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01:40  14 april  2018
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The Turkish orphans left behind by IS in Iraq

  The Turkish orphans left behind by IS in Iraq The Islamic State group has left a complex legacy in Iraq including hundreds of wives and orphans, writes the BBC's Selin Girit."All I know is that they're in an orphanage in Baghdad," says Ummugulsum, speaking of her two nieces.

And America should help the Afghan Government in all fields to build a new Afghanistan as they promise. Stop war now - it is time for peace. Innocent people are dying today because of the bombing and that is just as terrible. The bombing must stop now.

Philip Harrington, Canada. We should stop bombing , not just during Ramadan but for good. May I say this to those who think that this bombing should not be stopped , those who think that are just as bad as those people who killed over 4000 people in America "two wrongs don't make one right".

Bombs being dropped.© AP Photo Bombs being dropped.

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Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad apparently launched another chemical attack recently, and President Trump threatened to launch missiles at something (he wasn't clear what) in response. Russia retaliated by threatening to shoot down any missiles that were launched, and now we're in another good old-fashioned standoff with a nuclear superpower, with bloodthirsty maniac John Bolton at the president's side.

Here's an idea. Let's just stop all bombing, just to see how it works out. Perhaps we might even become as skeptical of blowing people up as today's bipartisan consensus is in favor of it.

Boston Honors Victims, Survivors on Fifth Anniversary of Marathon Bombing

  Boston Honors Victims, Survivors on Fifth Anniversary of Marathon Bombing Boston will commemorate the anniversary with One Boston Day, an annual series of events that aims to promote kindness and acts of generosity.Memorials to mark the spot where the two bombs detonated near the finish line by Copley Square are set to be completed in the coming months. The memorials, a mix of granite, bronze and glass, were expected to be unveiled during the five-year anniversary, but work to complete them has taken longer than expected, The Boston Globe reported.

Russia should stop their bombing campaign in Syria, the evil pricks. It's not America 's job to act as the world police. This seems better suited for the UN. 1 year ago. So if it's not the US's issue then why should they continue their bombing campaign or did you just misclick?

· just now. i agree with "you dont know me", Russia would dominate america . im an american but since the invasion Related Questions. Apart from America , which other countries have used nuclear bomb to kill innocent humans ? Does anyone else think that World War III should be stopped ?

The Trump presidency so far has featured a gruesome bloodbath of bombing deaths. The number of raids in Iraq and Syria have been drastically increased, and the rules of engagement have been drastically scaled back. Perhaps 6,000 civilians were killed by U.S. strikes in those countries in 2017, more than double that of 2016 — and according to an on-the-ground study, one in five coalition strikes resulted in a civilian death, a rate 31 times greater than the military casualty counts.

Why do we keep doing this? Partly it is down to Trump's pathological self-centeredness and desire for violent retribution. But it also reflects the lack of any consistent skepticism of military intervention in either party.

This is partly a product of history.

Kaine rips Syria strikes: What's stopping Trump from bombing Iran, North Korea next?

  Kaine rips Syria strikes: What's stopping Trump from bombing Iran, North Korea next? Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) tore into President Trump's authorization of military strikes in Syria, calling them "illegal" and "reckless" and questioning what's to stop him from bombing Iran and North Korea."President Trump's decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government without Congress's approval is illegal and - absent a broader strategy - it's reckless," Kaine said in a statement Friday night. "Today, it's a strike on Syria"President Trump's decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government without Congress's approval is illegal and - absent a broader strategy - it's reckless," Kaine said in a statement Friday night.

And now North Korea has that power, shouldn't we be focusing our attention on them? Should America stop working on nuclear bombs and missiles before it gets too far? · just now. I think everyone should stop working on Nuclear bombs and missiles.

20 Sep 2013 at 11:57. What stops America from bombing Syria? World » Americas. Why should the Americans pay out of their budget? This, too, is a very important point. But in reality, McCain cannot tell us anything new, just repeat what we've already heard."

There used to be a strong strand of anti-war thinking in American politics. In the run-up to the Second World War, President Roosevelt had to negotiate delicately around a bloc of hardcore isolationists in Congress, who were dead against anything they thought might get the United States entangled in another foreign war. People like Sen. Robert Taft (R-Ohio) argued, often fairly convincingly, that the entry into the First World War was a pointless bloodbath, and that America should steer clear of the next European charnel house. They were intensely suspicious of Roosevelt's proposals to arm and support Britain, especially as the U.S. had few armaments of its own at that point. The presidential election of 1940, when FDR faced off against Wendell Willkie, was fought largely over who would do the most to keep America out of foreign wars.

In hindsight, the isolationists missed that fascist Germany, Japan, and Italy were categorically different than the previous governments of Imperial Germany and Austria-Hungary. The particular vileness of Hitler and the Nazis was especially overlooked, not least because many isolationists, like Charles Lindbergh, were sympathetic to fascism. So when war came from a sneak attack, the isolationists looked like near-traitorous fools. Isolationism was so discredited that it ceased to exist as a serious political ideology.

Australia bushfire threatens Sydney homes

  Australia bushfire threatens Sydney homes Hundreds of firefighters are tackling the blaze as residents are told to seek shelter.The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) said it was concerned that flying embers could spark new blazes ahead of the advancing fire front.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis had planned to take the downtime in Hawaii but that all changed when he made a bomb threat and thought nobody would stop TMZ reports that the woman said “no” and Davis said he was “ just kidding.” Airline employees called police and Davis was arrested.

Just as Washington stopped Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic from continuing his ethnic cleansing campaign in the Balkans, she explained Like many Americans , dedicated and professional public servants like Hof and Farkas cringe when they watch the raw footage of regime bombing on their

And yet … the Second World War is nearly the only war in American history when one can say isolationism was completely unwise. U.S. military history is stuffed with pointless, disastrous, or downright criminal major foreign conflicts, like the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine-American War, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War — and that's leaving aside a slew of minor coups, bombings, and interventions that achieved little or nothing good.

The Mexican-American War can be defended only on the cynical grounds that it was a straight-up robbery that paid off handsomely. Other wars that were at least arguably necessary, like the Korean War, might have had vastly fewer casualties if disastrously aggressive tactics had been avoided.

The modern American debate about foreign policy could badly stand a large dose of instinctive skepticism towards the use of military force. Isolationists were wrong about the Second World War. But they were no more wrong than the so-called humanitarian interventionists were about Iraq, Libya, Somalia, or Syria in the recent past. And that ideological school of thought has not been similarly discredited despite the repeated, gruesome failure of guns and bombs to achieve anything of lasting value in the War on Terror. On the contrary, 17 years of blood has barely dented the bipartisan consensus that views U.S. military force as good by definition.

One doesn't have to be a fervent anti-imperialist to question the value of the last 20 years of American foreign policy. A George Washington-style skepticism of "foreign entanglements" — updated to reflect the necessity of diplomacy and trade in a globalized world — would serve nearly as well. The U.S. has better things to do than repeatedly fail to solve various intractable political crises thousands of miles away by blowing people up semi-randomly. The tool is inadequate to the task, and those problems are not ones the U.S. military is qualified to solve.

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