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Mom Wears Wacky Costumes to Help Her Kids Let Go of Self-Doubt: 'Life Is to Have Fun'

Wednesday  07:42,   02 november 2016
Inside Edition

A mother teachers confidence by dressing up in silly costumes. Julie Mudrick, a mother of five in suburban Virginia, isn’t afraid to be herself – or Captain Hook, Nacho Libre or even Donald Trump.Every school day in October, she dresses up in a[...]

This Harry Potter Yoga Class Is the Most Magical Way to Exercise

Wednesday  07:42,   02 november 2016


Tot turned down by modeling agency gets big news

Wednesday  07:21,   02 november 2016
CBS News

Mom's message went viral last week after modeling agency rejected toddler's pictures.Like any proud mother, Meagan Nash doesn’t shy away from showing off pictures of her beautiful blue-eyed baby,[...]

Golfers swing at Clinton, Trump at Texas driving range

Wednesday  02:42,   02 november 2016
Associated Press

Stressed voters can swing at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at a driving range in Texas where photos of the presidential candidates are displayed as targets for speeding golf balls. Alpine Target Golf Center in Longview has hung the portraits on[...]

Give Me a Break! 'Hungry' Man Steals a Kit Kat From Student's Car, Leaves Note

Tuesday  22:07,   01 november 2016
Inside Edition

The candy "victim" left his doors unlocked.When Kansas University student Hunter Jobbins returned to his car Sunday, he wasn't expecting to find that someone had helped themselves to his Kit Kat and left a[...]

Dad takes daughter trick-or-treating on plane so she doesn’t miss Halloween

Tuesday  18:49,   01 november 2016
The Boston Globe

A father on a flight from Boston on Halloween night is being praised as “number one dad” after he brought his young daughter down the aisle of the plane to go trick-or-treating so that she didn’t miss out on the spooky holiday while the family was[...]

4-Year-Old Dressed as Military Father Gets the Ultimate Halloween Surprise

Tuesday  15:07,   01 november 2016
Inside Edition

It was both tricks and treats for Jayden Hayes, 4, when he was surprised by his dad's homecoming while dressed as his military dad for Halloween. It was both tricks and treats for this Florida boy when, as he was attending a Halloween party[...]

Dracula's castle welcomes guests with coffins and no silver

Tuesday  12:14,   01 november 2016

<p>As the sun set over Dracula's castle in Transylvania, brother and sister Robin and Tami Varma slid into red velvet-trimmed black coffins, trying them for size before dining with gold-plated cutlery - not silver, of course, which hurts[...]

Centuries-old Dutch renaissance faces make hilarious new iPhone emoji

Tuesday  11:07,   01 november 2016

There’s a real art to finding the perfect emoji, image, or GIF to respond to a text. And for Molly Young, there is no better…“If you can find a person in a Breugel painting who reflects your current mood, it’s very satisfying,” says Young, a copy[...]

10-year-old tears up when he finally sees his mom's face

Tuesday  11:07,   01 november 2016
CBS News

With the help of special glasses, legally blind Benny Francey was able to see clearly for the first time in his lifeThe 10-year-old, from Selkirk in Manitoba, Canada, normally can’t see much more than silhouettes. He and his younger brother Ashton,[...]

Man wrestles giant panda in China zoo

Monday  15:21,   31 october 2016

Video footage of a man who wrestled with a giant panda bear after breaking into a zoo enclosure in southern China went viral over the weekend.The video, taken last Thursday, showed the man sneaking up to Meiling, a 120-kg (265-pound) male panda, and [...]

Dad builds amazing costumes around son's wheelchair

Monday  12:21,   31 october 2016

This year’s most epic Halloween costume goes to Jeremy Scott! Jeremy’s dad, Ryan, created this Ghostbusters masterpiece — a perfectly scaled replica of the Ecto-1 that encompasses Jeremy’s wheelchair.&nbsp;Jeremy, 8, has spina bifida and has[...]

'Nasty woman' and Ken Bone: election's viral stars a hit for Halloween

Monday  09:56,   31 october 2016

<p>With the U.S. election just days away, Americans can expect to see an occasional "nasty woman" and "basket of deplorables" knocking on doors this Halloween alongside the usual parade of goblins, ghosts and ghouls.</p> [...]

Man predicts 2016 Cubs World Series win in 1993 yearbook

Monday  02:56,   31 october 2016
CBS News

Former classmate says it's one yearbook quote he "never forgot"His classmate Mike Lee, a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan living in California, made the prediction in Vallejo High School’s 1993 class[...]

Caring barber gives homeless people makeovers they'll never forget

Monday  02:56,   31 october 2016
CBS News

Millions have viewed videos of makeovers provided by this kind barberInstead, the owner of Skullfades Barber Shop in Sale, England, has been hitting the streets to serve the[...]