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Florida shooting shows we can’t ignore problems of troubled kids. Let’s help them before it's too late

Saturday  19:30,   24 february 2018
FOX News

When troubled young people become mass murderers and turn schools into killing fields – as happened last week when 17 students and adults were tragically shot dead at a Florida high school – our nation is traumatized and millions of us ask troubling [...]

Youth Uprising Over Gun Control Is Likely to Fade

Saturday  00:25,   24 february 2018
U.S. News & World Report

Young people are stepping up to push for gun control, but their efforts are likely to fizzle out.For many years, America's adults have been unable to persuade Congress to enact strong gun-control laws. Now it's their children's turn to give it a[...]

Donald Trump Is the Most Pure Conservative President Ever

Saturday  00:25,   24 february 2018
Daily Intelligencer

Trump exists not because conservatism lost, but because it won.The disgraced former conventional wisdom-meister Mark Halperin coined a phrase, which he used relentlessly, to describe the bad-faith personal attacks that swarmed around politics: the[...]

School Safety Is A Common-Sense Solution

Saturday  00:25,   24 february 2018
The Daily Caller

We need a more level-headed approach to combating this problem .  Proper training, accountability and solid security strategies are a good way to start.Council Nedd II is co-chairman of the Project 21 black leadership network and also a Pennsylvania [...]

Trump's awful plan to arm teachers is straight from the NRA playbook

Friday  18:25,   23 february 2018

Trump's embrace of 'scholastic carry' is a recycled NRA talking point from 2012. And it's still a really bad idea.President Trump deserves credit for agreeing to meet with a delegation of frustrated and emotional survivors of the[...]

Nasty, Brutish and Trump

Friday  18:14,   23 february 2018
The New York Times

America’s gun madness is part of an assault on the very idea of community.On Wednesday, after listening to the heart-rending stories of those who lost children and friends in the Parkland school shooting — while holding a cue card with[...]

America is bleeding itself in name of the Second Amendment

Friday  02:05,   23 february 2018
The Hill

The inordinate gun deaths year after year indicate our laws and policies are not working — and fail to provide safety for our children. While we have the Second Amendment, we have no amendment enshrining the right to contribute to American[...]

People, Not Politicians, Can Solve America's Gun Problem

Friday  01:05,   23 february 2018
U.S. News & World Report

But citizens can make military-grade weaponry socially and economically unacceptable. Copyright 2017[...]

Trump used to back gun control. If he wants to be popular, he'll go there again.

Thursday  20:40,   22 february 2018

Here’s a prediction: Trump will edge away from the NRA's hard line and move toward tighter gun laws that even majorities of gun owners favor. We already saw a glimpse of that Tuesday, when the president announced that he was instructing the[...]

CNN’s Shameful Town Hall Is A Clarifying Moment On Guns

Thursday  20:38,   22 february 2018
The Federalist

The real divide on guns in America is between those who believe there's a natural right to defend oneself and those who don't.Load[...]

Gun owners are talking about gun control. Stop and listen

Thursday  20:37,   22 february 2018

While progressives should continue to protest for gun control, they should also stop and listen to gun owners who are genuinely trying to further the conversation, writes Carol CostelloPump the brakes, progressives, and listen. Thanks to those[...]

I’m a teenager. And I’m fed up with adults’ excuses for weak gun laws.

Thursday  19:36,   22 february 2018

We’ve grown up with the looming threat of school shootings. On Thursday, in his statement on the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Trump assured America’s children that we “are never alone.” As a 17-year-old and a senior at West High[...]

Florida shooting shows the need for more mental health programs

Thursday  19:36,   22 february 2018
FOX News

Sadly, the shooting deaths of 17 students and adults at a Florida high school last week has thrust gun violence and mental health issues into the headlines and into the conversations around our family dinner tables. Our lawmakers, our local[...]

Why won’t pro-lifers act against our deadly gun culture?

Thursday  19:36,   22 february 2018

Let us hear no more lectures from Clarence Thomas on the sanctity of human life. The Supreme Court justice, with timing that could be charitably described as clumsy, issued his latest paean to gun rights Tuesday, as the child victims of last week’s[...]

Get Out of Facebook and Into the N.R.A.’s Face

Wednesday  23:09,   21 february 2018
The New York Times

Only raw electoral power can beat the gun lobby.Cameron Kasky, a 17-year-old at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived last week’s mass shooting, wrote a beautiful essay for that declared: “At the end of the day, the students at[...]