesday  16:06,   16 november 2016

Chinese websites have again blocked searches for "Fatty Kim the Third", as many Chinese mockingly call North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with China's foreign ministry saying it did not approve of ridiculing foreign leaders. Chinese[...]

This hiking cat rules the 'meowtains'

Wednesday  15:50,   16 november 2016

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- The next time you're hiking in the Colorado outdoors and think you hear a meow, you're not crazy. In fact, you're probably about the meet Quandary Q Lotus Lady, adventure cat extraordinaire, ruler of the[...]

Top Swedish union launches "mansplaining" hotline for workers

Wednesday  15:04,   16 november 2016

One of Sweden's largest trade unions has launched a hotline for workers to complain about "mansplaining" - men explaining condescendingly to women - in a one-week initiative to highlight the problem. Unionen, which has some 600,000[...]

Chinese bird masters the art of Trump's combover

Wednesday  15:03,   16 november 2016
The Daily Dot

"So does this bird look like Trump, or does Trump look like a Chinese pheasant?” one user asked on Weibo, China’s messaging service.  Honestly, it’s hard to tell[...]

Pork opine: Study finds pigs can be optimists or pessimists, depending on personality and mood

Wednesday  11:49,   16 november 2016
Tribune News Service

&nbsp;<p>"This finding demonstrates that humans are not unique in combining longer-term personality biases with shorter-term mood biases in judging stimuli," the study authors wrote.</p>The results, described in the journal[...]

Texas garbage man, 2-year-old boy share special friendship

Wednesday  11:49,   16 november 2016
CBS News

A two-year-old Texas boy loves trash day in his Plano neighborhood, because that means he gets to see his buddy, James the garbage manThe Plano toddler wheels his mini recycling bin to the curb, dressed as his buddy, James Jackson the trash[...]

Woman finds missing wedding rings in stack of garbage

Wednesday  07:35,   16 november 2016
CBS News

Colleen Dyckman followed her garbage truck to the Babylon town dump, where she begged workers to let her dig through the trash --and eight employees joined in the search.WEST BABYLON, N.Y. --A needle in a haystack may be hard to find, but a Long[...]

Bush family announces adoption of rescue puppy named Freddy

Tuesday  23:49,   15 november 2016
Associated Press

There's a new member of the Bush family: a rescue puppy. George W. Bush says he and his wife, Laura Bush, visited the Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas last week just to thank employees for their work, but they ended up leaving with a[...]

This is your captain speaking: Please stop arguing about Donald Trump on my plane

Tuesday  15:14,   15 november 2016

Clearly, not everyone is on board with president-elect Donald Trump. Mix those post-election tensions with a cramped flight and things could turn downright ugly. A…A political argument between two passengers on an international flight by United[...]

Second Twin Born as Daylight Saving Time Ends Winds Up Older Than Brother

Tuesday  07:28,   15 november 2016
Inside Edition

If baby A was born first and baby B was born half an hour later, how is baby B the elder twin? If baby A was born first and baby B was born a half hour later, how is baby B the older twin?That’s the riddle a set of Massachusetts twins born during [...]