Opinion Sen. Bob Corker Courageously Stood Up to Fellow Republicans on Tax Reform

19:52  06 december  2017
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Republicans who still care about the national debt could kill the tax bill

  Republicans who still care about the national debt could kill the tax bill The Republican-led tax reform looks sure to pass, so long as they can get one group of senators on board: Republicans worried about the national debt. It’s a bill with massive tax cuts for corporations, reduced rates, and a doubling of the standard deduction — all of which is difficult to square with the reluctance to make sweeping reforms elsewhere to pay for the cuts.All told, the bill would increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion in the first 10 years, and then uses budget gimmicks and rosy math to make it seem like the national debt is untouched in the long run.

The Tennessee senator resisted pressure from his fellow Republicans to back their tax bill. Now Bob Corker is all of 5'7". Sen . John Thune.of South Dakota is 6'5", maybe more, a giant of the earth.

Bob Corker still on fence about tax reform as Trump signals changes coming to bill. Herb Jackson and David Jackson, The Tennessean Published 4:15 p.m. CT Nov. Sen . Bob Corker of Tennessee is among a handful of Senate Republicans still on the fence about the bill.

The Associated Press: Corker wouldn't cave. © The Associated Press Corker wouldn't cave.

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I saw the scene with my own eyes. Last week, a packed press gallery stared down at the Senate floor where Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., was surrounded by a a tall posse of fellow Republican senators determined to pass the tax overhaul bill, at all costs to the nation.

Rarely have I seen such grace under pressure. This intense floor drama went on for 45 minutes after an amendment vote was scheduled to end. We reporters could not hear the conversation near the well, but the faces told the story. Corker, who is not running for re-election next year, could not be counted a team player anymore.

Two Republican senators threaten to vote against GOP tax bill

  Two Republican senators threaten to vote against GOP tax bill Two Republican senators, Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), are threatening to vote against the GOP tax reform bill in the Senate Budget Committee on Tuesday unless changes are made to address their concerns. The lawmakers' primary issues with legislation are different: Corker has concerns about the possible deficit increase if the measure is passed, while Johnson worries the bill does not do enough to help small businesses.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republican tax bill is good for small business owners. "Every small business that I can think of is on board for this comprehensive tax reform ," he said. (Nov. 28) AP.

With renewed attention on special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russia's interference in the presidential election this week, U.S. Sen . Bob Corker said Sunday any new developments could detract from the Republican Party's agenda on tax reform .

Corker is the only one of 52 Republican senators to vote against the behemoth tax bill. For that he has my everlasting good will and vote for the best Republican of the lot – even over the quixotic Arizona Sen. John McCain, who saved Obamacare. Corker was the picture of a profile in courage, standing his ground alone against the crowd. The late President John F. Kennedy published "Profiles in Courage" when he was a senator, about the handful of senators who took unpopular votes that changed history.

Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Corker took a tough vote because he embraced the party rhetoric over the years on fiscal restraint, i.e. not running up a massive deficit. This principle got thrown to the rough winds of winning one legislative victory this year, President Donald Trump's first year in office. This bill is estimated to add more than a trillion dollars to the deficit, which was Corker's objection. And that's not even the most scandalous part of this seriously regressive re-write of the tax code.

Tax bill clears Senate Budget Committee

  Tax bill clears Senate Budget Committee The Senate Budget Committee on Tuesday advanced the chamber's GOP tax bill. The measure was approved by a party-line vote of 12-11, with two key Republicans voting for the measure after previously expressing concerns.

Bob Corker . The Tennessee Republican who describes himself as a fiscal conservative, could complicate matters for other Fresh off rejecting the Obamacare overhaul pushed by President Trump and his fellow Republicans , the Arizonan once again could prove to be a maverick on tax reform .

Republican Senator Bob Corker has changed his mind about voting for the tax reform bill, and his vote could mean the bill passes. Under the new addition to the tax bill, he would personally save up to .19 million every year.

For the record, it's not tax reform, a misnomer. It's a massive transfer of wealth, a Christmas gift to the GOP's wealthy donor base. As Democratic senators said, it was a sloppily written (even handwritten) bill to help the rich get richer. They stuck together, all 48 in the caucus. The final vote was 51-49. Before final passage, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., bellowed, "Come down to the floor and tell me I'm wrong," declaring the bill would result in social spending cuts.

Now Bob Corker is all of 5'7". Sen. John Thune.of South Dakota is 6'5", maybe more, a giant of the earth. Texas Sen. John Cornyn, second in the Republican leadership, looks just like a Southern old bull or sheriff. I'm telling you, there were at least a dozen angry Republican men with furrowed brows involved. (Susan Collins, a Maine moderate, was part of the pack.)

Trump has mocked Corker as "little" on his Twitter tirades because the Tennessean has shown some independent thought as the months of a rocky year passed. The senator has fired back at the president and called the Trump White House "an adult day care center." He also stated several of his Republican colleagues share his dim view of Trump, but few had spoken out.

There is no love lost between Trump and several Republican senators. But give Corker this: He was the only one to stand up to a jury of his peers at a moment when history was watching.

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GOP will sell out middle class for a win on tax ‘reform’ .
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