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18:10  17 april  2017
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NY to offer free legal help to immigrants facing deportation

  NY to offer free legal help to immigrants facing deportation Experts estimate that without an attorney immigrants have just a three percent chance of successfully fighting a deportation orderNEW YORK – State lawmakers approved $4 million in grants aimed at ensuring that every immigrant facing deportation in New York State is represented by an attorney.

He jumped off the deep end where he would make a bigger splash. 2. Fig. to become deeply involved (with someone or something) before one is ready. Now, John, I know you really want to go to Australia, but don't go jumping off the deep end .

" If Senate Immigration bill gets ripped apart and ultimately defeated by House #GOP I’ve decided to leave my political home of 32 yrs #sad. "Doherty, no liberal , is representative of the growing strength on the right of the view that the Republican Party has gone off the deep end .

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The immigration issue amply demonstrates that when political pendulums swing too much to one side, they then swing back wildly and uncontrollably.

President Trump’s rhetoric and policies toward immigrants, legal and undocumented, have been harsh, and have reflected the views of his base. But all this is partly — only partly — because during the Obama years the immigration rhetoric became quite loose.

Federal immigration arrests double over 10 years

  Federal immigration arrests double over 10 years ASBURY PARK, N.J. — Federal authorities are making more immigration arrests than they did a decade ago, according to the latest data from the Department of Justice. ASBURY PARK, N.J. — Federal authorities are making more immigration arrests than they did a decade ago, according to the latest data from the Department of Justice.

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Are liberals turned off too by how biased CNN is? Why do some liberals vehemently loathe Trump? What would it take for a liberal or die hard democrat to not vote for Hillary? The left is not a mess, and it has not gone off the deep end .

It wasn’t Obama’s fault. As deporter-in-chief, he deported record numbers of undocumented immigrants. But with eight years of a Democrat in the White House, progressives and immigrant advocates became quite emboldened and gradually distorted the immigration debate.

One thing they did successfully was blur the distinction between legal and undocumented immigrants.

How often I’ve watched some progressive or immigration advocate talking about undocumented immigrants on TV, saying things like, “American is a land of immigrants, so we should welcome all immigrants.” To which I imagined rational, native-born Americans watching at home thinking, “But we are not against legal immigrants, just uncontrolled, unauthorized immigration; don’t you get it?”

Trump: 'Dreamers' should 'rest easy'

  Trump: 'Dreamers' should 'rest easy' President Trump tried to reassure illegal immigrants brought here as children.The president told The Associated Press in an interview that his calls to crack down on illegal immigration are focused primarily on removing criminals from the U.S. and are not geared toward the so-called "dreamers.

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TO all my friends in California, I am sorry. March 12, 2017 Contributing Writer IMMIGRATION 0. Passel included them because the federal government treats Social Security on a pay-as-you- go basis. A good article by a liberal German news organization, quickly shifting gears to the right.

The other way progressives distorted the immigration debate was to confuse the issue of whether immigration is a right or a privilege. 

Does the United States have a right, like any other country, to have a say in who, how many and what kind of immigrants (low-skilled, high-skilled) to allow into the country? Do non-criminal, hardworking, law-abiding people all over the world have a right to immigrate to this country?

In a rational, commonsense world, the respective answers to the above questions are obviously “yes” and “no.”  But somehow, during the last eight years the debate shifted so much that the answers seemed to become “no” and “yes.”

I don’t have any animus toward undocumented immigrants, mainly the impoverished Mexicans and Central Americans who came across the border, escaping penury and violence. If I were in their shoes, I’d probably do the same.

Homeland Security formally opening immigrant crime office

  Homeland Security formally opening immigrant crime office The Homeland Security Department is set to launch an office for American victims of immigrant crime. The Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement, or VOICE, office opening Wednesday is intended to keep victims informed of the immigration proceedings of suspects. Critics have argued that such an office is misguided in part because multiple studies show that immigrants are less likely to commit crime than native-born U.S. citizens.President Donald Trump announced the office in his speech to Congress in February. The office's creation was also part of an executive order aimed at combating illegal immigration.

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It is hard to have the same feelings, though, toward the 40% of undocumented immigrants who came here on a plane, willfully overstayed their tourist visas, then hunkered down and waited for the next round of legalization.

And I have some animus toward our dysfunctional immigration system that punishes (by deportation) undocumented immigrants but completely lets off the hook their partners-in-law-breaking, the businesses and individuals that have used their cheap labor over the years.

Fact is, if E-verify had been strictly enforced all these years, Trump’s proposed wall would have been rendered unnecessary.

Excessive emotionalism isn’t good in any debate, much less in the immigration debate. Some emotionalism is necessary because Americans need to see that the undocumented immigrants are real people with families that stand to be disrupted by Trump’s draconian policies (which I don't support).

But we also need to remember that for every emotional story involving undocumented immigrants, there are equally emotional stories about legal immigrants waiting for years, jumping through bureaucratic hoops to get themselves and their spouses here from their native countries.

Defiant Trump Vows to Take Immigration Case to Supreme Court

  Defiant Trump Vows to Take Immigration Case to Supreme Court President Trump deplored “ridiculous rulings” from California judges after a federal court blocked his action against so-called sanctuary cities.Mr. Trump, who twice has been blocked by courts from imposing a temporary travel ban on visitors from select Muslim-majority countries, expressed frustration that once again a judge in a single district could thwart him from taking action. The judge who issued the latest ruling hails from California, the same state as the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which heard the previous cases.

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These stories don’t often get told by the left, and the mainstream media that acts as curator and framer of many issues.

I've felt for some time that the left has gone off the deep end on the immigration issue.

I agree with Nolan McCarty, the Princeton University political scientist who told The New York Times that “the Democrats have played immigration badly. They have allowed their position to be associated with open borders and sanctuary cities. They have based their opposition to the immigration restrictionists in terms of identity politics rather than the economic benefits of well-managed immigration. This has caused them to be deaf to the concerns that many voters have about the effects of immigration on wages and public services. While I do not think the evidence shows immigration has these alleged harms, the Democrats have to do better than dismiss all opposition to immigration as racism."

Finally, a porous border threatens a welfare state. That is something Bernie Sanders, who is for humane but controlled immigration, understood.

Saritha Prabhu is a columnist for The Tennessean, where this piece first appeared

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Trump says he may break up 9th Circuit court after rulings go against him .
President Trump is considering breaking up the Ninth Circuit Court after a federal district court judge in its jurisdiction blocked his order to withhold funding from "sanctuary cities."In a Wednesday interview with the Washington Examiner, Trump said "there are many people who want to break up t he Ninth Circuit. It's outrageous."In the interview, Trump accused liberals of "judge-shopping" for a court that would strike down his executive order."I mean, the language on the ban, it reads so easy that a reasonably good student in the first grade will fully understand it.

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