Opinion Fox News dumped Bill O'Reilly over money. It's that simple.

06:25  20 april  2017
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Bill O’Reilly, Fox Discussing Exit (Report)

  Bill O’Reilly, Fox Discussing Exit (Report) 21st Century Fox will hold a board meeting Thursday with the embattled host on the agendaCiting several sources close to Fox and Bill O'Reilly, CNN reported that the host will probably not be back on his hit Fox News show, and an announcement about his future was likely before the end of the week. The board of Fox News' parent company, 21st Century Fox, is meeting Thursday, and O'Reilly is expected to be a priority on the agenda.

Bill O ' Reilly won't be "doing it live" anymore. At the start of April, The New York Times reported that Fox News had paid million over roughly 15 years to settle various sexual harassment claims against The O ' Reilly Factor host.

Fox News already extended it , despite knowledge of the multiple settlements and the complaints against their star host — though "people familiar with the matter" did tell the Times that the new language includes "more leverage over [ O ' Reilly ' s ] behavior."

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What took so long? © REUTERS/Lisa Miller What took so long? Bill O'Reilly won't be "doing it live" anymore.

At the start of April, The New York Times reported that Fox News had paid $13 million over roughly 15 years to settle various sexual harassment claims against The O'Reilly Factor host. At the time, I wrote that the scandal didn't yet threaten O'Reilly's kingship over cable news — but that could change if the exodus of advertisers grew large enough. So it has come to pass.

Lawyer says O'Reilly target of 'character assassination' by far-left groups

  Lawyer says O'Reilly target of 'character assassination' by far-left groups "The evidence will be put forth shortly," Marc E. Kasowitz said."Bill O'Reilly has been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America," Marc E. Kasowitz said in a statement Tuesday, according to CNN.

Then in 1996, O ’ Reilly started working for Fox News and was tasked with anchoring a new TV show, The O ’ Reilly Report ( it would later be renamed to The O ’ Reilly Factor). 2. Over 50 Advertisers Pulled Spots Set to Run On Fox News . President Donald Trump and Bill O ’ Reilly .

Fox News host Bill O ' Reilly abruptly announced that he' s going on a "vacation," but reports suggest his time at the network may be up altogether. Fox News Might Drop Bill O ’ Reilly , Because Money Over Everything.

In the week following the Times revelation, half the show's advertisers jumped ship, and the evacuation only grew as time went on. The National Organization for Women, Color of Change, the organizers behind the Women's March, and other activist groups added to the momentum, urging advertisers to throw O'Reilly overboard. One Fox News source toldNew York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman that the ad revenue loss was "worse than Glenn Beck," harking back to another instance when fleeing advertisers scuttled a Fox News personality.

This reportedly set off a minor civil war in the highest reaches of 21st Century Fox, which owns the network. Rupert Murdoch, already in the process of stepping down as head of the parent company, has long stood by O'Reilly. But his sons Lachlan and James are taking on more power, and were apparently pushing to cut the host loose. And the corporation's trials didn't stop there: There were protests outside Fox News, and a federal investigation of 21st Century Fox for failing to deal properly with harassment claims. Reports suggested low morale and simmering anger among female employees was rampant at Fox News itself. And O'Reilly had been on extended vacation since April 11.

Bill O’Reilly: Fox News Ouster ‘Tremendously Disheartening,’ Based on ‘Unfounded Claims’

  Bill O’Reilly: Fox News Ouster ‘Tremendously Disheartening,’ Based on ‘Unfounded Claims’ Bill O’Reilly has blamed his ouster from Fox News on “completely unfounded claims” that have been leveled against him. The embattled news anchor and longtime pillar of Fox News was dropped Wednesday by the network he helped build amid a steady stream of allegations that he engaged in sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior toward women over the years.

Bill O ' Reilly is out at Fox News after 20 years on the cable news network. Goodbye: Ousted longtime Fox News anchor Bill O ' Reilly (above) ' It ' s powerful, but simple ': Hugh Jackman reveals the secret behind his unbreakable marriage to wife Deborra-lee Furness as they celebrate 22 years.

Fox News " O ' Reilly Factor" host Bill Reilly's haul dwarfs that of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. He and Fox News have paid out million to five women. “ It ’ s over ,” said Kawalec. “This is equivalent to a consumer boycott.”

On Wednesday, it all apparently became too much. Sources told Sherman the Murdochs had decided to make O'Reilly's vacation permanent. By the afternoon, 21st Century Fox itself confirmed it.

Now all Fox News has to decide is whether O'Reilly will be permitted to give his viewers a farewell address (looks like a "no"), who will replace him (apparently Tucker Carlson), and whether he will be paid the remainder of his contract.

But there's one other question to grapple with: What took so long?

"They've known who [O'Reilly] was for 20 years and helped cover up his transgressions," The New Republic's senior editor Jeet Heer acidly observed.

O'Reilly's long invulnerability at Fox, despite his poisonous behavior towards women, is indicative of a broader problem in the American economy. Studies suggest 40 percent of women still deal with sexual harassment on the job. But Claire Cain Miller pointed out that no more than a third of people harassed at work report it to a supervisor or their union. Only 13 percent ever level formal complaints.

Bill O'Reilly to receive maximum of one year salary -source

  Bill O'Reilly to receive maximum of one year salary -source Bill O'Reilly will receive a maximum of one year's salary following his ouster from Fox News, a source familiar with the situation said on Thursday. Fox News parent Twenty-First Century Fox Inc announced on Wednesday it had parted ways with the star cable news host, ending his more than 20-year career, following allegations of sexual harassment from a number of women.The source declined to comment on O'Reilly's annual salary, but CNN reported on Thursday that the host's new contract provided about $25 million a year.

After the ouster of Bill O ' Reilly amid allegations of sexual harassment, Tucker Carlson will take over the time slot. Bill O ' Reilly will not be returning to Fox News Channel amid allegations of sexual harrassment. He continues to deny any wrongdoing, saying it ' s "tremendously disheartening" to leave

If Fox lets Bill O ’ Reilly go so goes Fox News . He is the only one most of us trust with the news . Those women in debt collection dump and needed money so bad that they will do anything it take to get the money ….

Throughout the economy, women worry they won't be believed, or they'll be ignored, or they'll be blamed should they report mistreatment. Company policies for dealing with harassment often focus on heading off litigation rather than solving the problem. Female employees at Fox News told reporters they never complained about O'Reilly's behavior out of fear of retaliation. And they have good reason: "In one study of public-sector employees, two-thirds of workers who had complained about mistreatment described some form of retaliation in a follow-up survey," Miller reported. (One particularly sad and telling detail from Sherman's reporting is that it wasn't the reports of sexual harassment or employee anger that convinced Lachlan Murdoch to side against O'Reilly. It was pressure from his wife.)

Bryce Covert also observed that many of O'Reilly's accusers settled out of court rather than sue, and this dynamic protected him for years. Lawsuits are an expensive and arduous undertaking even in the best circumstances, but employees at least have a better chance of winning them than private arbitration disputes. But arbitration clauses are increasingly common in contracts throughout the economy — covering about 27 percent of non-unionized workers, Covert notes — and employers can use them to force employees with grievances to forego lawsuits entirely.

Bill O'Reilly's Leaked Email Shows Last-Minute Effort to Save His Job

  Bill O'Reilly's Leaked Email Shows Last-Minute Effort to Save His Job An email exchange shows the former Fox News host and his legal team's plan to send revealing emails to upper management, though he still threatened, "I will not put up with much more from FNC."Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, who was let go by the news network on Wednesday following controversy surrounding sexual harassment claims against him made by several women, sent emails the day before his ouster to his legal team that highlight a last-minute effort to save his position, according to reports by Politico.

Bill O ’ Reilly is no longer a factor for Fox News . parent company paid a total of million in hush money to several women over the years who were pursuing sexual harassment claims against him. They did it because we persisted.” Stil, O ’ Reilly ’ s landing will be pretty cushy: He settled his Fox

Bill O ' Reilly has blamed his ouster from Fox News on "completely unfounded claims" that have been leveled against him. And fox could certainly get some money returned from g carlson she’ s on every f ng show talking about it .

That brings us to the final brute reality: O'Reilly is insanely rich and powerful. The O'Reilly Factor is Fox News' biggest profit source, which in turn is 21st Century Fox's biggest moneymaker. O'Reilly is paid $18 million a year, and had dominated the cable news ratings for 15 years straight. He has the money, lawyers, and other resources to protect himself should anyone take exception to his bad behavior. And Fox News, as a business, had plenty of economic incentives to pile on in his defense. It wasn't until the enormous weight of those incentives finally turned that the network decided to give O'Reilly the axe.

In other words, the thing that brought O'Reilly down — the gargantuan flow of money from his advertisers and media empire — is the very same thing that allowed him to operate with impunity for so long.

There may be grim satisfaction to be found in the fact that those who live by the sword, die by the sword. But it would be better if no one was given two decades to sexually harass people in the first place.

Bill O’Reilly Set to Make First Appearance Since Ouster From Fox News .
The former Fox News star is set to speak publicly for the first time since his ouster from Fox News over sexual harassment allegations. The former king of cable news is set to return with a new free episode of his "No Spin News" podcast, which will be made available at 7 p.m. ET, according to a banner on his website.The podcast would mark the first time O'Reilly has spoken publicly since Fox announced last Wednesday it was severing ties with its flagship star after reviewing the allegations.

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