Opinion How Republicans could pass 'TrumpCare' this month

19:16  20 april  2017
19:16  20 april  2017 Source:   The Hill

Poll: Most Republicans want Trump to release his tax returns

  Poll: Most Republicans want Trump to release his tax returns The poll was released ahead of Saturday's tax marches.The survey results were released ahead of organized tax marches planned for Saturday, rallies being held across the country to demand that Trump release his returns. Groups involved in the event include MoveOn.org, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Women's Law Center.

Janet Jackson Leaves Husband Just Months After Having a Baby. Yesterday at 8:00 p.m. How Democrats Can Save Obamacare and Trump Can Save His Presidency. Repealing Obamacare is dead.

In Defense of Trumpcare : Republican Backers Highlight the Bill’s Positive Points. Over the next weeks and months , it will be interesting to see how this bill falls in line with others like it, and what kind of healthcare reform bill actually gets passed .

Address Medicaid spending before trying to reform healthcare © Provided by The Hill Address Medicaid spending before trying to reform healthcare

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When President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan pulled their bill to repeal ObamaCare and reform the health care system in America last month, the press was all too happy to dance on that legislation's grave. They hailed it as a sign that the Trump administration was too dysfunctional to get anything done.

But TrumpCare is back from the dead, and Trump and Ryan have learned much in the last few weeks. In fact, if they play their cards right - and especially if they make one key tweak - there is every indication they will be able to pass their health care reform bill before this month is out.

Trump’s threat prompts Democrats to play hardball over Obamacare payments

  Trump’s threat prompts Democrats to play hardball over Obamacare payments The “cost-sharing reduction” payments are meant to subsidize out-of-pocket expenses for low-income Americans who receive insurance through ACA marketplaces, and they are seen as a key factor in maintaining the stability of the market for individual insurance in many states. House Republicans sued the administration of President Barack Obama over the payments, and they have been tied up in litigation for months as insurers have warned that the impasse could threaten coverage for many Americans.

Pallone did not let Walden get very far, asking how long the process would take. Walden has a tough job, even without the potentially impossible duty of producing a health care bill that can find 218 Republican votes. Top Comment. Please stop calling it the AHCA. The proper term is TrumpCare .

Or do they break with their new president and vote against Trumpcare , potentially stirring re-election Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) at a congressional hearing this month . Unlike the House Freedom Peter King (R-N.Y.), warning that Republicans could suffer in 2018 if they don’t pass something. Dan Donovan (R-N.Y.) said he pretty much knows how he will vote, but wouldn’t reveal his decision.

President Trump is, first and foremost, a strategist. His canny understanding of the political landscape allowed him to cruise to victory despite being written off by the professional chattering class. He understood the votes weren't there yet, and he doesn't like to lose. Pulling the bill was the smart choice at the time. But Trump is also a quick learner, and now has a better understanding of just how hard it is to work with the hundreds of strong-willed independent thinkers in Congress. Armed with that knowledge, he has now begun the slow process of building a consensus of support that will allow him to accomplish his goal.

He is likely working more closely with Speaker Ryan this time around. It is in both their interests to get the job done and prove to the voters that the new administration and Congress deserve their respect.

Survey: Voters increasingly feel Dems represent their views

  Survey: Voters increasingly feel Dems represent their views <p>Republicans enjoy a majority in both chambers of Congress and have a GOP president. Yet a new Pew Research survey out Monday finds that Americans increasingly feel it’s Democrats who better represent their views on a number of key issues.</p>Republicans enjoy a majority in both chambers of Congress and have a GOP president. Yet a new Pew Research survey out Monday finds that Americans increasingly feel it’s Democrats who better represent their views on a number of key issues.

On the roster: - TrumpCare ? RyanCare? How about don’t care - Nunes was at White House before Now we know that Republicans only wished that they could replace ObamaCare, but they didn’t really want to do it. He talked about what would happen to Republicans in 2018 if they didn’t pass it. Their study, published this month by the journal Biomaterials, offers a new way to grow a vascular

In order for the bill to pass , a maximum of 22 Republicans can vote against it. SEE ALSO: Here's the breakdown of how Trumpcare hit a wall.

Their first task is to overcome the divisions within the Republican party. But once they manage that, they will of course face an even greater public relations battle with the Democrats over the law itself. Bipartisan cooperation is a nice idea, but in today's Washington, it doesn't pay to count on that.

Sadly, if the past is prologue, the Democrats will surely put forward charges against the new law and seek to paint it as a disaster for the American people. You can be certain that even if the bill offers improvements, there will be an avalanche of critics pointing out anecdotes of families or individuals suffering under the Republicans' sinister plan.

Republicans have done well at pointing out ObamaCare's many failures - the most glaring of which being the 29 million Americans still not covered by health insurance despite this law being "on the books" for years.

But that's not enough. TrumpCare must offer its own benefits and Republicans must promote them, just as Democrats pointed out the pre-existing condition and age limit increase provisions of Obamacare over and over again.

Poll reveals low job approval rating for Paul Ryan

  Poll reveals low job approval rating for Paul Ryan The approval rating comes after House Republicans’ failure to pass legislation last month to repeal and replace Obamacare . Leadership failed to secure enough votes to get it passed. The Freedom Caucus posed a major obstacle to the bill’s passage but the survey found many Americans have not heard of the conservative group. The poll found 42 percent have heard nothing at all about the Freedom Caucus, 39 percent said they’ve heard a little and 19 percent said they’ve heard a lot.

Frelinghuysen’s opposition is significant not only because Republican leadership can only afford to lose 21 or 22 votes, but also “If it doesn’t pass , this issue is dead,” Diaz-Balart said Friday. He promised that whatever it was, Trumpcare would be cheaper, better and would cover everyone.

If the House Republicans pass the American Health Care Act this week, as House “Obamacare” could collapse as a whole in theory, if it were designed much more haphazardly than it is. 3. Trumpcare is advancing through a normal process. This is legislating. We're listening to our members.

For instance, they can offer a positive response to the travesty of 29 million still-uninsured Americans by offering a plan to cover more people almost immediately. And that can be done with a simple addition to the bill - a tweak supported by the medical community that would give care to millions of people and save taxpayer money.

TrumpCare should include a provision offering pro bono healthcare from participating doctors to needy Americans. This would provide for our most vulnerable citizens to receive free health care from a local doctor. The concept is easy to understand: doctors could voluntarily agree to accept up to 20 pro bono patients per year and receive a tax deduction for doing so. The deduction would be equal to their normal office visit fee.

At the end of the year, when they prepare their taxes, the doctors would fill out a one-page form listing how many pro bono patients they served and the value of those visits. Like all tax materials, this would be subject to audit.

The medical community is on board. The Association of Mature American Citizens polled hundreds of doctors and found over 80 percent would participate. Since there are 400,000 primary care doctors and nurse practitioners in the U.S., if each were to accept 20 patients, over 6 million people would be helped.

Pro bono health care would not only provide coverage for millions of the uninsured, it would also save money by reducing or eliminating costs from Medicaid which presently helps some of our neediest citizens. President Trump could then be justly credited with providing health care for millions of people who are presently uninsured, while saving the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Making pro bono health care a part of the final TrumpCare bill could be the key that secures its already-likely final passage this month. 

Dan Weber is the president and founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens, a senior's organization that represents more than 1.2 million members and stands for fiscal responsibility.

The views expressed by contributors are their own and are not the views of The Hill.

Trump may get his health care deal after all .
<p>The Trump administration’s push to revive the moribund GOP health care proposal has apparently paid off.</p>The White House and key Republicans in the House of Representatives are reportedly close to an agreement to amend the bill so that states could opt out of two popular Affordable Care Act provisions, including one that requires individual insurance plans to cover 10 “essential health benefits.

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